Bushing makes cleaning pumps easy

This impeller lobe assembly will help food and beverage users speed through cleaning tasks. The ETP-CONNECT shaft connection is for pump drives with solid shafts. It simplifies the cleaning and maintenance of pumps, so it suits applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and beverage processing systems where cleaning and maintenance must be done quickly and

Precision grips for medical component manufacturing

Keeping bar stock unmarked, holding a small diameter on center, holding a thin-wall part, ejecting parts and working with extruded bar shapes are common gripping dilemmas for the Swiss-turning industry. Hardinge offers a number of gripping devices for machining small diameter parts for medical component manufacturing. One category of products includes Swiss-type headstock collets, pickoff

Heavy-duty pivot bushing

This heavy-duty plastic bushing can withstand radial loads up to 11,023 lb/in.2. These injection-molded self-lubricating and maintenance-free iglide® Q2 bushings are made from a new material blend. Initial testing has shown that they will perform up to five times better than any other plastic bearing material from this manufacturer when pivoting under the above radial

Keyless Shaft Bushings Transmit High Torque

With machine tools increasing the speed they can deliver, components must be able to transmit those higher torque forces. The ETP Express (Model R Stainless Steel) keyless shaft locking bushings are one component with the needed high torque transmission capacity. They are suitable for locking into position gears, pulleys, sprockets and other components in a

Locating Pins from J.W. Winco Offer Perfect Fit and Easy Installation

J.W. Winco, Inc. now offers series GN 771.1 Locating Pins in metric sizes. These RoHS compliant components are normally used in conjunction with DIN 172 / DIN 179 drill bushings.   The tolerance of the pin diameter insures a perfect press fit into an H7 tolerance mounting bore, while the chamfer of the pin makes

Zero-Max ETP Express™ Keyless Bushings Now Available In Heavy Duty Models

Heavy duty models of the ETP Express keyless shaft bushings are now available in 20, 40 and 60 mm sizes. Available from Zero-Max, ETP Express shaft locking bushings provide fast and frequent mounting/dismounting capabilities with only one radial screw. This saves space in a system and provides accurate mounting without axial movement of the ETP

Bushing Resists Acids and Other Harsh Chemicals

The C210 plastic bushing resists a range of acids, solvents and hydrogen peroxide, and can handle continuous temperatures of 212° F. It is also lubrication-free and corrosion-resistant. These features make it suitable for the aggressive, highly concentrated chemicals used in the food and packaging industries in order to meet high levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

Misumi Extends "Pick2 FREE" Linear Bushings Promotional Offer

Misumi USA, Inc. announced the extension of its Linear Bushings “Pick2 FREE” special promotion through March 31st, 2012. The program is designed to highlight the company’s comprehensive selection of high quality, affordably priced Linear Bushings, which are available in a wide range of types and sizes. Under the terms of the special promotion, machine and

Misumi Adds More In-Stock Parts for Quick Shipping

Misumi USA, Inc. has announced the addition of a significant number of frequently ordered components to its distribution center in Elk Grove Village, IL, near Chicago. As the result of increasing demand for certain sizes and styles of many popular Misumi mechanical and factory automation components, more than 8,700 items have been added to the

GRAPHALLOY® 453 Self-Lubricating Bushings

Graphite Metallizing Corporation has announced the availability of additional sizes of the GRAPHALLOY® 453 family of self-lubricating bushings. GRAPHALLOY® 453 Bushings are intended for use in severe industrial applications where temperatures reach 750‚°F (400‚°C) or higher. GRAPHALLOY® graphite/metal alloy bushings are designed to operate without lubrication. GRAPHALLOY® 453 Bushings have proven to be successful in

Pick 2 Free Linear Bushings from Misumi

Misumi USA, Inc. announces a free product offer to highlight its comprehensive array of high quality, affordably priced Linear Bushings. The “Pick2 FREE” special promotion offers machine and factory automation design engineers an opportunity to order two Linear Bushing samples, absolutely free. This is a limited time offer and selection is limited to certain sizes.

GRAPHALLOY® Bearings Offer Self-Lubricating Solutions

Graphite Metallizing Corporation is pleased to announce a family of Tin Based Babbitt GRAPHALLOY® materials for high temperature bearing applications up to 350‚°F (175‚°C). These tin based babbit materials are available in NSF® certified grades for drinking water and are FDA accepted. They will perform reliably as self-lubricating bearings in submerged and dry applications. GRAPHALLOY®

How to Increase Ball Spline Load Capacity

By Naoki Yamaguchi, Assistant Technical Manager, NB Corporation of America, Hanover Park, Ill. Reprint Info >> With an understanding of how to manipulate six factors, you can increase a ball spline bushing’s load capacity. Place a recirculating ball bushing on a shaft and what do you have; frictionless movement of the shaft. Create grooves along

Zero-Max ETP Shaft Locking Bushings

Plymouth, MN – ETP Shaft locking bushings from Zero-Max produce accurate and concentric mounting compared to mechanical shaft locking bushings. ETP bushings incorporate a double walled sleeve encapsulating a pressure medium. When the actuation screw is tightened it forces the inner and outer wall of the bushing to expand uniformly against the shaft and hub

GRAPHALLOY® Self-lubricating Bearings

YONKERS, NY — Graphite Metallizing Corp. announces the 117 Series of GRAPHALLOY® bushings which deliver dependable performance in high temperature applications. GRAPHALLOY®, a graphite/metal alloy, is formed from molten metal, graphite and carbon. It is a uniform, solid, self-lubricating bushing and bearing material. The 117 Series excels in bakery ovens, heat treat furnaces, glass plants,

New Thomson Selection Guide Now Available

The Thomson Selection Guide to Inch and Metric Linear Ball Bushing® Bearings, 60 Case‚ Shafting and RoundRail Linear Guides is now available. The guide contains helpful product overviews and comparisons, as well as all relevant product specifications and ordering information. This 250+ page resource guide also includes a content-rich engineering appendix to help the reader

Tsubaki’s PerforMax™ Bushing

Tsubaki’s 7th generation of roller chain improvements offers upgraded performance and reliability through the new PerforMax™ bushing and increased horsepower ratings. The new PerforMax solid lube groove bushing improves upon all of the benefits of previous curled and solid bushings. Lube grooves, heat treatment, plus incredibly precise dimensions produce a solid bushing worthy to be

LG Linear Guide Ball Bushing from THK

Schaumburg, IL – The LG Linear Guide Ball Bushing, new from THK, offers high accuracy, smooth motion and high load capacities. The LG’s rotation prevention function, where four rows of circular arc grooves are arranged on the shaft, is included to ensure precise movement. This circular arc groove design allows for increased load carrying capability.

MultiTrac Ball Bushing Suits Harsh Environments

The Thomson Stainless Steel MultiTrac Ball Bushing bearings are constructed of 440 stainless steel components to resist rust and corrosion and operate in temperatures up to 180‚° F (82‚° C). The multiple track design delivers up to twice the load carrying capacity, or eight times the operating life, of conventional linear bearings. When combined with

Keyless Shaft Locking Bushings

Designed to lock gears, pulleys, and other components to keyless shafts, ETP Express Shaft Locking Bushings have a low total indicated runout (T.I.R.) of less than 0.0008 in. (0.02 mm), which minimizes component runout on rotating shafts, reducing machine vibration and noise. The bushings handle torque ranges from 39 to 12,538 ft.-lb.Zero-Maxwww.zero-max.com :: Design World

Hydraulic Shaft Locking Bushings

Plymouth, Minnesota—The new model ETP-Octopus(TM) hydraulic shaft locking bushings are ideal for simultaneous, quick locking and accurate positioning of sliding shafts and components in automated systems such as machine tools, extruders and packaging systems. By providing uniform and repeatable locking pressure, these ETP-Octopus bushings can be set up for fast and frequent locking/unlocking of linear

Self-Lubricating Linear Bushings from MISUMI

Schaumburg, IL-MISUMI USA, Inc. announces a new family of self-lubricating linear bushings. Offered in assorted styles, with straight or mini-flanged versions available, these new bushings carry 3x the rated life span of conventional bushings. They are an ideal, low-maintenance solution for various applications in industry. The performance of these bushings centers on the unique MISUMI

Linear Ball Bushings

MISUMI offers an extensive line of linear ball bushings for most factory automation applications. Bearings come in varying shape, length, material, and surface finish combinations. Choose from either 52100 bearing steel or 440C stainless steel. Electroless Nickel Plating is offered as an optional surface treatment for 52100 bearing steel. Furthermore, compatible spacers, stopper plates, and

Flange Bush Eliminates Bulky Housing

NB’s Slide Bushings come in an array of configurations, such as lightweight, standard, clearance adjustable, and open. NB bushings give smoother, more precise movement. Their wiper seals are the highest quality precision grade. NB’s round, square or two side cut Flange Slide Bush line has the mounting ease of a flange.  Choose from single, double-wide,