QA1 Dampers for Commercial & Industrial OE Markets

QA1 manufactures a wide variety of dampers and struts for the commercial and industrial OE markets. Applications include exercise equipment, commercial lawn and garden, neighborhood electric vehicles, commercial utility vehicles, and a wide variety of industrial applications. QA1 manufactures numerous styles of shock absorbers, including both twin-tube and monotube, in a variety of sizes, mounting

ITT’s Enidine Brand Fluid Viscous Damper Technologies

ITT Corporation and its Enidine brand will showcase highly engineered fluid viscous damping (FVD) technologies for seismic energy protection at the 10th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (10NCEE) on July 21-25. Expanding Enidine’s energy absorption product segment, the latest FVD designs can be customized to fit the specified force-velocity relationship for various applications. “ITT’s

NEMA 23 Dampers from Lin Engineering

Santa Clara, CA‚—Lin Engineering are pleased to introduce their new line of dampers. These dampers are durable, long lasting, and can easily be mounted onto standard NEMA 23 step motors. As motors step, inertia makes the rotor oscillate about its new position. This natural back and forth movement might sometimes contribute to the erratic motion

Hansen Damper Actuator/Air Brake

Hansen Corporation is proud to announce the release of its ultra-quiet spring return damper actuator for the HVAC market.  The Hansen actuator incorporates the patent pending Whisper Motion™ air brake and the always reliable Synchron® AC synchronous motor. The air brake adds virtually no resistance during the power open cycle but adds drag as acceleration