Motion control in a small package

Compact EtherCAT drive modules for servo, step and voice coil motors feature a dual/quad-axis universal drive. The UDMSD Series is for motors with a continuous power range of 10 to 100 W (200 W peak). The type of motor is selected by the user and can be set differently for each drive. These drives address

Mix it up with NORD: We offer drive solutions for mixing applications

NORD gearboxes are oil-tight, hygienic, and non-contaminating, which makes them ideal for mixing applications. NORD drives designed specifically for mixers and agitators are extremely rugged. The drives use heavy-duty bearings supported in NORD’s one-piece UNICASE™ housing to handle the substantial shaft loads typical of mixing viscous liquids, pastes, creams, suspensions, and powders. NORD gearboxes have

Smart drive finds its true “Voice”

When the team at California-based The Scenic Route was tasked with designing the rotating chairs on the TV show The Voice, they knew the contestants weren’t the only ones that would be in the spotlight. Although it was a simple application, the chairs required a degree of motion control that an older style shaft turner

Designing a Motion-Control System…Software in 2015 Makes It Easy

Designing a Motion-Control System … Software in 2015 Makes It Easy will show how software is simplifying the work of motion-control designs. It will cover programming and software tools that help engineers pick component faster and with the physical layout of a motion system. Then the webinar will segue into an explanation of programming options

Winder Drive Dimensioning Made Easy With Lenze Drive Solution Designer 4.0

Leading global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, Lenze Americas has launched an updated version of its Drive Solution Designer (DSD) drive dimensioning tool.  Version 4.0 brings DSD users expanded application functionality and enhanced drive dimensioning for winding-unwinding motion control applications. Lenze DSD 4.0 now comes standard with dimensioning tools

Nanopositioning Rotary Stages from Aerotech

Aerotech’s ANT95-R and ANT130-R direct-drive rotary stages are part of Aerotech’s nano Motion Technology product line. They offer unprecedented in-position stability (0.005 arc sec) and incremental motion (0.01 arc sec) using Aerotech’s unique direct-drive technology, and are suitable for demanding high-throughput manufacturing applications such as disk-drive and MEMS manufacture and test, fiber-optic device alignment, as

Applimotion’s LARC Direct Drive Frameless Motors

Applimotion’s LARC Series is available up to 1 meter in diameter. Driven by customer demand and new applications in large size with large scale through hole, Applimotion has expanded its offering to cover the need. Moving items at large diameters has always been a challenge when the mechanical structure cannot support a full size motor

Virtual Prototyping with 3D CAD

By Brian MacCleery, National Instruments and Stephen Endersby, Dassault SystƒÂ¨mes SolidWorks Corp. Design failures may be the key to success in designing complex motion control machinery.  Failing early and often may lead to rapid design success.  Every mistake you catch in the early phases of development is a potential avoided catastrophe.  Any programming mistake or

Linear Motor Axes Deliver Cutting-edge Motion

With acceleration values of 140 m/s², Festo linear motor direct drives are the perfect actuators for fast acceleration with high precision, such as is required in photovoltaics production, medical technology, the electronics industry or the assembly of small parts in the clock and watch-making industry. The electric linear motor drives ELGL-LAS, DNCE-LAS and DFME-LAS accelerate

ServoTube Hygienic Linear Actuator

Copley Motion Systems will launch a new high performance direct drive linear motor at SPS/IPC/Drives this year in Nuremberg that is constructed entirely from stainless steel for use in the most demanding industrial environments. The ServoTube Hygienic is constructed from precision machined austenitic stainless steel, with a smooth hygienic design that is free from dirt

Brushless DC Ring Motor

ThinGap LLC announces the TG8260 Brushless DC Ring Motor for direct drive motor applications. The TG8260 delivers smooth and controllable high speed/high shaft power without a gearbox. The TG8260 supplies 2,075 oz-in. peak torque and 1,534 watts continuous power from a 2.03″ length by 8.386″ diameter package that weighs only 45 oz. Very smooth and

ULT Outside Rotating Direct Drive Frameless Motors

The latest in Applimotion‚’s ULT family is the ULT-O Outside Rotating frameless motor kits. These motors allow the customer flexibility of a large through hole and low profile, but in this case the rotor is external to the stator. This allows the customer to integrate the rotor ring into an outside rotating hub. Similar to

NSK’s PS Series Megatorque™ Motors

Franklin, Indiana ‚– NSK Precision America’s Megatorque‚â„¢ Motor PS series offers high speed, high resolution movement in a compact design. The series of lightweight direct drive motors is designed to provide high accuracy and high torque, and is best suited for applications in the semiconductor, medical and machine tool industries. Capable of a maximum rotational

ULT Series Slotless Direct Drive Frameless Motors

Applimotion’s ULT Series slotless direct drive frameless motors have proliferated applications from up in space to down on the ocean floor. New sizes are released weekly. The latest slotless versions are optimized for smooth low speed motion or high precision scanning applications. These motors remain true to the ULT ultra-thin origins with very low profile

New ACS55 Component Drive Introduction from ABB

(New Berlin, WI) – With the introduction of the new model ACS55 variable frequency drive, ABB offers OEMs and System Integrators the most compact and slimmest motor drive in ABB’s extensive component drive range. The small-horsepower model is being launched with a rating from 0.25 to 3 HP. Among early users, the ACS55 is being

Electric Propulsion System Contract

WOOD DALE, IL — By awarding the electric propulsion system contract to Danaher Motion, BAE Systems Hägglunds achieves a major milestone in the development of their new line of electric wheeled and tracked military vehicles.  Danaher Motion, the motion control and drive system manufacturer, will develop the propulsion system including power generators, electric motors for

ARMS Series Rotary Motion Simulators

  Designed for highly accurate motion generation. Velocity stability of 0.0001% over 360°. Position resolution to 0.02 arc sec. Payloads to 230 kg. Integrated slip rings and fluid rotary unions. Direct-drive brushless motor options for high speed or high torque. Aerotech's ARMS series direct-drive rotary motion simulators provide superior angular rates, accelerations, and positioning for

Upgrade your motion system

By Lee Stephens, Systems Engineer, Danaher Motion Motion systems require upgrades for several reasons including obsolescence, cost, or technolog advancement. Such progress, however, is often accompanied by design and implementation challenges. How you handle these challenges will determine the success or failure of the change. Recent advancements in field programmable gate array technology enable digital