New CP6906 Control Panel from Beckhoff Expands Entry-Level Product

In order to provide high-quality industrial display solutions to cost-sensitive applications, Beckhoff has introduced the new CP6906 Control Panel display. Offering a 7-inch touchscreen with 800 x 480 WVGA resolution, and a robust housing consisting of an aluminum bezel and sheet steel rear cover, this passive display is the ideal solution to answer applications with

Watlow introduces new website

Watlow has recently introduced its upgraded and redesigned external website, The site showcases a new look and updated functionality, but the ultimate goal is to help users identify the best thermal solution for their application with a best-in- industry Watlow introduced a new branding strategy in December 2015 featuring a new logo and tagline.

Chinese Watlow facility receives certifications to manufacture and repair pressure vessels

Watlow has announced that its Jiading, China facility recently received a Certificate of Authorization from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The ‘U’ or ‘U Part’ certificate designates that the facility’s pressure vessels, flange immersion and circulation heaters meet the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), Section VIII, Division I requirements, and therefore will

New FLUENT in-line heater provides on demand heating in a small package

Watlow recently introduced FLUENT, a small, lightweight, high performance in-line heater ideal for use in fluid heating applications across a wide range of industries such as medical, analytical, foodservice equipment and semiconductor. FLUENT is a high watt density, low mass heater that enables on demand heating with an ultra-fast response, leading to higher system performance.

Watlow releases OPTIMAX next generation heat exchanger

Watlow has recently introduced its new OPTIMAX, a next generation heat exchanger that combines tried and true, critical design criteria with new Watlow proprietary technologies to create a world-class heating system solution. Watlow’s OPTIMAX is smaller and lighter than traditional heat exchangers and can help reduce the overall footprint by almost 50 percent. Although the

Durex Industries SENTINEL® Molded Foam Silicone Rubber Heater

Durex Industries recently announced the product introduction of the SENTINEL® Molded Foam Silicone Rubber Heater. In semiconductor equipment applications Durex Industries’ SENTINEL heaters offer the advances of improved thermal efficiency, higher process temperatures, and reduced system cost. Durex Industries developed this patent-pending advanced heater technology, because Semiconductor Equipment Industry engineers need thermal solutions that meet

AutomationDirect Introduces Industrial Strength Enclosure Heater and Enclosure Lighting Options

AutomationDirect now offers STEGO enclosure heaters, thermostats, hygrostats and hygrotherms to protect against condensation while providing the greatest possible air circulation. Touch-safe convection heaters are designed to utilize natural convection, resulting in a circulating current of warm air while minimizing surface temperatures on the accessible side surfaces of the housing. The compact, DIN rail-mountable units

Thermoelectric Modules Keep Electronics Cool

Managing heat in electronics is a common issue, and systems today require high-reliability approaches to achieve maximum temperature differences for the application. The Triton ICE modules exceed the industry standard in cooling capacity, rate and efficiency while using the same input power. They can chill electronics as much as 2° C below current market offerings.

Minco Names New President

Minneapolis, MN—Minco has announced the appointment of Mr. David J. Ring to the role of President. “Dave’s depth of experience and energy will benefit Minco. He has a strong track record of success, helping to grow high-tech companies in a variety of demanding markets. Dave also has extensive international experience and a history of managing

Tote Tank Heaters

Wrap-around tote tank heaters fit any tote tank from 1 to 1.2 m (40 to 48 in.) square. The TOTE series comes in heights of 0.9, 1.1 or 1.2 m (36, 42, 48 in.) and is made out of flexible silicone-impregnated cloth facing and liner. They fit nearly every standard tote tank using adjustable nylon

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation Earns ISO-9001 Certification

Tempco Electric Heater Corporation officially received ISO-9001 Quality Management System Certification on June 15, 2009. Tempco has been a quality supplier to industry for over 37 years as a manufacturer of electric heating elements, temperature sensors, temperature controls and turnkey process heating systems. This certification is another step in our continuing pursuit of excellence in

CAST-X 3000 Circulation Heater

St. Louis, MO ‚– Watlow‚® introduces the CAST-X 3000 circulation heater ‚– an economically priced heater offering high flow volume at the required temperature through a single compact product. Typical applications include steam generation and superheating for process applications and applications where cleanliness is a major concern. These include heating volatile materials in cases where

Omega’s Touch-Safe Small Heater

Omega’s small touch safe heater features a heating capacity of 10 to 20 watts, double insulated plastic housing, and a wide temperature range. This CE compliant product is used in enclosures where condensation is to be prevented or the temperature may not fall below a minimum value. It has been designed for permanent operation. This

Prototype with Flexible Heaters

Flexible Heaters Prototype Design Kit lets you easily test and prototype a heater concept before building a custom product. Filled with Thermofoil flexible heaters, instructions and technical data, the kit helps you integrate flexible heaters into your application. The thin, lightweight etched foil heaters can eliminate rod, ceramic, coil, or other bulkier heater types in

New Line of Flexible Heaters

Minneapolis, Minn.‚—Minco has a new line of flexible heaters designed to provide accurate, reliable and rapid heat in a lightweight, thin profile. Sandwiched between layers of flexible insulation, etched foil or wire-wound heater elements can have uniform or profiled heat patterns. These heaters can integrate temperature sensors, flex circuits, instruments or other electronics to provide

Large Thick Film Heaters Improve Temperature Uniformity

Large thick film flat panel heater plates can be produced in single sheets or an array of small heaters to achieve dimensions of larger than 1200 x 1400 mm (47.24 x 55.11 in.) with process heater temperatures to 550‚° C (1022‚° F). Using thick film over stainless steel greatly reduces overall weight of the assembly.

Free Flexible Heaters Design Guide

Minneapolis, Minn.‚— Minco has a new, free design guide that will enable you to design flexible Thermofoil‚â„¢ heaters. With elements sandwiched in-between thin layers of various insulations, these flexible heaters can wrap, bend and twist to heat three-dimensional components. The Flexible Heaters Design Guide can be ordered in print from Minco‚’s website or downloaded. The

New Line of Peltier Devices from CUI

CUI Inc is now offering a line of Peltier Devices for thermal management. The series is very compact making it ideal for applications where size and weight are limited. The devices are available in sizes 15×15, 20×20, 30×30 mm with heights ranging from 3.3 to 5.1 mm and input of 2.0 to 8.5 A. A

Ultra-thin Flexible Clear Heaters from Minco

Minneapolis, Minn. ‚— Minco has a new, expanded line of flexible heaters are designed to provide accurate, reliable and rapid heat in a lightweight, thin profile. Thermal-Clear‚â„¢ heaters feature a micro-thin wire-heating element sandwiched in between optical-grade polyester sheets. These heaters provide reliable uniform or profiled heat patterns without blocking light. They are ideal for

Duraslik™ Coating for Cartridge Heaters

The Duraslik™ coating for cartridge heaters, developed by Durex Industries, allows any cartridge heater to be removed with relative ease after long term use. The patented non-stick coating acts as a corrosion inhibitor and solid lubricant when the heater is inserted into a drilled hole and energized. The Duraslik™ coating is bonded directly to the

Rapid Cooling of Aluminum Nitride Heaters

By Mark Everly & Dan Block Mark Everly is Principal Systems Engineer and Dan Block is a Laboratory Technician at Watlow Aluminum Nitride has become a popular heating material that reduces epoxy or eutectic bonding time in die bonding applications.  However, manufacturers need to shave time off the cooling portion of the bonding process too.