New incremental Linarix draw wire sensors

POSITAL is expanding our incremental encoder family to add our line of draw wire sensors. These new programmable linear sensors allow for even more versatility to our ever expanding LINARIX series. A unique Internet-enabled configuration management system for programmability lets our users update and program these sensors on the spot. Variety of measurement lengths, from

High Tech Measurement Feedback in a Small Package

HEIDENHAIN’s new LIP 6000 miniature linear encoder system, consisting of a scanning unit and glass scale, has the unusual capability to measure to 2 nm resolution with high speed of 4m/sec at long lengths of scale. This encoder was developed with large mounting tolerances, small interpolation error and low noise levels, thereby making the encoder

New High-Current HTL Encoders For Functionally Safe Rugged Drive Applications

To meet market demands for heavy equipment designed with functionally safe solutions inside, Leine & Linde introduces the new FSI 800 series rotary encoders, particularly useful in rugged motor drive applications. Well known for their robustness and reliability, these Leine & Linde encoders come complete with HCHTL (high-current HTL) signals which also make them suitable

HEIDENHAIN to Showcase High Precision Components

HEIDENHAIN is pleased to showcase industry leading and highly accurate precision measurement components for the photonics industry at the upcoming Photonics West trade show in San Francisco, CA, from January 28 – February 2 (Booth #5237). HEIDENHAIN’s extraordinary linear and angle encoders will be highlighted. A feature on the linear side will be a truly

New magnetic Kit Encoders as alternative to resolvers and optical systems

POSITAL’s new family of kit encoders provide the manufacturers of servomotors and other machinery with rugged, accurate and cost-efficient tools for building rotary position measurements into their products. The new kit encoders are based on POSITAL’s highly successful self-contained magnetic rotary encoders. Now however, the core components of these instruments are available as separate assemblies

BGA 22 – Ironless BLDC motor now available with gearboxes and integrated controller

The BGA 22×22 dCore from Dunkermotoren is now available with a suitable gearbox, encoder and controller. The innovative, ironless, axial flow design of the BGA 22 provides definite advantages such as zero-cogging torque, low vibration, and very low audible noise. In addition to this new motor, there is a four-quadrant controller, BGE 6005 with CANopen

Renishaw launches next generation of digital encoder

Renishaw caps its optical encoder range with the launch of the VIONiC series, a new ultra-high accuracy, super-compact all-in-one digital encoder family. Designed for the world’s most demanding motion control applications, this development brings together Renishaw’s renowned filtering optics with a brand new custom interpolation and monitoring ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) that enhances dynamic signal

CANOpen gateway simplifies motion systems

The CANOpen gateway allows rotary or linear absolute position data to be accessed by CANOpen motion control resources. A new generation of CRG CANopen gateways incorporates CANopen encoder profile CIA 406 v.3.2. This profile has also been implemented in Leine & Linde’s 600 Series CANopen encoders. For reliable and efficient transfer of data, the gateway

EtherCAT servodrives for brushless motors

OPENdrive OD700 is an EtherCAT compatible servodrive for brushless motors. A key feature is automatic recognition of connected motors and configuration through “ODM,” a browser executable on PC and on machine board. This feature makes the servo system easy to commission through the EtherCAT channel without modifying machine connections. ODM enables visualization and modification of

Encoders connect to Ethernet/IP

For extreme environments, such as in steel and mining applications, the 1000 series encoders now from HEIDENHAIN now support Ethernet/IP and provide a range of configurations including incremental and absolute. The 900 series encoders with Ethernet/IP also provide incremental outputs, thereby allowing them to support high-performance drive applications. And in demanding environments where space is

Gateway increases motion system flexibility

The EnDat interface lets motion designers include almost any encoder into their design. Now, designers can also include a number of communication protocols. The PROFINET Gateway is the latest addition to the protocol compatibility. The Interface also supports CanOPEN and DeviceNet. The EnDat encoder interface allows a variety of absolute encoders suitable for high temperatures

POSITAL uses IoT for smart manufacturing

Some manufacturers on the forefront of Industry 4.0 established cloud-connected processes years ago. Consider POSITAL FRABA, which uses the IoT to leverage Cloud-backed production of rotary encoders, inclinometers and linear position sensors. Billed mass customization, the Cloud-based data system lets Posital build custom components at low cost through automated product interfaces (APIs, not to be

Encoder for machines with loose mechanical motion

Some machines have a significant amount of flexure near the area requiring motion feedback. The MSA 37x series linear motion feedback encoder system was designed for machines with loose mechanical motion during operation. These encoders suit motion applications such as press brake and metal forming/bending machines. The encoders include a bearing set internally for guiding

An RSF encoder designed for machines with loose mechanical motion

RSF Elektronik offers a linear motion feedback encoder system  that is specifically designed for machines with loose mechanical motion during operation.  Called the MSA 37x series, these encoders are especially well suited for motion applications such as press brake and metal forming/bending machines, or any other type of machine that have significant flexure near the

Leine & Linde couples expansion of ring encoder sizes with fast delivery

Due to demand, Leine & Linde has expanded the range of standard sizes of its versatile MRI 2000 ring encoder along with offering fast delivery.  Designed to provide feedback solutions for large rotating machinery typically found in the construction, pulp & paper, oil & gas, wind and marine industries, the MRI ring encoder product line was also recently updated

New Sendix ATEX / IECEx 71XX encoders with mining certificate

Explosion protection belongs to the highest safety-relevant tasks in many industries and branches. In areas such as the mining industry, high plant availability and the best protection possible for men and the environment have top priority. The measuring devices in charge of positioning tasks have to meet the strictest protection regulations. With the new series

Lowest Profile Explosion Proof Encoder Saves Space and Cuts Costs

The new explosion proof and flameproof Model LP35 from BEI Sensors is the first low profile hollow shaft encoder that features a slim 2.01 inch profile and is designed to meet UL, ATEX, and IECEx standards allowing for operation directly in Division 1, Zone 1 environments. Many oil and gas applications are subjected to extreme

Variable speed drives improve glass quality

Glaston America, a manufacturer of glass tempering ovens, serves both the commercial and residential glass markets. Glaston selected the Unidrive M family of variable speed drives from Control Techniques to address the issue of tiny scratches that can occur as a result of the glass being tempered without precise speed control on the oven’s drives.

Tiny non-contact encoders provide high-resolution rotary or linear position feedback

A series of three miniature magnetic encoders suit embedded OEM motion control applications in medical applications, optics positioning, robot control, 3D printers, gimbals and hand held devices. The miniature encoders come in four different shapes and provide linear resolution up to 0.244 µm, or 753,664 cpr for rotary applications. The encoders consist of a miniature

For miniature encoder, dirt won’t affect signals

As parts and components continue to shrink in size, accurate measurement remains critical. Fortunately, newer encoders can deliver the needed accuracy. The ATOM non-contact optical linear and rotary incremental encoder system, for example, combines miniaturization with leading-edge dirt immunity, signal stability and reliability. With a read head as small as 6.7 x 12.7 x 20.5

Advanced Features set new tiny linear encoder apart

RSF Elektronik has released the MS 15 optical kit style linear encoder with the most advanced features available in the smallest mechanical profile in the industry. Available in North America through parent company HEIDENHAIN Corporation, the MS 15 is suited for motion applications in various industries such as metrology, semiconductor, medical and automation. The MS

MotiCont’s direct drive linear motors with integrated encoders

New, patent-pending, SDLM-051 direct drive linear motors with built-in encoder from MotiCont eliminate backlash and provide users with high acceleration, high speed, high resolution, and long life. Available in several off-the-shelf models, these direct drive linear motors feature resolutions of 5.2 μm (0.000206 in.), 1.25 μm (0.000049 in), and sub micron resolution. Compact, only 2

Four Steps to End Encoder Problems

In this webinar, Avtron Encoder Product Manager Brian Winter uncovers the biggest causes of encoder failure, and what you can do to eliminate these causes. Learn how to recognize problem(s), simplify mechanical issues on the outside and the inside of the encoder, and how to diagnose the encoder while operating Watch this webinar to learn: – What

Lexium MDrive® premium integrated motors

Lexium MDrive® integrated motors are now available in an even smaller size with the release of NEMA 17 motor products, completing the premium brand MDrive®update that already includes NEMA 23 & 34 motors. The ultra-compact and robust NEMA 17 integrated motor product is available in 4 communication versions for ease of interface with a wide

Specifying the Perfect Encoder: How to Avoid the Most Common Encoder Errors

Join us during this webinar as Encoder Products and US Digital discuss ways to avoid the most common errors when specifying encoders. Topics covered will include how knowing the difference between position accuracy and resolution aides in selecting the right encoder, as well as important mechanical, electrical, and environmental considerations.   Sponsored by: