CC-Link IE, the ‘Missing Link’ in Industry 4.0

Much of the promise of Industry 4.0 is based upon seamless interconnectivity between production machines, enterprise systems and sources of data in the wider world. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a key foundation of that interconnectivity, providing low cost, easily integrated sensors, actuators and systems. Yet in most production environments today, true integration

More Ports, More Speed: New 16 Channel Unmanaged Gigabit Switch

The new 16 channel unmanaged gigabit switch is the latest addition to WAGO’s switch portfolio. Each of the 16 RJ-45 ports support 10/100/1000 Mbps with auto-negotiation and auto-MDI-/MDX detection, resulting in high speeds and configurability. Enclosed in compact housing (50 mm) and designed for DIN rail mounting, this 16 port gigabit switch allows control engineers

CC-Link IE Acquires Further Chinese National Standards

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) has further strengthened its position in the Asian market with the announcement of an additional GB/T Chinese national standard. GB/T 33537.1 ∼.3-2017 is related to industrial communications networks and establishes CC-Link IE as a recommended standard in the Chinese market. This means that companies adopting the use of CC-Link IE in

Launch of CC-Link IE Field Basic

The CC-Link Partner Association, working to expand the adoption of the industrial open network CC-Link IE, has announced the launch of CC-Link IE Field Basic. This is an open field network using general-purpose 100Mbps Ethernet communication and is a new network mode in the CC-Link IE Ethernet-based integrated network lineup. Specifications enabling communication compatibility with

AutomationDirect Offers Additional Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

AutomationDirect’s line of Stride Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches now offers even more connectivity choices for Ethernet applications. The new Stride SE2 series DIN rail mountable switches offer up to 16 ports and include models with Gigabit Ethernet and SFP options; select models are IP65 rated to withstand washdown environments. These Ethernet switches feature a “plug

HIROSE and HARTING Launch Future Ethernet Interface

A Compact Future Ethernet Interface: ix Industrial™ Our Mission: To Improve Performance! HIROSE Electric Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan, and HARTING Electronics GmbH, Espelkamp Germany, held a joint press conference presenting a miniaturised high-speed connector for robust Ethernet cabling at the autumn trade show “electronica” on 9 November 2016 in Munich (Hall B2 /

Ultra-compact C6015 IPC from Beckhoff Offers Extreme Space-savings and Flexibility

Beckhoff Automation introduced a new standard in ultra-compact Industrial PC technology at the SPS IPC Drives 2016 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany. The new C6015 Industrial PC (IPC) opens up new application areas for PC-based control technology, especially those with pronounced cost or space restraints. Fully suited to industrial applications, the multi-core IPC measures just

The IoT and Cloud security measures — not as well developed as needed

Staff Report Will a fight break out over who’s responsible for securing data? Maybe. Will companies start taking security seriously? Not sure. Will design engineers need to address security before corporate management? A key component of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the cloud; that group of services

USB 3.0 Video Capture in SDI or DVI

Sensoray introduces its new Model’s 3364 a USB 3.0 device available in SDI or DVI versions. It captures uncompressed SD/HD video in resolutions up to 1080p60 and uses H.264 video compression for inputs up to 1080p30, both with very low latency. A USB 3.0 device, it is capable of capturing uncompressed video at full frame

ODVA developing standards for networking to the Cloud

ODVA is developing standards for the gateway and interface technology needed to transport data between the cloud and CIP-enabled industrial control systems (ICS) populated with EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet devices. This work will result in The Common Industrial Cloud Interface Specification. The scope of work for this interface will encompass two elements in the ecosystem for

Linking serial protocols to EtherNet/IP

The serial EtherNet/IP Linking Device lets you include any automation device with a serial RS-232/422/485 application interface in an EtherNet/IP-based network architecture. It supports many serial protocols including Modbus, DF1, produce/consume, ASCII and custom protocols. It is a cost-effective alternative to in-chassis communication modules. The distributed EtherNet/IP Linking Device brings several advantages. Contrary to an

EtherCAT Technology Group to officially support EtherCAT P

The technical committee of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) has accepted EtherCAT P as an addition to EtherCAT concordantly. Moving forward, EtherCAT P, which combines the benefits of EtherCAT with power supply on the same cable, will be supported and promoted by the ETG. Introduced at the 2015 SPS IPC Drives trade show, EtherCAT P

Industrial gigabit managed Ethernet switch

Antaira Technologies is proud to announce its expansion in the industrial networking infrastructure family with the LMX-1202G-SFP series. Antaira’s new LMX-1202G-SFP industrial gigabit managed Ethernet switch series has been designed to fulfill applications in harsh or outdoor environments. Some applications where the LMX-1202G-SFP switch works well includes: power/utility, solar grids, windmills, mining infrastructures, factory/process control

Applying Industrial Ethernet

Tips and techniques that will help you set up and maintain an industrial Ethernet network. Industrial Ethernet is used to connect devices such as PLCs, local and distributed I/O, servo controllers and drives on the plant floor and in industrial facilities. In this capacity, it links many pieces of hardware—and has many cables, connections and

Leak Testing Just Got Easier

EtherNet/IP™ is now a standard selectable communication option for CTS Sentinel I28, C28, and Blackbelt instruments that will reduce integration costs using standardized CIP™ programing. For CTS, EtherNet/IP provides the capability to control, configure, send, and receive messages between CTS Sentinel test instruments and Allen-Bradley PLC’s. EtherNet/IP is a Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) utilizing an

RAM 9000 receives ATEX approval

Red Lion has announced that the Sixnet series RAM 9000 industrial cellular RTUs have received ATEX zone 2, category 3 approval and are safe for use in potentially hazardous environments. Features of the RAM 9000 include: NEW data logging capabilities: record I/O registers on SD Card or internal memory High-density on-board I/O: lowers total system

Link EtherCAT to Ethernet/IP devices

Combining flexible PC-based control technology with an Ethernet/IP interface, the CX8095 Embedded PC is a low cost slave controller with integrated connection to high-performance EtherCAT I/O technology. It is compatible with the entire range of Beckhoff Bus Terminals and EtherCAT Terminals. Suitable for daisy chain cabling, it also acts as a two-port switch for Ethernet/IP.

Smart remote data acquisition devices with WiFi

Both the ioLogik 2542-WL1 and ioLogik 2512-WL1 feature 802.11a/b/g WiFi connectivity. The ioLogik 2542-WL1 supports analog I/O connections over WiFi, whereas the ioLogik 2512-WL1 supports digital I/O connections over WiFi. Both ioLogik units feature automatic tag generation and reporting for connected sensors and devices. This helps operators monitor a large number of field devices efficiently.

Transducer BTL with real-time Ethernet interfaces

The transducers in rod and profile housings with an Ethernet interface offer multiple advantages for machine manufacturers and operators with respect to startup and machine output. The standard communication protocols and automatic address assignment simplify integration of the transducer into the controller and the plant network. Because of this, a complex programming process is no

Magnetostrictive sensors connect to the Ethernet

The R-Series of magnetostrictive sensors for absolute position measurement conforms with the latest version of the Ethernet/IP communication protocol with device-level ring (DLR) compatibility. Their DLR capability permits direct connection to a ring topology without the inconvenience of external switches. Through the DLR device-level network, re-routing and failure point identification customers can realize the benefits

Smart motors feature Ethernet/IP

The Class 6 Ethernet/IP SmartMotor is available in standard servo and hybrid versions. In addition to standard features, the Ethernet/IP version easily integrates as a position controller device for: access to SmartMotor commands and parameters improved uptime and optional redundant cabling through device level ring (DLR) simplified, modular programming through Add On Instructions (AOI) Additionally,

Encoders connect to Ethernet/IP

For extreme environments, such as in steel and mining applications, the 1000 series encoders now from HEIDENHAIN now support Ethernet/IP and provide a range of configurations including incremental and absolute. The 900 series encoders with Ethernet/IP also provide incremental outputs, thereby allowing them to support high-performance drive applications. And in demanding environments where space is

Massive ethernet throughput into embedded market

Kontron, a leading global provider of embedded computing technology (ECT), adds more power to its COM Express®. Computer on Module family with the introduction of the COMe-bBD6 based on the latest Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 with up to eight cores. The COMe-bBD6 is a basic form factor and offers up to 32 GB DDR4 SODIMM

Software configures Watlow controllers

Watlow® recently announced that its COMPOSER® with INTUITION® graphical configuration software now supports both the F4T and EZ-ZONE® RM controllers. COMPOSER is Watlow’s easy-to-use graphical software for configuring and customizing the company’s controllers. It helps users visualize and easily implement control and automation solutions. Task-specific views simplify all aspects of setting up new controllers including

Ethernet switch for high-security needs

The NETernity GBX411 Fully Managed 3U VPX Layer 2/3 Ethernet switch offers a rugged design that can be use in air, ground and sea platforms in applications such as surveillance, reconnaissance, radar, sonar and imaging It supports precision time protocol (1588) and can be used with the GE OpenWare switch management software. Features include Layer