Oriental Motor MDP Series axial fans now with IP68 protection

Oriental Motor now sells IP-reclassified fans — MDP Series axial fans from IP55 to IP68 degree of protection. The MDP Series axial fans are now suitable in locations prone to water splashing under IP68 classification. The MDP Series also includes a stop sensor that outputs a signal when the fan stops. IP68 protection prevents ingress

Filter Fan Kits with Louvered Sliding and Hinged Guards From Orion Fans Reduce Installation and Maintenance Costs

Orion Fans has expanded the industry’s lowest cost louvered filter fan kit offering to include sliding and hinged guard versions. Made up of a louvered sliding or hinged fan guard, filter, fan, metal guard, and hardware, the new louvered filter fan kits simplify installation and reduce maintenance time and costs. The heavy-duty LFGS Series sliding

IP69K Cooling Fans, Only from NMB

NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company, introduces the only series of IP69K cooling fans available in the market today. No other cooling fan manufacturer can offer IP69K rated cooling fans, the highest proven protection available against closed range, high temperature, and high pressure spray-downs. These IP69K fans are designed to be protected from environmental

Optimizing fan designs with electrically commutated motors that run at target speeds

In some cases, new motors let engineers right-motors to boost direct-drive fan efficiencies. Here we detail how that works for fans that run between 2,200 and 3,200 rpm. By Andrew T. Holden, P.E. | Sales Executive • NovaTorque Some motor setups — as the NovaTorque Premium Plus+ EC motor that we use as an example

Orion Fans develops programmable EC fans that deliver more savings

Orion Fans has developed a family of Electronically Commutated fans that offer a low power, dual speed, energy-efficient cooling solution. Designed for large, power hungry equipment, the EC Series fan speed settings can be pre-programmed at the factory to simplify installation and deliver even more power savings. The EC Series fans utilize a brushless DC

Orion Fans develops speed controllers to reduce energy consumption & costs

Orion Fans has expanded its fan control product offering to include new speed control units that provide precise airflow control. The field adjustable OA11/22 dual channel phase control unit allows the user to control fan speed for single or multiple fan assemblies. The OA11/22 speed control units are designed for use with any AC fan

Larson Electronics to release Explosion Proof Portable Air Chiller with 32 Gallon Water Tank

Leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial lighting Larson Electronics announces the release of an explosion proof portable air chiller with a 34 gallon water tank. The EPF-AC-30 from Larson Electronics is a hazardous location cooler that combines a fan and dry mist technology to cool Class 1 Division 1 work areas that do not have

Enclosure Fan Modules offer IP protection and easy installation

Oriental Motor recently introduced Enclosure Fan Modules offering ac or dc input, greater IP protection, simple installation and one part number inclusive of all components. The new modules are complete ventilation packages offering exhaust or suction air flow and are designed to provide easy installation, superior ventilation and prevent dust, moisture and foreign objects from

Super Blast Safety Air Guns with Extensions Offer High Power for Hard to Reach Blowoff

EXAIR’s Super Blast Safety Air Guns have always provided high quality performance for your blowoff, drying or cleaning needs. Now, they are available with 3 foot and 6 foot extension pipes. These CE compliant Super Blast Safety Air Guns with Extension Pipes provide strong blowing force to clean large areas quickly and the extensions allow

Tubeaxial Fan Sets New Performance Standard for Electronics

AMETEK Rotron has introduced a tubeaxial cooling and ventilation fan with the highest performance in the industry for its package size, the company reports. The MIL-XTM Extreme Performance Series fans deliver best-in-class 300 cfm at 1.5 iwg (inches of water gauge). This is a 24% increase in airflow over previous models with the same package

AutomationDirect adds Enclosure Filter Fan Kits and Exhaust Grilles

AutomationDirect has added the STEGO line of enclosure filter fans and exhaust grilles to provide an optimum climate in enclosures. By channeling outside air into the enclosure, the interior temperature is reduced and heated internal air is expelled, preventing localized heat pockets and protecting electronic components from overheating. STEGO low-noise filter fans are available in

Vaneaxial Fan For Avionics, Semiconductor, Heat Exchanger And Building Applications

AMETEK Rotron has introduced a vaneaxial fan designed for high performance cooling with powerful airflow. The MAXIAX 9.25 can develop the necessary pressure to deliver 707-944 Liters per second (L/s) [1500 to 2000 cubic feet per minute (cfm)] against a system impedance of 0.99-1.5 kilo Pascals (kPa) [4 to 6 inches of water gauge (iwg)].

FANUC Offers CNC Maintenance Tools

FANUC FA America offers new predictive and preventative maintenance tools for motors and fans.  This allows maintenance staff to pre-plan servicing of a machine during scheduled downtime rather than when a machine has failed. FANUC amplifiers address predictive motor failures by checking the resistance of the windings.  The greatest cause of servo motor failure is

Low energy consumption fans provide power saving

Orion Fans has developed a series of thermally-controlled AC and DC fans for cooling solid state lighting. The smart fans deliver high airflow to help prevent premature LED component failure due to excessive heat. The smart fans’ thermal controller increases or decreases the speed of the fans in response to the air temperature, significantly reducing

Small Tubeaxial Fan from AMETEK Rotron

AMETEK Rotron has introduced a small tubeaxial fan that delivers high performance in severe conditions. The Propimax 4 provides efficient ventilation and electronic equipment cooling in military and commercial helicopters as well as other air, ground and shipboard applications. It features an onboard electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter and Low Speed Warning Device (LSWD). The fans

AC and DC Fans for High Dust and Moisture Environments

Providing design engineers with a wide range of DC and AC fans for dusty or moist environment applications, Orion Fans announced the availability of an IP55 rating for a significant number of its fans. The availability of this rating in most DC and selected AC fan series enables their use in several applications including certain

The “Greenest Fans on Earth” Go Solar

Solar energy has been called the wave of the future. MacroAir Technologies, a company founded on the very principal of innovation, is surfing that wave with the introduction of the MacroVoltaic fan. Receiving the highest certified rating, the MacroVoltaic fan is the only solar high volume low speed (HVLS) industrial fan on the market. Established

Nautilair® 8.9” Pre-mix Brushless Blowers

Nautilair® 8.9” (225mm) variable speed pre-mix brushless blowers for gas-fired burner systems deliver a measured air/fuel mixture to optimize combustion and reduce nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. Their brushless DC motor technology enables virtually maintenance-free performance typically exceeding 20,000 hours in a wide range of applications, including commercial and residential boilers, water heaters, furnaces,

Fixed Blade Axial DC Fan

NMB Technologies Corporation introduces a new 40mm X 28mm fixed blade axial dc fan, specifically designed to offer a higher quality solution for the telecommunication and server industry. With a maximum CFM of 19.4, the new 1611RL axial dc fan can operate under static pressure levels of up to 1.6 inches H2O. This model is

High Performance Fan Heater

The CR030/130 has double insulated plastic housing and can come as a DIN rail, panel, or foot mountable fan heater with integrated adjustable thermostat or fixed hygrostat. It conveniently comes equipped with a built-in temperature limiter. This CE compliant product maintains minimum operating temperatures in enclosures and helps to prevent failure of electronic components caused

Compact Fan Heater

Omega’s new compact fan heater comes with built-in overheat protection and is DIN rail mountable. The HVL031 series has the capability to maintain minimum operating temperatures in enclosures and helps to prevent failure of electronic components caused by condensation and corrosion. This CE compliant product is designed for many applications such as electrical and electronic

Industrial-Grade Ceiling Fan from Big Ass Fans

Lexington, KY – The all new 12-ft. diameter Element by Big Ass Fans is an energy-efficient, silent air movement solution designed specifically for air conditioned spaces. When Element is integrated with existing HVAC systems, the result is a more cost-effective method of cooling and better air circulation. Element is an industrial-grade ceiling fan that provides

Omega Engineering’s Filter Fans

Omega’s new series of filter fans features an easy mounting axial fan and a self-adhesive seal on the mounting frame which prevents dust and water from entering the cabinet. The functional design of the intake and exhaust fan hoods very effectively prevents direct infiltration of falling water and dust. The design also provides air channeling

Hybrid Heat Transfer Agent is “WayCool”

OCZ Technology will incorporate OnScreen’s WayCool Reference Design, including its hybrid liquid + carbon block heat transfer agent, in its HydroJet CPU Cooler. Traditional CPU cooling methods rely on copper interface plates, whereas the WayCool product uses carbon and fluid to rapidly transport heat away from the heat source. With WayCool, the HydroJet can off-load

New Nautilair™ Series 12.3” Variable Speed Brushless DC Blowers

New Nautilair™ Series 12.3” variable speed brushless DC blowers introduce high-performance solutions for high-output gas-fired burner systems.  These pre-mix blowers have been engineered to deliver a measured air/fuel mixture for optimized combustion and reduced nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emmissions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        They provide ideal alternatives to conventional fixed speed or two-speed blowers, intake damper