vTilt VESA Monitor Mount from Reell Precision Manufacturing

The new “vTilt VESA Monitor Mount” from Reell Precision Manufacturing introduces an ideally engineered solution enabling precise positioning and easy adjustment of flat-panel monitors, TVs, and other displays. Patented ReellTorq® clip technology adds value by ensuring a premium quality feel and smooth control with “zero freeplay.” The vTilt Mount delivers constant torque throughout its full

Adapter alternative to SAE Code 62 flanges

High amounts of vibration and shock are common in subsea oil and gas applications. The family of Dual Seal Flange Adapters counteracts these conditions with reliable and safe versions of flanges for four-bolt connections. The new adapters are an alternative to traditional SAE Code 62 Flanges. Available in standard Code 62 footprint sizes ½ in.

Viscous Dampened Hinges from aMsp

New Hyde Park NY – All Metric Small Parts (aMsp) announce the availability of the …MLAT08MTH130B Series of viscous dampened hinges. These compact light weight, silent dampened hinges are designed to have higher torque, by using a newly developed rotary mechanism. Since damping force to the rotational movement of these hinges are applied by viscous

Lock the Fastener

Stephen A. Smith is the Vice President, Bradley Group of Companies With the right mechanical or chemical adhesive or sealant, you can turn a standard fastener into a self-locking version with a turn of the fastener. Through their clamping force, fasteners should help mating pieces hold tolerances throughout their service life. However, uncontrolled loosening from

Finding the right shaft support

Standard flange, inlay flange, and dowel hole flange mounted supports accommodate 3 to 50 mm, 8 to 30 mm, and 12 to 30 mm shaft diameters, respectively. Additional offerings include each of these types with inlay slit clamp supports, as well as hinged clamp style supports, chamfered head design supports, and shaft supports with a