Direct Drive Frameless Motors

Applimotion‚’s ULT Series direct drive frameless motors have become quite popular for low profile Gimbal systems. Due to their low profile, light weight and large through holes, these motors are ideal for imaging, sensing, pointing, and scanning applications. Compatible with any three phase motor controller, even pc board mounted chip sets, the motors meet the

Open Access Test Chassis

The E-frame test chassis has no side or back walls around the card cage area, which leaves it open for easy access. The chassis supports the rugged VPX (VITA 46/48) systems. However, it can also support any 3 or 6U backplane. This includes VME/64x, VXS, CompactPCI, and more. The frame’s tower manages up to 21

Torque Feedback Device

WOOD DALE, IL — Danaher Motion introduces the Torque Feedback Device (TFD). The new TFD combines tactile and position or velocity feedback with a steering wheel interface in a compact, IP66 rated package. This allows electronic vehicle system (EVS), personal mobility and related mobile off-highway machine builders to develop robust vehicles and machines that deliver

ULT Direct Drive Frameless Motors Get Faster.

Applimotion’s ULT Series direct drive frameless low profile motors have proliferated applications from up in space to down on the ocean floor. New sizes are released weekly. The latest versions contain special magnet configurations for high speed applications. New additions include double insulation for high voltage. These motors remain true to the ULT ultra-thin origins