Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection Announces Two New 0ADE Series Fuses in Both Ceramic Cartridge and Pigtail, Axial Leaded Options

Bel Fuse-Circuit Protection, a Bel group company and premier global manufacturer of standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses, announces the 0ADE Series of fuses, which are available now in ceramic cartridge and pigtail, axial leaded options for AC and DC high voltage and high interrupting rating applications. The 6×32 mm 0ADEC ceramic cartridge fuses and

Littelfuse Introduces First Encapsulated Surface Mount Fuse Designed for Intrinsic Safety Protection

Littelfuse, Inc. introduced the first encapsulated surface mount fuse designed for intrinsic safety protection of equipment intended for use in or near hazardous locations and explosive atmospheres and certified to the UL 913 Standard. During overcurrent and short circuit fault conditions, the 1mm-thick encapsulation around the body of the PICO® 304 Series surface mount fuse

Bel Circuit Protection expands 0ZRE Series Hold Current

Bel Circuit Protection, a Bel group company (NASDAQ: BELFA and BELFB) and premier global manufacturer of standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses, announces the addition of five new ratings to the 0ZRE Series Fuse product offerings. The 0ZRE Series has expanded the Hold Current range from 0.55A to 2A. The 240 VAC/240 Vdc ratings remain

New, Square Ceramic Surface Mount Quick Acting Fuse Series

Bel Fuse Inc., a global manufacturer of standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses including axial leaded board mounted options, announced the expansion of Bel Fuse Circuit Protection square ceramic surface mount quick acting fuse series, Type 0679L. The fully automated 0679L Series will replace Bel’s Type SSQ Series, offering more competitive pricing. DigiKey ElectronicsBoth, the

High-Speed Fuses reduce peak let-through current and let-through energy

Littelfuse, Inc. has announced a new line of high-speed fuses for protection of power semiconductor devices used in industrial equipment. The POWR-SPEED line of fuses uses a special…

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SCHURTER Fuseholders Will Meet New Standard for Improved Fire Safety

SCHURTER is upgrading its fuseholder portfolio to meet the new IEC/EN 60127-6 standard, which becomes effective in October 2017. The revised standard outlines new requirements for enhanced fire safety. Consistent with its legacy of being first to market with internationally approved shock-safe fuseholders, SCHURTER continues to provide customers with components approved by the most current

Littelfuse, TE Connectivity circuit protection works tie up

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ:LFUS) has announced it successfully completed its acquisition of the circuit protection business of TE Connectivity Ltd. (NYSE: TEL) for $350 million in cash. The circuit…

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Heavy duty fuse clips handle 1.5 kV, 32 A

SCHURTER, a leading provider of fuse holders, expands its CSO heavy duty fuse clip family with a cost-effective tin-plated version. The CSO clip, designed for 10.3 mm diameter…

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Eaton Fast-Acting Ceramic Fuses enhance safety in indusdtrial applications

Eaton has announced the C308F Bussmann Series of fast-acting, ceramic tube fuses for intrinsic safety requirements used in hazardous environments such as network barriers and other equipment used in mines, oil drilling structures, gas stations, gas meters, chemical refineries and hazardous material transportation. Intrinsic Safety (IS) is universally recognized under the specification EN60079-11, which is

Pluggable fuse and knife disconnect terminal blocks for hazardous locations

Phoenix Contact’s line of screw-clamp terminal blocks now includes pluggable fuse and knife disconnect terminal blocks for potentially explosive areas (Class I, Zone 2). The 6.2 mm and 8.2 mm terminals meet the requirements of ignition protection standards important for control applications throughout the process industry, particularly within oil and gas and petrochemical applications. UT

Ultra-small, space-saving fuse and fuseholder combination, UMK 250

SCHURTER is expanding its range of surface mount fuses with the introduction of the UMK 250 series. The UMK 250 is a quick-action fuse according to IEC 60127-4, and complements the existing time-lag series UMZ 250. The UMK 250 provides primary and secondary overcurrent and short-circuit protection. The UMK 250 is available in ten rated

1206 size wire-in-air surface mount fuses

AEM Components introduces the AF1206, a new AirMatrixTM fuse series with the compact EIA 1206 size. The Wire-in-Air structure of the AirMatrixTM design allows for high voltage ratings and high inrush current withstanding capability in a compact package size. AEM’s new AF1206 fuse is a market leader with current ratings up to 15A, making this

Compact SMD fuseholder now with stabilizing posts

SCHURTER now equips its FPG7 shock-safe SMD fuseholder with two stabilizing posts. The added posts extend from the existing front standoffs, providing increased stability during board assembly, and when replacing the panel accessible fuse. As part of the SCHURTER range, the FPG7offers the only shock-safe SMD fuseholder for 5×20 fuses on the market. The newly

Innovative Touch-safe Cover for 10.3×38 Fuses

SCHURTER is pleased to introduce the ESO 10.3×38 touch-safe fuse cover designed to safely and securely insert and extract 10.3×38 mm fuses. After inserting the ESO 10.3×38 with captive fuse into the fuse clips, the complete installation provides a touch-safe cover according to IP20 specifications; additionally the cover serves to extract a blown fuse. No

SCHURTER’s New High Performance Compact Fuse for 3-phase Systems

SCHURTER is pleased to announce the new series SHF 6.3×32 compact fuse. The series provides overcurrent protection up to 500 VAC. The high breaking capacity of 1500A at rated voltage safeguards electronic systems and operators in the event of a catastrophic short circuit incident. The compact size of the fuse, combined with its high ratings

Compact SMD Fuse with Extended Currents

SCHURTER is expanding its successful UMF 250 SMD fuse series with nine additional rated currents. The extension completes the series with a total of fourteen rated currents, ranging from 500mA to 10A. The compact, quick-acting SMD fuse now provides over current and short circuit protection in primary and secondary circuits for an even wider range

SMD Fuse with 1500A Breaking Capacity from SCHURTER

SCHURTER is extending its family of Universal Modular Fuses to include a version with 1500 A breaking capacity at rated voltages of 277 VAC/250 VDC. The high breaking capacity of the UMT-H makes this time-lag fuse ideal for applications with high short-circuit currents. The UMT-H at 5.3 x 16 mm is a smaller alternative to

Lever-actuated fuse holders

The 811 Series Class CC and Midget-Style (10×38 mm) fuse holders replace traditional screw-based terminations with CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure. Beyond maintenance-free, vibration-proof connections, these lift-and-lock terminations reduce wiring times up to 50% — no torque specs or specialty tools. Accommodating conductors 14–6 AWG, the fuse holders are available in 1–3 poles; an optional coupling

Solid state contactors with integrated fusing

The RGC1F Series with Integrated Fuse Holder and Optional System Monitoring solid state contactor includes three functions in one housing: power switch, short circuit protection (by semiconductor fuse) and system monitoring. The front of the product can be opened for easy access to the fuse holder, which accepts fuses from a range of manufacturers. A

CIT Relay & Switch A18 Automotive Fused Relay

Minneapolis, Minnesota – CIT Relay & Switch offers the fused A18 Series automotive relay. With switching capacity up to 40A, this sealed relay ships standard with a 30A fuse and accepts industry standard size automotive bladed fuses. The robust A18 has an LED indicator and metal mounting tab with a socket available. Specifications: Contact arrangement

UMF 250 Quick-Acting SMD Fuse from Schurter

Schurter expanded its line of surface-mount fuses with the introduction of the Universal Modular Fuse, UMF 250. Its quick-acting characteristic according to IEC 60127-4 complements the successful UMT series, in providing overcurrent and short circuit protection for electronic systems in primary and secondary circuits. Current ratings up to 10 A at 250 VAC/125 VDC, the

Sharp Shooting Analysis

By Scott Bradley, Design Modeling, and Simulation Lead System Design, Evaluation Ltd. Hertfordshire, UK In the design of almost any new high explosive ammunition, the most complex and often problematic component is the fusing system. The fuse must incorporate a Safe and Arm device to ensure that the projectile may only enter the armed state

Combiner Box Handles 1000 Vdc Operation

Combiner box assembly satisfies UL 1741 standard at 1,000 Vdc, meeting the new photovoltaic standard certification.  Critical components of the box include: Wöhner PV fuse holders and busbar to meet UL 4248-18; and 1,000 Vdc dc-rated disconnect switch. While higher 1,000 Vdc operation is common in European markets, the standards for UL—used throughout North America—were,

AutomationDirect adds Class J High-Speed Drive fuses

AutomationDirect has added the Edison JHL series of Class J fuses to their line of circuit protection products. The JHL series 600 VAC/450 VDC fuses combine the performance of high-speed semiconductor fuses and the convenience of Class J branch-circuit fuses in one small package, allowing maximum protection for AC and DC drives and controllers. The

AutomationDirect now offers Class T Fuses

AutomationDirect has added two series of Class T fuses to their line of circuit protection products. The TJN series 300 VAC and TJS series 600 VAC fuses are extremely fast-acting fuses in a compact, space-saving size, making them ideal for use as the main fuse protection for panel boards, load centers, meter stacks, and AC