Pressure transmitter with low-power output

When low-power consumption is critical for off-shore applications, this low-power pressure transmitter may be a good choice. The PMP71 pressure transmitter has a 1-5 Vdc Low Power output option that draws only 17 milliwatts of power at 9V, thus it consumes less power during operation than other voltage-output pressure transmitters in the market. This low-power

Equator gauging system provides precision while reducing cost

High-Tech Engineering, a precision engineering company, has always focused on the quality of the parts it produces. Now with its latest addition, a Renishaw Equator gauging system, it is reaching 100% part inspection and zero scrap whilst halving the operator requirements and reducing part production costs by 27%. Started in 1985 by Managing Director, Steve

Accuracy and versatile gauging go hand in hand at HEIDENHAIN

Already well respected for accuracy, HEIDENHAIN now adds versatility to its gauging line by expanding its Length Gauge offerings with new variants of its successful in-line SPECTO and ACANTO gauges. Specifically, HEIDENHAIN’s pencil probe-style SPECTO length gauge series now offers versions with an improved force specification. Two new 1Vpp, 12mm stroke length variants of the

Gage handles high-volume manufacturing inspection

The Equator comparative gauging system is an alternative to traditional dedicated gauging. The design is capable of high-speed comparative gaging for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts. The system is lightweight, fast and highly repeatable, with “push-button” simplicity. It can switch between parts in seconds in flexible manufacturing processes or accepting parts from multiple machines. The

OMEGA Introduces KFH Series Pre-Wired Strain Gages

Omega introduces its new series of pre-wired strain gages. Each gage for the KFH series has 50 mm of PTFE cable before transitioning to AWG 28 leads to prevent leads from adhering during installation. It features short, medium and long grid linear gages, short and medium grid XY gages (T-Rosettes), no soldering at the measuring

OMEGA Introduces General Purpose Digital Pressure Gauge

Omega introduces its new series of all stainless steel general purpose digital pressure gauges. The DPG8001 series features a 5 digit LCD display with large digits, 20 segment bar graph display, user-selectable engineering units, min/max readings, tare function standard and is environmentally protected to NEMA 4X (IP65). Ideal for chemical, automotive and petrochemical industries. Applications

Pressure Gauge with Metric Fittings and Ranges from Omega

The DPGM409 covers the full spectrum in pressure measurement with Gage, Sealed Gage, Absolute, Compound Gage, Vacuum, and Barometric pressure ranges. Its core is a highly stable micromachined silicon sensor with a very high 0.08% accuracy. Each unit is supplied with a 5-point NIST traceable calibration certificate and is tested to industrial CE standards. A

Digital Pressure Gage from Omega Engineering

Omega’s new DPG409 series of high accuracy digital pressure gages feature a large backlit display makes it possible for user to read digits from over 10.7m (35 ft). The rugged Stainless Steel enclosure is designed specifically for wash-down, sanitary and marine applications. This DPG409 has also been tested to Industrial CE specifications. Ranges from Vacuum

No-drift absolute gaging

Gaging package combines the ACANTO Absolute Length Gage with the ND 2100G GAGE-CHEK metrology readouts. The ACANTO gage with EnDat 2.2 provides the benefits of an optical encoder. Measurements do not drift over time nor do they require remastering; the gage has an accuracy of 2 µm held throughout the entire measuring length. The gage

Push-button simple gaging

According to the vendor, the Equator™ is a radical alternative to traditional dedicated gaging. The design, unique in construction and method of operation, is for high-speed comparative gaging for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts. The gage can switch between parts in seconds, for flexible manufacturing processes or accepting parts from multiple machines. It has been

Thread Inspection Tool Eliminates Operator Fatigue

Manual inspection of treads on parts is inefficient and often inaccurate. Recently, the Van Wert, Ohio division of Eaton Corp., had a project that required 100% inspection, forcing the Eaton team to consider their options. The end product was a hose assembly with end fittings. Standard operation meant that quality inspection personnel would have to

One Part Radiator Sight Gages

Sight gages show coolant level without having to uncap and check the level or use a dipstick. With a threaded base, the single component gage locks tightly into position and is less prone to leakage. These Polyetherimide (PEI) sight gages have strong hydrolytic and UV stability as well as radiation resistance. PEI is inherently flame

ifm efector Introduces New Line of Pressure Transmitters

EXTON, PA — ifm efector inc. introduces a new line of pressure transmitters that combine the best features of a gauge, a switch and a sensor. The PG Series pressure transmitter is mounted in-line to provide a highly-visible indication of sanitary process conditions found in the food processing, dairy, beverage, and waste water industries. Ceramic

Transducer Quality Strain Gages

Omegadyne offers another source for strain gages for most any type of application. Omegadyne’s wide selection of strain gages include linear, shear, double shear, full bridge and linear diaphragm style in both constantan or karma versions. The gages typically come in packages of 25/50/100. Custom gages can also be designed by our skilled technicians with

Kurt Automated Gaging System

Minneapolis, MN: Kurt Manufacturing’s automated gaging systems improve the overall manufacturing of pistons for small, air-cooled gasoline engines. By measuring these pistons for ± .0005 inch tolerance and .0001 inch repeatability at the rate of one per 9 seconds, repeatable quality is assured while eliminating hand gaging operations. Validation of upstream precision machining and die

Non-Cogging Motor for High Precision Applications

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA — ThinGap LLC today announced its TG 2320 brushless motor is being used for an ultra high precision cylinder bore gage for measuring diesel, hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder inside bore diameter and form. The TG 2320 motor features smooth controllable power without cogging or hysteresis torque. The motor delivers 425 oz-in. peak torque

RMP600 Radio Touch Probe

The new Renishaw RMP600 touch probe combines two exclusive Renishaw technologies – highest accuracy strain-gage sensing and frequency-hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS) radio transmission. The industry-first design allows unmatched part checking precision on 5-axis machining, contours, deep cavities, undercuts, etc. where obstacles or part features can block transmission by optical line-of-sight probes. The versatile probe makes possible

Roll Adjuster Alignment Tool

Newburyport, Massachusetts – Pinpoint Laser Systems has developed an alignment tool to facilitate the alignment of rollers, shafts, and web-handling systems. The newest addition to the Pinpoint line is compact and easy to use in all industrial environments. Typical applications include paper and textile mills, converting lines, printing presses, plastic bag lines, coating lines, and

Mini Gauges

A miniature (0 to 15 psi range) pressure gauge and a miniature dual scale ( 0 to -30 in. Hg/0 to -75 cm Hg) vacuum gauge requires less space than most gauges. The dial face is just under 1 in. diameter and the front to back depth is 1 7/64 in.  Center back end connections