Universal joints help reduce mill vibration

Steel producers worldwide continually refine their processes to serve the changing needs of their customers. For example, Federal emission standards and consumers demand more efficient vehicles without compromising performance and styling. In response, steel producers have begun to develop thinner, lighter weight auto gage steels that perform as well and look better than previous materials.

Durex Industries SENTINEL® Molded Foam Silicone Rubber Heater

Durex Industries recently announced the product introduction of the SENTINEL® Molded Foam Silicone Rubber Heater. In semiconductor equipment applications Durex Industries’ SENTINEL heaters offer the advances of improved thermal efficiency, higher process temperatures, and reduced system cost. Durex Industries developed this patent-pending advanced heater technology, because Semiconductor Equipment Industry engineers need thermal solutions that meet

Expanded line of the LeCentric Helical In-Line Reducers

The expanded line of Grove Gear LeCentric helical in-line reducers offers advantages for OEM and MRO applications alike, with quick delivery, high levels of customization, and the cost-effectiveness of pre-assembled GEAR+MOTOR™ units that combine the LeCentric reducer with your choice of Regals’ outstanding line of motors. The four new cast-iron models are torque-rated from 5,974

Rack and pinion drives go long

Ballscrews for long machine travel application can be expensive and can require additional motion components for sufficient support over the needed travel distance. If a machine application requires high operating speeds as well, then machine costs can increase because of the need for larger servomotors and servo drives. The design engineers at Proteck, an Indian

CGI INC. Launches New Web Presence and Same Day Shipping

New site features and same day shipping program key for distribution and direct OEM fulfillment Carson City, NV – CGI, Inc. the leading manufacturer of custom precision gearboxes, precision assemblies and mechanical sub-assemblies, today announced the launch of an all new website www.cgimotion.com featuring new tools, product information and launch of same day shipping. Over

WITTENSTEN Alpha Launches the NEW Hygienic Design Gearhead

WITTENSTEIN alpha announces an entire new line of multi-level protection solutions to meet technical and washdown requirements in various industries. WITTENSTEIN alpha is offering one of the largest selections of hygienic and washdown solutions, tailored to our customer requirements, says Peter Riehle, President & CEO of WITTENSTEIN North America. WITTENSTEIN provides a wide range of

Higher Energy Efficiency Demand Is Satisfied With Worm Gear Reducers

By Mitchell Machelski, Worm Gear Product Manager The worm gear reducer has many characteristics ideal for power transmission applications. Efficiency improvements coupled with realistic evaluations combined with other advantages continue to make the worm gear reducer a suitable solution to a variety of equipment drive problems. Escalating energy costs have increased engineer’s emphasis on the

Gearboxes need little space

The newly designed right angle bevel products let you install gearboxes in confined spaces. The right angle bevel series is more compact compared to the existing parallel helical screw conveyor package. Its right-angle design is compatible with standard CEMA mounting. The three-hole tapered CEMA drive shaft is easy to mount and remove if needed. Its

Bearings for “underwater windmills” keep gearboxes operating

The development of bearings for renewable energy concepts presents both interesting opportunities and exacting challenges. For example, tidal current turbines are among the latest developments in renewable energy use. Installed undersea, the turbines are driven by the tidal flow of water. Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria supplies the bearings for the gearboxes of these “underwater windmills.”

GAM Gear inline planetary gearbox with helical gearing

With the all-new SPH series inline planetary gearbox, GAM Gear (www.gamweb.com) provides a new level of precision and power to its extensive portfolio of gear technology which includes spiral bevel, hypoid, worm and spur. Featuring helical gearing, the inline planetary gearbox is specifically designed for cyclic and dynamic motion control applications. It can be optimized […]

Motion Control Tips

Inline Gearboxes

The LP+ Generation 3 precision gearhead for drive systems is economical. With the same space envelope requirements as the LP+, it is a drop-in replacement; yet, it has higher power, smoother running and more ratios. The design possesses up to 75% more torque. For servo applications in packaging, handling and automation systems, the output can

Medical Design Excellence Award Recognizes CGI as Key Supplier for SynCardia

CGI, Inc, the leading manufacturer of custom gearheads and robotic solutions, today announced itsrecognition as a key supplier for the Freedom® portable driver, which won a 2012 Medical Design Excellence Award. Manufactured and submitted by SynCardia Systems, Inc., the Freedom portable driver was awarded a Bronze in the Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Products category.

IP65 Designed NEMA Gearbox for Wash Down Applications from Ondrives.US

Ondrives.US Corporation (formerly Rino Mechanical), announces its right angle NEMA gearbox designed to IP65 specifications for use in wash down applications in packaging equipment and similar machinery. Rated backlash is 30 arc-minutes with options for 4 or 8 arc-minutes. The NEMA 34 flanged gearbox has 440C Stainless steel bearings with seals and Nitrile o-rings shaft

Series LE Planetary Servo Gearhead

Cone Drive Gearing Solutions has recently launched the new Series E and Series LE planetary servo gearhead drawing configuration program –  another of its AccuDrive drawing download tools.  You can access the program at http://www.conetools.com/. The Series LE features a new output design which is dimensionally interchangeable with most economical planetary gearheads. Additionally, the Series

GAM Gear Achieves Record Sales and Boosts Capacity to Meet Market Demand

MT. PROSPECT, Ill. GAM Gear, LLC (GAM Enterprises, Inc.) a leading provider of precision mechanical motion control components for automation machinery, today announced significant growth since the global recession.  A solid performer in automation, packaging, machine tool, semi-conductor, and other industry market sectors, GAM has seen an average of 29 percent growth annually since 2000. 

Groschopp Launches New Website

When a company with a 70-year reputation for quality-honed workmanship and experience with OEMs decides that, to better serve their customers, they need a better website they don’t just give it a spit shine and a new banner–at least not if they’re Groschopp Inc. Priding themselves on their full-service engineering department and the ability to

New Ondrives.US Gearbox and Gear Products Catalog

Ondrives.US Corporation, formerly Rino Mechanical, manufacturer standard and custom gearboxes, gears of all types, unique mis-alignment couplings and other small power transmission parts has introduced its 2012 Gearbox and Gear Products Catalog. The new 448 page catalog includes low backlash NEMA 17 and 23 right angle gearboxes, small 20,000 hour rated bevel gearboxes and 1:1

Nickel Plated Gearboxes Can Take a Bath

By Design World Some packaging applications require more robust components than others, especially in the food and beverage applications where such components must undergo constant wash down. The SD55 Case Packer from Impax Automation is a multi-axis servo driven machine that packs pillow bags into cartons or RPC’s. It accommodates a range of bag dimensions

New 32A Low Noise Gearhead from FAULHABER

MICROMO introduces the new 32ALN (32A Low Noise) gearhead from FAULHABER. The new planetary gearhead, designed for low noise application requirements, is optimized in combination with brushless motors. The gearhead can be used with a variety of brushless and DC motors in the 26 to 32 mm range. Based on the metal gearhead Series 32A,

Telescope Motors Operate in -120° F Antarctic Temperatures

Antarctica’s Concordia Station recently experienced a new record temperature: -84.6° C, or -120.3° F. Not many things operate well under such conditions, but one telescope mount — which has to move continuously — happens to be one of them. Astro-Physics, which designs and manufactures telescope mounts, has proven their resilience through the installation of several

Helical Gears Versus Traditional Worm and Spur Gears

Gears have evolved over the last decade. Worm gears have sliding surfaces but thay can have higher friction. Spur gears have rolling surfaces, but because the teeth are cut straight across on a face; one or two teeth at a time are in contact with another gear, which can create high noise. Worm and spur

Planetary gear handles torque and rigidity needs

The PHQ planetary gear unit meets the need for higher accelerating torque, torsional rigidity, and tilting stiffness. Part of the ServoFit™ line, its design is based on a helical cut, four-planet system, allowing it to operate in applications with extreme requirements. It does not sacrifice torque to save on the size of a gear head.

Micron® AquaTRUE Planetary® Gearheads

Thomson introduces Micron® AquaTRUE Planetary® Gearheads – the industry’s only 100% stainless steel gearheads specifically designed to satisfy the demanding performance requirements of food, beverage and pharmaceutical handling, packaging and dispensing applications.  Micron AquaTRUE Planetary Gearheads feature 300 series Stainless Steel external housings for maximum corrosion resistance, and are IP67 protected to provide reliable operation

Easy online gearbox selection

Online CAD Generator is for quick and easy product selection and part number generation. This online tool builds upon the CAD selection and part number creation functions for alpha gearboxes by adding: Clear and easy to understand visuals representing various part options; Technical specifications for immediate product review; Complete drive train selection from gearbox to motor;

Stainless steel washdown motors

Stainless steel motors have an exterior construction of 300 Series stainless steel housing, end bells, output shaft, and conduit box. Motors are UL/ULc certified and conform to 2007 EISA efficiency standards. All units feature Class F insulation, Class B rise at 1.15 service factor, and epoxy-encapsulated windings. Internally locked bearings eliminate unwanted axial movement. Other