Cadence expands laser processing technologies

Cadence continues to expand its laser processing technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of new product development for our customers. Recently, Cadence purchased a new CL900 Cincinnati laser cutting machine and completed its installation. The new 4,000W fiber laser cutter adds to our existing portfolio of modified tube cutting lasers and completely custom flat sheet

EBTEC Corporation, a Division of EDAC Technologies Acquires Three LASERDYNE Laser Machining Systems In A Major Expansion — Provides EBTEC Competitive Advantages With Newest Complex Laser Processing Technology

EBTEC Corporation, a division of EDAC Technologies LLC (Cheshire, CT), has acquired three LASERDYNE Fiber Laser Machining Systems. Once installed at EBTEC’s new expanded 83,500 square foot facility in East Windsor CT, this new laser technology expands the company’s four existing fiber laser system output to meet the growing needs of its aerospace and commercial

Environmentally Hardened Linear Motor Stage: LINEAX-8

LINEAX-8 The LX-8 is an environmentally hardened linear motor stage with 6 variants of travel length, from 125 mm to 750 mm. Utilizing an ironcore linear motor, the LX-8 can achieve higher speeds by producing an exponential peak force density. Recirculating ball bearing guides are capable in maintaining stable trajectory at high-load capacities. The recommended

Laird’s Thermoelectrics Offer Lower Cost of Ownership in Medical Laser Cooling Applications

TEMs and TEAs provide precision cooling and heating in a wide variety of modular platforms to meet application demands… Laird (LRD: London) has designed and manufactured thermoelectric modules (TEMs) and thermoelectric assemblies (TEAs) that keep laser optics stable and at peak operating performance by controlling the operating temperature of the medical laser to within defined

LASERDYNE 606D Users Report Three Times (3X) Productivity Gains

Prima Power Laserdyne reports that users of the LASERDYNE 606D are reporting up to three times the throughput of previous systems. Users of the LASERDYNE 606D, which was first publicly demonstrated at IMTS 2016, are reporting “better than expected productivity gains which they attribute to the system’s high dynamic performance and advanced fiber laser control.”

TRUMPF showcases lasers for research and 3D printing

The high technology company TRUMPF, based in Ditzingen near Stuttgart, Germany, has put on another impressive show at this year’s Photonics West, one of the most important optics and photonics conferences in the United States: The 2017 edition of the research-focused event is taking place from January 31 to February 2 in San Francisco, California.

New Software Feature For Producing Linear Patterns Of Features On Flat Surfaces

LinPerf™, short for Linear Perforation, is a new feature of the LASERDYNE S94P software. It provides an easy way to create programs that produce linear patterns of laser processed features on flat surfaces. The flat surfaces may be oriented in any plane accessible by the laser beam based on the number of axes and configuration

TruMark 5010 marking laser

The TruMark 5010 marking laser is an all-in-one solution with fiber laser, scanner, controls and internal focus position control integrated together into a single housing. Since a separate power supply unit is not needed and the laser is air-cooled, the space-saving design is very easily integrated into production lines or a workstation. As with all

UltraTEC Thermoelectric Modules Achieve Higher Heat Flux Densities for Cooling Industrial Lasers

Laird (LRD: London) has developed a high heat flux density thermoelectric module (TEM) designed to achieve a higher heat pumping capacity than standard TEMs. Assembled with a large number of semiconductor couples, the UltraTEC Series TEM has a heat pumping capacity up to 340 watts, which is ideal for larger cooling applications with limited surface

Prima Power Laserdyne introduces ShapeSoft software feature

Prima Power Laserdyne’s ShapeSoft feature simplifies the creation of programs for producing cone, oblique cone, fan, racetrack and a variety of shaped holes in a wide range of turbine engine components including blades, nozzle guide vanes, and combustors for aero-engine and industrial gas turbine applications. ShapeSoft is one of the latest features of the LASERDYNE

Eatonite Anti-Corrosion Laser Cladding provides best-in-class protection for cylinders in harsh marine environments

Eaton has announced new Eatonite anti-corrosion laser cladding, which enhances the service life and reliability of high-functioning cylinders. The coating, certified to meet Joint Industry Protection (JIP) guidelines by DNV GL, protects cylinders in the demanding salt water applications and harsh operating environments, reducing costs of unplanned maintenance and equipment downtime. Suitable for offshore deep

Keyence’s LumiTrax Makes Easy Imaging of Challenging Part Features

LumiTrax technology provides a clear advantage for this industrial inspection and assembly equipment manufacturer.Since 2003, Vantage Corporation in Livonia, Michigan has been a provider of automatic inspection and assembly systems. The company designs and builds a wide variety of specialty products, including connecting rod gaging equipment, sorting devices for springs and other components, fuel injector

Better medical devices through femtosecond precision machining

Steven Hypsh • Jenoptik & Geoff Shannon • Miyachi America Microsecond fiber lasers have been used successfully for medical device applications, like hypo tube and stent cutting, for years. While precise and fast, the down side is that the parts require a number of post processing operations after they are cut, which adds to part

Rack and pinion drives go long

Ballscrews for long machine travel application can be expensive and can require additional motion components for sufficient support over the needed travel distance. If a machine application requires high operating speeds as well, then machine costs can increase because of the need for larger servomotors and servo drives. The design engineers at Proteck, an Indian

KEYENCE releases new 3-axis hybrid laser marker

For 20 years Keyence has continually released products that combine cutting edge technology with unique KEYENCE developed features. Now, the MD-X Series HYBRID laser marker combines the advantage of both FIBER and YVO4 laser oscillation methods in one cutting edge product. This unique laser oscillation method combines the best attributes of YVO4 and FIBER laser

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the R2000 detection laser scanner

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the R2000 Detection Laser Scanner. Smaller than most coffee mugs, these 2D laser scanners feature a 360-degree gapless measurement angle with angular resolution within 0.071 degrees, scan frequency to 30 Hz and object detection down to 1 mm. An eye-safe visible red laser simplifies alignment and, because the light spot is up to

How to make flight-certified hardware with additive manufacturing

Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. was certainly no stranger to laser sintering when it began to evaluate the process as an option for end-use part manufacturing. For years, Bell Helicopter and its supplier Harvest Technologies have partnered together to produce flight-certified hardware on a standard laser-sintering platform. Bell Helicopter felt it could achieve success with laser

Fiber laser technology improves metal micromachining costs and quality

by Dr. Geoff Shannon, Miyachi America It is a fact of life that components are getting smaller and smaller, especially in the medical, automotive and electronics markets. New micromachining technology, including advanced laser systems with superior beam quality, can give results similar to traditional machining technologies, but faster and more flexibly. The laser systems used

EtherNet/IP™-enabled OS32C-4M Safety Laser Scanners

OMRON Automation and Safety’s new OS32C-4M is the latest addition to the company’s award winning family of safety laser scanners. These Type 3 safety laser scanners provide a 4 meter safety range, 15 meter warning zones and an impressive 270 degree detection angle that is perfect for safeguarding large robotic cells and body entry detection.

Laser encoders enable accurate machining of 40 m composite parts

Flow International Corp.’s Composites Machining Center (CMC) hits the mark for single-setup processing of 40 m-long composite wing skins. One of the keys to holding long axis accuracy during week-long machining cycles is Renishaw’s HS10/HS20 laser encoder. Measuring distance with the precision of a laser interferometer, the encoder and its companion RCU10 real-time compensation unit,

Laser Particle Counters Provide Vital Early Detection

The STAUFF LasPaC II detects the ISO Cleanness levels of hydraulic media. Fluid analysis is a crucial component of any oil management program and early detection of potential problems can prevent costly repairs and downtime. The STAUFF LasPaC II is available in three different versions, each featuring a twin laser system and eight channels for

CONVERGENT CV4000 Laser From Prima Electro

The CONVERGENT CV4000 CO2 Laser from Prima Electro features a high quality beam optimized for precise, high speed cutting of thin and thick metals and non-metals. Its DC-excited, fast axial flow design features industry leading electrical efficiency for minimizing operating costs. The CV4000’s beam features cut width independent of cutting direction. The energy distribution within

Tapeswitch Offers Safety Laser Scanner

Tapeswitch is now offering a compact, lightweight safety laser scanner. The safety laser scanner offers a wide area detection zone at 190 degrees and is easily set to a maximum protection range of 2 meters and maximum warning range of 10 meters depending on the application. Status indicators, located on the front of the scanner,

Using Fiber Lasers for Drilling Effusion Cooling Holes

Prima Power Laserdyne announced that the public now has access to its initial report on the use of fiber lasers for hole drilling. The presentation summarizes fiber laser drilling development and experiments conducted over the past two years by Prima Power Laserdyne in Champlin, Minnesota. The 45-minute presentation with original audio has been converted to

Prima Power Laserdyne introduces the LASERDYNE 795 XLZ system

Prima Power Laserdyne announces introduction of the LASERDYNE 795 XLZ system. This system has a 72-inch (1.83 m) extended Z axis, 80- inch (2 m) X axis, 40-inch (1 m) Y axis, and the latest BeamDirector3  (BD3) rotary-tilt laser beam positioning head. The 795 XLZ system is designed to drill, cut and weld medium to