Simple support structure improves warehouse packaging module efficiency

An improvement in packaging efficiency required attention to ergonomics, ease of assembly, and cost efficiency. Danielle Collins, senior editor Automation is changing how traditional distribution centers operate as companies search for new ways to maximize their efficiency, increase order accuracy and fulfill customer demand. When it comes to automated technology, most people tend to think

SenSet Field Programmability Trademarked by Alliance Sensors Group a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC

Alliance Sensors Group is pleased to announce its “SenSet™ Field Programmability” technology is now a standard feature in its LR, LRS, LV, MR-7, SS-7, MHP-7 and ME-7 linear position product lines. SenSet™ allows a user to perform a field calibration to adjust for mechanical tolerance variations with the ease of pushing a button or grounding

Nook Industries separates from subsidiary Helix Linear Technologies

Nook Industries, a linear motion manufacturer, has formally announced the separation of its former subsidiary, Helix Linear Technologies. Nook and Helix operate as independent entities. “Nook Industries continues to focus on exceeding the expectations of our customers, by offering exceptional engineering and quality products in our competitive market,” said Joseph Nook III, CEO at Nook.

Siemens introduces NEMA 1 and UL Type 1 wall-mounting kits for its G-series drive platform

Siemens announced the availability of wall-mounting kits for its Sinamics G120C and G120 PM240-2 modular drives. These low-cost kits allow easy, fast installation of the drives and conform to NEMA 1 and UL Type 1 standards for interior applications. These wall-mount kits are designed in accordance with UL 61800-5- 1 standards for AC drives. Available

XYZ voice coil positioning stage from H2W Technologies

The VCS20-20-03-MC-01-XYZ 3-axis positioning stage from H2W Technologies uses voice coil motors, instead of 3-phase brushless linear motors, to significantly reduce the overall size, weight, and cost of the system. The VCS20-20-03-MC-01-XYZ is a closed-loop voice coil driven XYZ positioning stage and is ideal for three-axis positioning applications. It uses H2W voice coil motors NCC20-18-020-1A […]

What limits linear bearing speed? (Part 2)

In part 1 of this series on bearing speed, we looked at the factors that limit the speed of linear recirculating bearings. In this segment, we’ll look at the factors that limit the speed of linear plain bearings. Linear plain bearings operate with sliding contact between the two bearing surfaces, so the limitations encountered with […]

Large area travel XYZ gantry systems from IntelLiDrives

IntelLiDrives’ new BEMA Series Synchronized XY Gantries are offered in travel lengths from 300 x 300 mm to 3,000 x 3,0000 mm. With speeds up to 2 m/sec, BEMA Gantry Series are ideal for applications in high-speed positioning for light-to-medium payloads. The BEMA Series can be motorized with stepper motors, brushless servo motor/encoders or integrated […]

Precise, rigid, high load Slide Guides from NB

SGL Slide Guides from NB Corporation are high-precision, high-rigidity, high load capacity linear bearings with low friction, non-stick or slip mechanisms that provide smooth linear motion even under high loads. SGL Slide Guides are available in lengths from 160 mm to 3000 mm. Six types of blocks are available depending on the mounting space and […]

Klüber Lubrication offers BARRIERTA K greases for long-term stability and thermal resistance

Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, now sells BARRIERTA K greases for electrical and precision engineering applications. These greases are based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE) to provide a long component life over a wide service temperature range. They are resistant to aggressive chemicals, compatible with elastomers and plastics, and provide low running torque. […]

Power of V8 … and nanometer precision positioning in PI’s new piezo linear motor

Motion control and piezo systems expert PI (Physik Instrumente) introduces a new robust OEM walking motor drive, the N-331, with its configuration rooted in existing patented piezo actuator technology and a patented piezo stepping motion principle design. Based on the application of historically successful technology, the new design it is suitable for use in high-end […]

LINAK now sells integrated controller (IC) actuator LA33 for farming and agriculture

Many manufacturers of adjustable applications for example farming, mobile agriculture, or industrial automation are familiar with LINAK actuators with integrated controller functions — including the LA14, LA25, and LA36. Now a new mid-range offering completes the LINAK portfolio. The new powerful actuator is the LA33 electric linear actuator. It’s a mid-range powerhouse to supply a perfect fit where small actuators […]

MKS offers Newport high-performance Delay (linear-motor-driven) line stages

MKS Instruments now sells Newport DLS Series high-performance linear actuators called Delay Line Stages. The DLS series features affordable high performance linear-motor-driven stages with integrated motion controllers. Optimized for retroreflectors, repeatable femtosecond positioning and exceptionally fast traverse speeds, the compact stages are a perfect fit for spectroscopy applications that require single or multiple delay lines. With travel […]

Maintenance-free chains for applications in conveying systems

iwis introduces Megalife-branded maintenance-free roller and conveyor chains. The special characteristics of the Megalife chains allow longer replacement intervals and reduce maintenance costs and downtimes of conveying systems. The chains are used wherever relubrication is not possible or disadvantageous, for example in dry ambient conditions and on installations with restricted maintenance access. This includes conveying […]

Podcast: Scott of Nippon on iron core, U-channel, and tubular linear motors

In a recent Technology Tuesdays podcast, Brian Scott, application engineer at Nippon Pulse America, talked to me a little bit about linear motors such as iron core, U-channel, and tubular linear motors … and the benefits and drawbacks of each. I asked him about some of the major design objectives OEMs cite when migrating axes to linear […]

New integrated X-Y linear motor stage from PI

PI (Physik Instrumente) now offers a new reference class XY stage in its PIMag series of high dynamic linear motor stages with the V-731, equipped with incremental linear encoders for direct position measurement and 3-phase electromagnetic linear motors. Fields of application include micro-assembly, biotechnology, precision laser machining, optics, lens testing, and photonics alignment. The proprietary […]

Move-Series AT10-M Open-Ended Timing Belt

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. is pleased to introduce the newest belt option in our move-series, the AT10move-M. This open-ended version joins the successful BFXmove truly endless timing belt that was launched last spring. The move-series represents the next generation of timing belts, offering up to 75% higher stiffness and 30% higher transmittable force than the standard

Complete Range of Standard Rack & Pinion Drive Systems

ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. offers a complete range of standard Rack & Pinion Drive Systems , which are available in five levels of precision, including ultra-high precision zero backlash axis drives. They are perfect for a wide range of applications, including axis drives requiring precise positioning & repeatability, traveling gantries & columns, pick & place

Thomson Electrak HD superior performance linear actuators

Thomson has listened carefully to design engineers and discovered an urgent need for higher performing actuators. In response, we developed a new platform of electric linear actuators, Electrak HD. We started with the rugged Electrak line of actuators and added state-of the art controls, higher power and superior environmental protections. We’re proud to announce the

Electric linear motors “picked” for swab application

US Cotton, a domestic manufacturer of cotton swabs, was considering the replacement of the pneumatic cylinders on one of its major production machines. The application involved picking a layer of cotton swabs out of the assembly section of the machine and placing it in a stack before going into the retail package. The company was

Chieftek Precision linear guides overview video

Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd. consists of a team of professional managers, engineers and highly skilled technicians who devote their efforts towards the R&D and manufacturing of high quality linear motion components, with a focus on long term sustainability. Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd.

Bishop-Wisecarver Group acquires Specialty Motions, Inc. linear actuator product lines

Bishop-Wisecarver Group, a WBENC-certified, woman-owned family of companies that offer guidance solutions, contract specialty manufacturing and mechatronic-based engineering services, announced it has acquired Specialty Motions, Inc.’s (SMI) linear actuator product line. Complementing BWG’s existing line of high-end linear actuators, the addition of the SMI4Motion product offering will enable BWG to expand the markets it serves

Finally! An Alternative to Slewing Ring Bearings with Heavy Duty Rings and Vee Guide Wheels

When heavy loads need to be automated or supported by large capacity bearings there are few options for selecting standard products. Slewing ring bearings are often selected for heavy load applications and can be supplied in large diameters. However, the use of slewing bearings should be carefully scrutinized due to their high cost, long lead-times,

Modular Belt Conveyor Handles Complex Curves

Flexibility and function are key needs in today’s conveyor applications. To help meet those needs, the 3200 Series Conveyor platform gives users more options and flexibility to serve a greater range of markets, including industrial, packaging and assembly. This line was created by merging and improving the 5200/5300 Series Conveyors with the 3200 Series conveyor

Overcoming Limits in Vertical Conveying

Continuous vertical conveying has its challenges, notably the efficient use of space. White County Coal (WCC) mine in Carmi, Ill., chose the POCKETLIFT vertical conveyor because it helped to double the conveying output in the mine without the need to sink a conveyance shaft with standard dimensions. Instead, the new shaft measures nearly 12 ft

RAILTEC-BUS System For DIN Rail Enclosures

OKW’s new RAILTEC-BUS system makes it quick and easy to link DIN rail enclosures that share the same power and signal connections. RAILTEC-BUS speeds up the installation of DIN rail boxes in the same equipment cabinet. It is designed for 7.5 mm high top hat TH35 DIN rail assemblies. The modular system consists of the