Metal Injection Molding Conference Call for Presentations

An official call for presentations has been announced for MIM2018: International Conference on Injection Molding of Metals, Ceramics and Carbides, March 5–7, 2018. This international conference and tabletop exhibition will take place in Irvine, California, at the Hotel Irvine. Authors have until September 29, 2017, to submit their presentation abstract. All abstracts accepted for presentation

State of the PM Industry in North America—2017

The powder metallurgy (PM) industry continued its moderate growth track in 2016, and most indicators signal a repeat performance for North America in 2017. The year opened on a positive trend, as expected with the changes in Washington, but business levels are returning to a modest growth level as forecast by most informed observers. Conventional

How to design robust injection molds

RJG, Inc. held their first Mold Design class in March of this year. The goal of offering this course is to provide mold makers, design engineers and molders with the common language and core knowledge required to design injection molds that exceed time, cost and quality requirements. Mold Design is meant to bridge the gap

How Plastic Injection Molding Problems are Solved by Mold Fill Simulation

Plastic injection mold fill simulation involves using software to virtually simulate the filling, packing and cooling processes of an injection molded plastic part. Simulation software is the key to striking a perfect balance between several variables that affect the molding process. These variables include: Plastic flow rates Plastic pressure Cooling rates and timing Plastic melt temperatures Any alterations of any kind will influence

TURCK introduces overmolded valve plug cordsets

TURCK introduces overmolded valve plug cordsets. The overmolded face eliminates the need for an additional sealing gasket, ensuring optimal performance in harsh environments. Featuring a translucent molding material with embedded, bright LED’s, these cordsets provide superior visibility for power indication from any angle with black, grey, yellow and clear coloring options to accommodate diverse applications.

Thermoplastics: A Solid Choice for 3D Printing

When designing a new product, engineers can best predict its end performance by prototyping with a material as similar to it as possible. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) thermoplastics use the same types of raw materials found in injection molding – and that’s why 3D printing is a wise choice. You’ll learn the unique properties of

Injection Molding with Magnesium

Once known as an arduous and sometimes unpredictable process, magnesium injection molding is now an established technology. When the magnesium element is combined with small percentages of aluminum and zinc (AZ91D), and aluminum and manganese (AM60B), the alloy can be used to produce durable, lightweight parts. Products made with magnesium are also environmentally friendly, 100%

Bayer MaterialScience, Mitsubishi and Kyowa Agree to Technical Cooperation

Bayer MaterialScience has agreed to close technical cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. and Kyowa Industrial Co., Ltd. in the field of polycarbonate (PC) automotive glazing. By combining their expertise in injection molding applications, the three partners are looking to drive forward technological developments for this range of applications and the use

Deep Draw Delivers One-piece Products

For self-contained breathing apparatuses used in fire fighting and mine safety units, the aluminum liners must withstand an even distribution of pressure with no weak spots. The liners must be made with varying wall thicknesses to meet Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements to withstand test pressures of 10,000 PSI, yet be light enough to be

Minnesota Rubber And Plastics Launches New Web Site

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MR&P) has announced the launch of its newly re-designed web site, unveiling its new brand identity as a strategic supplier of molded rubber and plastic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers. The new website communicates Minnesota Rubber and Plastics‚’ science-based approach comprising product design, manufacturing, process development,

3D Systems Demonstrates V-Flash™ HA Production System

3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: TDSC) announces it is demonstrating its V-Flash™ HA 230 Production System for the Rapid Manufacturing of custom hearing aid shells and molds, in partnership with Dreve Otoplastik, at the American Academy of Audiology’s AudiologyNOW! 2008 Show in Charlotte, North Carolina, from April 2-5, 2008. 3D Systems and Dreve Otoplastik, a leading

Dura-Bar Products Get Bigger

Woodstock, IL — Dura-Bar is now offering round bars in extra-large sizes — up to 25” in diameter. The new larger product line — Dura-Bar XL — is available in 65-45-12 ductile and G2 gray iron. The new extra-large bars are expected to widen Dura-Bar’s appeal as an alternative to steel in the manufacture of

New One-Stop-Plastic-Parts From Diversified

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Diversified Plastics, Inc. has a complete array of services that sets them apart from other molding and prototype companies. Project development services include part design assistance, CAD, machined plastic prototypes, SLA models, prototype aluminum or soft steel tools, production molds, and production molding. This one-stop-plastic-parts capability provides design engineers with the best of

Protofastparts Service from Rubber Industries

Shakopee, Minnesota —™ is a new service targeting design firms, OEM’s and engineers needing prototype custom rubber parts for accelerated time-to-market projects. From print to part in 10 days, designers can evaluate and test various rubber formulations simultaneously. Using the Protofastparts service, thermoset materials, silicones, fluoroelastomers, fluorosilicones, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and TPR are

Injection Mold Design Seminar

Madison, NJ USA — Seminars For Engineers USA, a division of Sensor Products Inc., announces, in association with Dealy’s Mold Engineering, its 2008 Fundamentals of Injection Mold Design seminar schedule. This seminar focuses on best practices and selecting the proper technologies for each unique mold.  Critical areas addressed include the molding cycle, mold classifications, the

Custom Molded Rubber

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Custom rubber and silicone molded parts and assemblies using unique material formulation chemistry from Hiawatha Rubber are the answer to many of today’s military contractor requirements. Military grade parts in sizes from .05in up to 50in long, 30in x 30in square such as seals, valves, protective covers, air filtering system components, rack mounts

Makrolon Makes its Way into Tour de France

By KathrynTomiello Louis Garneau may best be known for his career in professional cycling, but now he’s making his way into big business. His company, Louis Garneau Sports, also has a reputation – for innovative and unique cycling products. Last year, the company introduced the Titan Carbon helmet, which won the Recreation Product Award in

Solid Gold Electroforms

Cedar Grove, NJ – with over 45 years of innovation in electroforming technology, Servometer / Precision Mfg. Group, LLC has developed a patent pending process to manufacture solid gold electroforms, suitable for both invasive and implantable medical applications. These very precise, thin-walled, lightweight, structurally rigid hollow shells can be made as small as 0.020 in.

Material simplifies molding

Increasingly, efficient molding is being defined as processes that combine as many functions and modules as possible in one operation. “Polyurethanes, with their freedom of design, make it possible to produce structures in a single shot without costly secondary finishing, even if the structures are complex with undercuts, ribs, and differences in wall thickness,” says

RIM Techniques Make Pretty Plastic Parts

By Harry George Harry GeorgeBusiness ManagerSpecialty RIM and CompositesBayer MaterialScience, LLCPittsburgh, Pa.Consumers of home, industrial, and business goods are increasingly demanding high qualityproducts with robust design and aesthetic qualities. Although most buyers take the technology used in their products for granted, not so obvious are the cutting-edge materials and processing technologies behind it, which make

Bayer Material Science On Board

PITTSBURGH, PA – The new Delta Dash from Bayer MaterialScience provides the boating industry a lighter in weight, extremely waterproof and simple to install dashboard. According to Mike Peters, CEO of Indiana Marine, they wanted to design a high-quality, top-of-the-line dash that would be cost-effective for mid-range boat manufacturers. Their design consultant, Anthony Kalil, worked