Introducing the New THETA-4 Direct Drive Rotary Stage

            Features The THETA-4 is offered in customizable options, including standard or high precision models. The standard model’s max speed of 1000 RPMs can be achieved with a 1.095 arc second encoder. This stage has a hub diameter of 110 mm and an aperture diameter of 39 mm. Two preloaded

Motion-platform maker standardizes on Sensoray I/O for measurement and motion control

Servos & Simulation Inc. is a manufacturer of motion platforms and control loaders. Recently the systems builder picked a Model 826 analog and digital I/O system on a PCI Express board from Oregon-based Sensoray for the primary measurement and control interface for their full product line. Servos and Simulation provides motion platforms and control loaders

Brushless DC Metering Pump Provides Valveless Fluid Control for Process Instrumentation

The NEW valveless Fluid Transfer Pump from Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) delivers precision fluid control for process instrumentation. FMI’s Valveless, Fluid Transfer Pump integrates CeramPump® pumping technology with the long life performance of a brushless DC motor and integral driver electronics. All that is needed is a simple 24VDC input power supply making FMI’s Fluid Transfer

Stackpole’s MG / MGM Series Axial Leaded Metal Glaze Resistors For 0.25W to 3W Applications

The MG / MGM Series from Stackpole is a high voltage thru hole resistor product with resistance values from 1K ohms up to 1G ohm. The metal glaze element provides working voltages ranging from 1600V up to 7000V, tolerances as low as 1% and 100 ppm TCR. This makes the MG / MGM Series ideal

Microcontroller with core independent peripherals

Today’s embedded applications targeting the Internet of Things (IoT), consumer, industrial control, and motor control require flexible microcontrollers (MCUs) that consume less power, are more cost effective and have smaller form factors. The PIC32MM family of 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers features core independent peripherals that offload the CPU for lower power and lower system design. It

Motor control: Steppers, Brushless DC motors and permanent magnet DC motors

by Chris Francis Electric motors are everywhere. For example, whereas in the past a car would have had only one electric motor – for starting – (and if you go back far enough, not even that), now they have dozens of them. They control windows, mirrors, ventilation flaps and engine functions. Even power steering is

Programmable Thermal Fan Controller Reduces Energy Consumption & Costs

Orion Fans has expanded its fan control product offering to include new thermal control units that deliver precise air flow control. The TCAC001 thermal controller is designed for use with any AC fan or fan tray in medical, industrial, networking and telecom applications. The low cost TCAC001programmable thermal control unit reduces energy consumption by operating

Finally! An Alternative to Slewing Ring Bearings with Heavy Duty Rings and Vee Guide Wheels

When heavy loads need to be automated or supported by large capacity bearings there are few options for selecting standard products. Slewing ring bearings are often selected for heavy load applications and can be supplied in large diameters. However, the use of slewing bearings should be carefully scrutinized due to their high cost, long lead-times,

Temperature Controller with Sensitive Touch Keypad

Monitor and control temperature with precision using the CN38S Series controllers. The CN38S Series offers an innovative solution for programming through an ergonomic keypad which uses the technology “Sensitive Touch”. This sensor keyboard guarantees complete protection from dust and liquids in every critical environmental situation. Providing on/off control or PID control with Autotune, this controller

WAGO 750-852 ECO Controller

Ideal for small- to mid-sized applications, WAGO’s 750-852 ECO ETHERNET Controller features a built-in two port Ethernet switch, simplifying network wiring in a line topology. Versatile and cost effective, the programmable controller enhances performance for high-speed applications. Fast configuration and diagnostics can be performed via web browser access to the integrated web-based management system. The

Advantech Introduces a Combined Control and Communication Controller

In order to reduce the amount of integration effort between control and communication devices, the Industrial Automation Group of Advantech has launched the APAX-6572, a combined Embedded Automation Computer with Data Acquisition and Control (DA&C) technology. This device is best suited for factory-wide DA&C applications and as an auxiliary control for unit operations. The APAX-6572

Specifying the Perfect Encoder: How to Avoid the Most Common Encoder Errors

Join us during this webinar as Encoder Products and US Digital discuss ways to avoid the most common errors when specifying encoders. Topics covered will include how knowing the difference between position accuracy and resolution aides in selecting the right encoder, as well as important mechanical, electrical, and environmental considerations.   Sponsored by:

Electric soft starter has voltage and monitoring control

SMC-50 smart motor controller is a three-phase, fully solid-state, silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) power structure. Addressing motor control needs of OEMs and end users, the controller uses power monitoring and diagnostics, combines monitoring and protection features, nine standard starting modes, six stopping modes, several slow-speed functions, and expandable control inputs and outputs. Rated at 200-690 Vac

FANUC Offers CNC Maintenance Tools

FANUC FA America offers new predictive and preventative maintenance tools for motors and fans.  This allows maintenance staff to pre-plan servicing of a machine during scheduled downtime rather than when a machine has failed. FANUC amplifiers address predictive motor failures by checking the resistance of the windings.  The greatest cause of servo motor failure is

Applying Stepper Motors: Application Questions You Must Answer & Things to Watch Out For

This webinar reviews some of the basic parameters necessary to properly select and apply stepper motor technology to motion applications. Topics included in this discussion review basic stepper speed-torque behavior including the stepper over-voltage ratio, a stepper in constant current operation vs. a stepper in voltage drive region, thermal ratings, the impact of winding changes on

Advantages of Soft Start Motor Control

Soft starters for AC motors offer many benefits, with the most significant being a reduction of mechanical stresses on the motor and shaft as well as other components in a system, thereby extending equipment life. They also contribute to smarter use of power and less inrush current, which can minimize penalties from utility companies. An

Industrial Networks: the Choices for Real Time Motion Control

Among the versions of Ethernet for real-time motion update, two are leading the industry today: EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, and Powerlink.  Each handles real-time messaging differently, and the differences affect your design choices. The leading vendors behind these networks will discuss the ways each handles real-time updates. By watching this special, free 1-hour on-demand webinar you will gain

ACS GEN6 Motor Controllers from Kollmorgen

Kollmorgen introduces ACS GEN6 Motor Controllers – the new generation of the company’s highly successful ACS product family. ACS motor controllers are available in a variety of voltages (24, 36, 48, and 80V) and power levels (5-50kVA, 2min) to suit various types and sizes of electric vehicles. Utilizing the latest MOSFET technology in combination with

1-Axis Motion Controller Has Onboard Brushless/Brush Servo Drive has just added Galil Motion Control’s Econo Series Motion Controller with Ethernet & Onboard Servo Drive, the CDS-3310, to its broad range of high performance cost effective Ethernet based Motion controllers. Galil Motion Control recently released the CDS-3310 single-axis controller and drive system designed to provide high performance and precise control of a single

Modular Lubricant System Reduces Energy Consumption

The Rapidstar Supply Unit (RSU) for cooling lubricants comprises a range of low- and high-pressure valve blocks, filters and screw pumps for the tailor-made pressure supply in remote systems. The supply system reduces the piping needed and simplifies the mechanical setup. The KST booster moves the high-pressure generation into the hydraulic unit when internally cooled

Miniaturized Positioning Controller

maxon’s New EPOS2 24/2 was developed specifically for commanding and controlling in the CANopen network. USB and RS232 are available as further communication interfaces. The variety of operating modes, such as position, velocity and current mode, means they can be used in automation technology, tool building and in mechatronic drive systems. There are also functions

MDrive® Motion Systems Now Available with Ethernet

MARLBOROUGH, CT – Ethernet is used in more than 90% of networks today, and now MDrive® industry-leading integrated motor and drive systems are available for Ethernet networks with simplified connectivity, ease of use, and reliability with minimal signal degradation over long distance. MDrive Ethernet systems feature integrated motor, drive and fully programmable controller, with standardized

AutomationDirect adds Manual Motor Controllers/Disconnects

The Bryant® line of manual motor controllers (MMC) now available through AutomationDirect is UL listed as “suitable as motor disconnects.” Because the NEC® recognizes that a controller and disconnect can be the same unit (article 430.109), Bryant has designed a compact controller to meet the rigorous demands of a motor disconnect. By utilizing Bryant’s MMC

Slip Ring Motor Drives from Sprint Electric

Arundel, England –  Sprint Electric now offers drives for slip ring motors. The new motor controllers will be introduced in November at SPS/IPC/Drives, the international trade fair for electric automation, systems and components, in Nuremberg, Germany.   A slip ring motor is a type of induction motor having a wound rotor connected to slip rings.

SCX10 Universal Controller from Oriental Motor

Torrance, CA — Oriental Motor introduces the SCX10 universal controller, a single axis universal stepping motor controller that allows users the ability to operate any motor via three serial communication protocols, including RS-232C, CANopen and USB interface. By creating a controller that utilizes internationally recognized periphery standards, the SCX10 universal controller creates consistency across a