RH87 series of digital multifunctional environmental meters

The RH87 is a digital multifunctional environmental meter which combines the function of sound level, luminometer, relative humidity meter and anemometer. This CE compliant product measure sound in dB, measures temperature and humidity, measures light (Lux) and uses standard and metric units. The RH87 has a backlit LCD display, data hold, auto-ranging and includes a

FactoryMation introduces new 30mmPushbutton Stations

FactoryMation has expanded its product offering for pushbutton stations to now include 30mm operators. 30mm pushbuttons, selector switches, potentiometers and enclosures are now available in kits and assemblies. FactoryMation provides customers with the option of purchasing 30mm pushbutton stations as kits or assemblies. 30mm pushbutton station kits simplify component selection by allowing the popular combinations

Agilent Tech Adds Wireless Connectivity to Clamp Meters

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced the addition of wireless connectivity to its U1210 Series clamp meter. It also added new capabilities, including voice output and remote hosting, to the Mobile Meter and Mobile Logger applications that support the company’s wireless connectivity solution for handheld digital multi-meters and clamp meters. To enable wireless connectivity, the Agilent U1210A Series clamp meter is now

5-in-1 Autorange Digital Multimeter from Omega

Omega’s new HHM8229 5-in-1 autorange digital multimeter offers temperature, RH, sound, light and digital multimeter features all-in-one device. It features a large backlight LCD display for easy reading, auto power off, and an audible and visual illuminated warning for correct input jack connections. The HHM8229 can perform measurements of AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency,

A/D Converters Help Researchers Measure Magnetic Fields

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland and the University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy, have collaborated on the design of an instrument for measuring magnetic fields in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) superconducting magnets. Called the Fast Digital Integrator (FDI) board, this measurement device uses Analog Devices’ A/D converters, analog multiplexers and DSP

CW10 Clamp-On Power Meter from Yokogawa

Yokogawa Corporation of America announces the release of the CW10 Clamp-On Power Meter. This unit combines the basic functionality of a standard clamp on tester, digital multimeter, and power monitor to initially diagnose maintenance and electrical issues before more expensive and sophisticated equipment may be required to analyze the performance of motors, generators and other

Industrial Networks: the Choices for Real Time Motion Control

Among the versions of Ethernet for real-time motion update, two are leading the industry today: EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, and Powerlink.  Each handles real-time messaging differently, and the differences affect your design choices. The leading vendors behind these networks will discuss the ways each handles real-time updates. By watching this special, free 1-hour on-demand webinar you will gain

Rugged, versatile, handheld DMMs

The HHM10, HHM20 and HHM30 Series of low-cost digital multimeters have a GS-Mark EN61010-1 Approval, Over-Voltage Category II 600 Vdc/Vac; Pollution Degree. Models: HHM26 and HHM28 have RS-232 Interface. Logic Probe Tester Models are HHM15, HHM20, HHM23. Temperature Measurement Models are HHM19, HHM21. All multimeters include free protective rubber boot with tilt stand, set of safety test leads, 9 V alkaline

Clamp-On Digital Multimeters

Omega’s Model HHM590 Series has over 10 full featured models to choose from. All clamp-on meters include free set of safety test leads, 9V alkaline battery, type K beaded wire thermocouple (temperature models only) and complete operator’s manual. Each unit has a GS-Mark EN61010-1 Approval Voltage Category III 600 V, Pollution Degree II, an AC/DC

How to Determine Digital Multimeter Accuracy

If you are not sure how accurate your digital multimeter measurement is, find its accuracy specifications in the instruction manual, and then read this to get the rest of the story. The accuracy of an electronic measurement defines how close the indicated value is to the true value of the measured signal. Analog meters usually

Keithley Instruments inc. Offers Integrated DMM

(Cleveland, Ohio) – Keithley Instruments, Inc. announces the release of the Series 3700 System Switch/Multimeter and Plug-in Card Family, Keithley's next-generation platform of switching and integrated digital multimeter (DMM) test solutions. It offers high quality, instrument grade switching for a wide variety of applications, including the performance demands of high channel count applications, with its

National Instruments Announces Low-Cost 6 1/2-Digit Multimeter for PXI

National Instruments expands its low-cost digital multimeter offering with the NI PXI-4065, a new 61/2-digit multimeter for PXI. The low cost of the PXI-4065 digital multimeter along with its 61/2-digit performance offers a new entry point for reliable, high-channel-count data-logging measurement systems. Engineers can combine the new multimeter with more than 150 available NI PXI

Keithley Breaks the $1000 DMM Threshold

Cleveland, Ohio – Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE:KEI) announces the release of the Model 2100 6½-Digit USB Digital Multimeter (DMM), a high precision, low-cost USB-based instrument. The Model 2100 is ideal for a wide range of production test, burn-in, and manual and semi-automatic R&D applications in bench, portable, or small system measurement configurations and is available