Can smart technology combat the food crisis?

British scholar Thomas Robert Malthus once predicted that the world’s population would outgrow the rate of food production. While things have changed in the two centuries since, population projections indicate that we remain set for a global food crisis. But technology could offset the crisis. Thomas Malthus’ theory, which has since come to be known

Modicon M241 PLC Delivers Best-in-Class communication, While Reducing Installation Time, Cost

Schneider Electric delivers with a solution that enhances control and communication, while reducing installation time and cost. Designed for high-performance compact machines incorporating speed and position control functions, the Modicon M241 programmable logic controller is well suited to control multiple machines by leveraging dual channel communications for handling both upstream and downstream communications simultaneously. The

EZLogix, Modular Rack PLC with IIoT, USB Data logging, and Wifi Ready

The EZLogix automation controller is a low cost, advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) that is IIoT and Wifi Ready, has USB data logging up to 64 GB, unparalleled Free programming software and simulator package and much more. It is an American manufactured rugged modular rack din-rail mountable PLC with incredible features and prices with a

Enhanced DirectLOGIC DL405 PLC CPUs added by AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added two new feature-enhanced CPUs to its DirectLOGIC DL405 programmable logic controller product line. The D4-454 and D4-454DC-1 provide all the capabilities of the D4-430, D4-440 and D4-450 CPUs, using updated microprocessor technology allowing the D4-454 to be the CPU of choice for the DL405 family. Both D4-454 CPUs include a built-in power

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Launches Redundant Control System

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. has paired its proven iQ-R Series integrated control platform with a redundant function module to create a redundant process control system for applications that require highly reliable control. The iQ-R Series Process CPU/Redundant System is designed specifically for industries such as oil and gas, wastewater and building automation with applications that

EZAutomation Showcase on Fox Business Network: 4/5/17

“EZAutomation. will appear on Manufacturing Marvels® a 2 minute spotlight seen nationally on The Fox Business Network® on April 5th.” Manufacturing Marvels is produced by Marvel Production Group, LLC Dallas Tx. EZAutomation, division of AVG Advanced Technologies, announced that its company will be seen on the national cable network The Fox Business Network. The production

New Product Literature for Five Product Groups

WAGO announces the availability of five new informational brochures: EPSITRON® Power Supplies: A wide range of power supplies delivers constant supply voltages for a variety of industrial applications, now with multiple mounting options. 811 Series: Class CC and Midget fuse holders with lever actuation make wiring quick and intuitive. Power CAGE CLAMP®: Now with a

AutomationDirect Expands Enclosure Air Conditioner Offering

AutomationDirect has expanded its Stratus® line of enclosure air conditioners to include compact models. Excessive heat inside an enclosure can cause nuisance faults from electrical and electronic components, circuit breakers, fuses, and controlling units such as PLCs, HMI, and AC drives. Stratus enclosure air conditioners are closed-loop cooling systems designed for harsh environments, or when

HMS to offer the Netbiter remote management solution under the eWON® brand

As of October 3rd, HMS Industrial Networks will offer the Netbiter Remote Management solution under the newly acquired brand name eWON®. Alongside eWON Cosy and Flexy, Netbiter will be one of the three main product lines within the eWON Remote Solutions offering. Further to the rebranding, all the elements of Netbiter (gateways, Argos cloud service

New Micro PLC Performs Like a PAC

IDEC Corporation announces the release of its FC6A MicroSmart, a powerful PLC with up to 520 I/O. The MicroSmart PLC provides the power of a PAC (programmable automation controller) in a low-cost controller with a small form factor, making it an ideal fit for demanding applications. Industries particularly well suited to the MicroSmart PLC include

Opto 22 Releases PAC Project Automation Software v9.5

Enhanced software suite includes IIoT integration through a RESTful API to controller tags and I/O—an automation and controls industry first Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 has announced immediate availability of version 9.5 of PAC Project™, a Microsoft® Windows®-based integrated software development suite for industrial automation, process control, remote monitoring, and Internet of Things applications. The

Control system makes MEMS coating process a SNAP

Reducing MEMS wear and stiction requires controlling the topography and chemical composition of MEMS contacting surfaces during manufacturing. But reducing wear and stiction isn’t just about the type of coating used; it’s also about the process. As MEMS become smaller, it’s increasingly difficult to apply a complete coating to the entire surface of these mechanical

HMI boosts production on blown film lines

When a multi-national blown film company sought to gain trackable improvements at its plant, they needed a key upgrade: an extrusion system with more flexible temperature control zones, real-time monitoring and adjustment of all machine conditions, and greater ease of use for system operators. The company looked to Massachusetts-based Hosokawa Alpine American. Alpine, a supplier

Energy efficient signal conditioner saves space

Modern factories need to monitor a range of parameters requiring a high number of signal conditioners. All factories need to be more efficient and save costs by conserving energy and space wherever possible. Control cabinets located on a factory floor house many types of equipment typically mounted on a DIN rail inside the cabinet. Equipment

Applying Industrial Ethernet

Tips and techniques that will help you set up and maintain an industrial Ethernet network. Industrial Ethernet is used to connect devices such as PLCs, local and distributed I/O, servo controllers and drives on the plant floor and in industrial facilities. In this capacity, it links many pieces of hardware—and has many cables, connections and

Leak Testing Just Got Easier

EtherNet/IP™ is now a standard selectable communication option for CTS Sentinel I28, C28, and Blackbelt instruments that will reduce integration costs using standardized CIP™ programing. For CTS, EtherNet/IP provides the capability to control, configure, send, and receive messages between CTS Sentinel test instruments and Allen-Bradley PLC’s. EtherNet/IP is a Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) utilizing an

Everything is really in the drive

For almost two decades, Dunkermotoren has pioneered brushless DC motors with fully integrated control electronics at a power range up to 550 W. With the BG 75 DMC (Direct Mains Connection), Dunkermotoren has succeeded in making an external power supply unnecessary by incorporating it into the motor housing. The 550W BG 75 DMC contains the

Industrial IoT gateway for Cloud applications

The UNO-1252G industrial computer acts as a gateway for industrial applications. As small as a micro-sized PLC, it is 10 cm high and DIN-rail mountable. It comes with a low power Intel Quark processor that only uses 10 W but is powerful enough to perform data transmission and sensing in IoT gateway applications. Gateway computers

Smart motors feature Ethernet/IP

The Class 6 Ethernet/IP SmartMotor is available in standard servo and hybrid versions. In addition to standard features, the Ethernet/IP version easily integrates as a position controller device for: access to SmartMotor commands and parameters improved uptime and optional redundant cabling through device level ring (DLR) simplified, modular programming through Add On Instructions (AOI) Additionally,

AMCI Adds Sales Rep to Florida & Georgia

Automation Support Group is now representing Advanced Micro Controls Inc (AMCI) in Florida and Georgia. AMCI has realized growth in Florida and Georgia, and recently added sales representation to better service the expanding market.  AMCI’s local sales representatives have a deep knowledge base of AMCI products, and provide assistance with product selection and support.  AMCI

PLC controls vertical wind tunnel, simulating freefall

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is foolhardy to some, but for others it’s the thrill of a lifetime. SkyVenture of Austin, Texas, re-creates the experience without ever boarding a plane. But providing a safe and realistic freefall simulation on the ground comes with challenges. SkyVenture built the first vertical wind tunnel with wall-to-wall

Connecting the Factory Floor to the Cloud

Perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the inability to easily move manufacturing data into enterprise applications for analysis. In an effort to overcome that hurdle, Kepware Technologies, a maker of industrial communication software, has released a gateway that pushes data coming from it’s KEPServerEX communication platform

Controller enables IoT connectivity

The VersaGateway controller is an enhanced communications controller for translating between various protocols and enabling Cloud Communications with the Divelbiss VersaCloud M2M platform. Programmed using the EZ Ladder Toolkit in Ladder Diagram, Function Block and Structured Text, and based on P-Series PLC on a Chip technology, the controller delivers flexibility when translating between different serial

Automation of measuring and testing machines in one step

National Instruments and Bosch Rexroth have introduced a perfectly matched control and drive solution at this year’s NIWeek conference. The advantages of the control hardware CompactRIO and the programming environment LabVIEW are combined with dynamic servo technology. Rexroth’s pre-configured drive systems for measuring and testing machines cover a wide range of services and shorten the

Add-On Instructions expedites and simplify the integration of Unidrive M with a variety of PLCs

Emerson industrial Automation has led the energy efficiency market for many years and aims to provide ever more effective and cost effective solutions. This initial Add-On Instruction (AOI) offering makes it easy to integrate Unidrive M with Allen-Bradley CompactLogixTM and ControlLogixTM PLCs. An open and editable file, the Unidrive M AOI integrates easily into the