Compact Air Cylinders Are Still A Big Deal!

Download Fabco Air’s Ebook More or Less – Compact Air Cylinders are a Big Deal! “Less is more” seems to be the trend in the pneumatic actuator market. Real estate on OEM equipment is at a premium today more than ever before! Download this Ebook to learn more…

19 new features in Bimba “Blue and Improved” air cylinder line — including Flat-1 air cylinder

Bimba, an industry-leading innovator of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric motion solutions, now offers a cutting-edge compact air cylinder – the Blue and Improved Flat-1®. Blue (as in New) and Improved designates Bimba products that have been redesigned to offer enhancements applying the most recent advances in design technology. The Blue and Improved Flat-1® features 19 new

High Flow In A Miniature Package with Clippard’s New DV Valve

Clippard’s entry into the miniature electronic valve market began in 1973, when Leonard Clippard, founder, introduced the EV line of valves that utilized only one moving part, the “spider.” Today, the EV valve is still serving a very horizontal market with thousands of installed applications in a multitude of industries. Since the initial introduction, several

Kaman Distribution to Acquire B.W. Rogers Company

Kaman Corporation (NYSE:KAMN) announced that its Distribution Segment, Kaman Distribution Group (Kaman), has executed a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all the operating assets of B.W. Rogers Company and certain affiliated entities (collectively, B.W. Rogers). The acquisition significantly expands Kaman’s footprint in both fluid power and automation. The transaction is expected to close early in

How Close is Close Enough? – Pneumatic and Electric Actuation to Accomplish Positioning Accuracy

This webinar with Bimba Manufacturing and Design World Editorial Director, Paul Heney, discusses the capabilities of pneumatic mechanical, electro-pneumatic and electric stepper/servo actuation and control for use in commercial and industrial process applications. Beginning with “hard-stop” pneumatic actuators the whitepaper shares how these components work, the positioning accuracies that they can achieve and their cost.

Isotech Offers Airpel Air Cylinder Actuators with Non-contact GMR

Isotech Inc. now offers Airpel air cylinder actuators with non-contact GMR (Giant Magneto Restrictive) sensor technology for unmatched accuracy in linear position feedback. Airpel non-stiction air cylinder actuators feature a specially shaped stainless steel piston precisely fitted to a borosilicate glass cylinder. This design creates a true air bearing airflow effect around the piston virtually

Beyond Hygiene, Pneumatic Cylinders Automatically Cushion Load

These three hygienically safe pneumatic drives offer more than just suitability for use with foods and corrosion resistance. The standard cylinder DSBF and the round cylinder CRDSNU are equipped with self-adjusting cushioning PPS, while the guided drive DGRF handles work pieces under harsh environmental conditions. Self-adjusting cushioning PPS means an end to time consuming adjustments

Bimba Expands Original Line® Cylinder Product series

Bimba Manufacturing Company announced the expansion of its industry-leading Original Line® product series. Previously available in only 4 bore sizes, Bimba extended its All Stainless Original Line series to now include all 12 bore sizes currently available across the product line (5/16” bore through 3” bore). Featuring stainless steel end caps, standard urethane wipers, PTFE-based

1.12 Inch Bore Heavy Duty Air Cylinders

Air Engineering and Supply announced today the manufacture and national distribution of the widely used 1.12 Inch bore, and up to 20 inch standard stroke with longer strokes available upon request. A leading manufacturer of this style and size cylinder recently announced that it was discontinuing the product. Air Engineering and Supply recognized this as

Best Practices for Mobile Hydraulic Design

With ever-rising fuel prices, designing efficient hydraulic systems can pay big dividends for users of mobile hydraulic vehicles. Join Design World as we take an in-depth look at three critical areas of mobile hydraulic system design: filtration, sensors and sealing. Our expert panel presents critical design tips and answering your questions. Attendees will learn: *

AutomationDirect Adds Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Air Cylinders

AutomationDirect’s NITRA™ pneumatic product line now includes D-Series heavy-duty air cylinders ideal for applications where abusive conditions are a concern. NITRA D-series heavy-duty pneumatic air cylinders are interchangeable with other popular brands of NFPA cylinders. The heavy-duty double-acting cylinders are constructed with high quality aluminum components, including a magnetic piston fitted with a PTFE wear

Constrained Tube Technology

Polygon Co. has announced their new pneumatic cylinder known as Constrained Tube Technology (CTT). CTT is a complete pneumatic system that allows the composite tube to be fitted within the confines of a thin-walled outer host. The composite tube carries greater than 90% of the pressure vessel loads while the metallic host enables traditional assembly techniques such as welding,

Pneumatic or Electric? How to Decide Which Actuator to Use

This on-demand webinar explores the differences between pneumatic and electric actuators and outline the decision process for successful, efficient, and cost effective deployment. Pneumatics’ performance characteristics, costs and best case application scenarios will be compared to those of electrics. Case studies where pneumatics are preferred to electrics and where electrics are preferred to pneumatics will

AutomationDirect Adds Compact Pneumatic Air Cylinders

AutomationDirect has extended its NITRA™ pneumatic product line to include a series of compact stainless steel, round body cylinders. The new C-series cylinders feature type 304 stainless steel bodies with anodized aluminum alloy heads. The type 303 stainless piston rod is equipped with Buna “N” o-ring rod seals and sintered bronze rod bushings. The double-acting

Clean Air is Crucial for Optimal Pneumatics

By Kevin Curtin, Product Manager-Air Preparation, Norgren, Inc., Littleton, Colo. Liquid water, water vapor, particulates and oil can all interfere with proper compressed air operation. Removing moisture and contaminants ensure that the system does not experience premature wear or damage. For optimal pneumatics performance, it is usually necessary to reduce the pressure of air leaving

Accurate Force Pneumatics from Airpot

Airpot Corp. has developed a line of products and systems, which excel in applications requiring precise, accurate control of actuation, damping, or displacement. Using high quality pneumatics in conjunction with Airpot’s precision glass cylinder and graphite piston technology, Airpot now offers designers levels of force and motion control unobtainable by other pneumatic means. Even zero

Choose Your Best Pneumatic Cylinder Sensor Here

By Jack Moermond, Product Specialist, Balluff, Inc. Florence, Ky. In the field of automation, pneumatic cylinders need reliable sensors to detect piston position. Check out the pros and cons of these most widely used sensor types before you buy. When used as prime movers, pneumatic cylinders are durable, relatively inexpensive, and simple to apply. In

Pneumatic Position Feedback Cylinders

Monee, IL – Bimba Manufacturing announces the introduction of its new non-contact pneumatic position feedback cylinders, for applications that previous technology could not address. Unlike traditional pneumatic feedback technology, the PFCN models are resistant to the effects of moisture, oil, airborne debris, dust and airline contamination. In addition, each cylinder is factory calibrated for precise

Self-adjusting Cushioning for Pneumatic Cylinders

No more need for toing and froing when you are adjusting the cushioning of pneumatic cylinders. Festo’s self-adjusting cushioning PPS makes commissioning easier and also saves time. It makes it possible to achieve a dynamic but gentle cushioning action into the end positions of cylinders without the need for manual intervention. Until now, users always

Better Control for Air Cylinders

Air cylinder controls, a common component used to control motion, typically include airflow control valves to regulate the air pressure to produce a specified speed. Compressed air, though safe, economical and readily available, is by its nature, unstable, presenting challenges to precise control. The Kinechek® hydraulic speed regulator used as an accessory with an air

Free FRL Sample Available from Bimba Manufacturing

Monee, IL –Bimba Manufacturing announced today that customers can receive a FREE FRL sample at Bimba offers a full line of Air Preparation Equipment, Filters, Regulators and Lubricators available in multiple bore sizes. Custom assemblies and optional accessories including porting blocks, shut-off valves, gauges and more are also available.   As with all Bimba

UTAdvanced™ Hybrid Controller from Yokogawa

Newnan, GA ‚– Yokogawa Corporation of America announces a new addition to their temperature controller product line, the UTAdvanced‚â„¢ Hybrid Controller. The UTAdvanced Hybrid Controller takes the superior PID control that Yokogawa is known for and combines it with a new, standard, no cost, embedded ladder sequence control. The new feature supports 84 ladder commands,

Sensor Provides Direct Analog Output on Pneumatic Cylinders

WIM45 magnetic field sensor provides a direct analog output for determining the position of a piston magnet on all types of pneumatic cylinders, delivering greater accuracy than indirect analog monitoring with potentiometers or linear position systems. The WIM45 detects the position of a piston on standard pneumatic cylinders by using a series of Hall elements,

Compact Cylinders Save Space

In packaging equipment, space is always at a premium. A new line of Vickers‚® and Hydro-Line‚® L-series light duty pneumatic cylinders include rodless, ISO/VDMA, stainless steel, and non-rotating designs for the packaging, machine tool, material handling and food and beverage markets. The robust, space-efficient configuration makes installation easy. The L-Series rodless cylinders have an industry

Keep an Eye on the Race-not just the Finish Line-with Transparent Pneumatics

Online Editors Note :: “Live for Speed” Live for Speed is a small development team dedicated to making the best online racing simulator. Their current release is S2 with which they attempt to recreate the thrill and fun of real racing, by simulating all aspects important to racing. Festo’s “Live for Speed” Race Car