Precision potentiometer solves system load and vibration challenges at a fraction of the cost

Betatronix has designed and manufactured precision rugged position control solutions serving the Space, Military, Aerospace and Industrial markets for over 50 years. Innovation has always been the benchmark through their legacy of custom designed solutions that have transcended the mythical perceptions of potentiometer limitations. The company’s history of partnering with their customers to leverage their

WAGO Adds JUMPFLEX Potentionmeter Signal Conditioner

WAGO extended its JUMPFLEX® line of signal conditioners and relays to include a potentiometer signal conditioner. The new 857-809 offers conversion of a potentiometer signal to a variety of standard analog signal types as well as the industry’s most convenient and economical option for programming and monitoring. The potentiometer signal conditioner features a wide range

Sensor Design to Meet the Rigors of Space Satellites

Both rotary and linear conductive plastic potentiometers have been used widely in space-flight applications. These devices offer simple analog position, as well as low power and temperature compensation data. However, due to the sliding contact nature of the devices, they have limited life and are prone to noise and drop-outs in signals after a few

Linear Displacement Transducer from AMETEK

A non-contact Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) from AMETEK Automation & Process Technologies offers greater durability and consistency than traditional potentiometers. The magnetostrictive technology of the new Gemco 955 eBrik has no moving parts to wear out and does not exhibit problems common to linear potentiometers. Gemco 955 eBrik linear displacement transducer from AMETEK Automation &

Customizable SG1 Stringpot from Celesco

Celesco Transducer Products is now selling the SG1 – a slim, compact and low-cost stringpot that is now in stock, available for immediate delivery and can be completely customized to meet the specific needs an OEM has. The SG1 ships with a 10K-ohm potentiometer that provides a voltage divider output signal proportional to the position

Robotic Designs Look to Nature for Inspiration

Reprint Info >> If there are no new ideas, why not look to the oldest idea generator around — evolution. The concept of using nature as inspiration for mechanical design has been around for a long time. What young engineer hasn’t heard the story of George de Mestral, the Swiss electrical engineer who invented Velcro?

CT-1000 Potentiometric Level Sensors from Gems

Gems® Sensors & Controls™ (Gems) announce the launch of the new CT-1000 potentiometric level sensors for OEM and end user applications. The CT-1000 sensors provide highly accurate continuous level gauging for the filling of tanks or continuous separating layer coverage in nearly all electrically conductive liquids with resolution of ±1mm independent of pressure, temperature and

BEI Sensors Launches Online eCatalog

BEI Sensors has launched an online eCatalog and product configurator for its rotary and linear potentiometers, rotary Hall effect sensors and panel control sensor lines. Aiming to improve the customer’s online experience and facilitate quoting and ordering processes, the eCatalog features intuitive filtering options by product attributes to help guide engineers and buyers to find

MINI Analog Transducer for Potentiometers

Phoenix Contact’s MINI Analog transducer for potentiometers can convert and isolate an analog signal from the 0 to 100 kOhm range. If the application does not require use of the potentiometer’s full range, a slide/push button on top of the module can easily define the bottom and top limits. Using this easy-to access button, the

Ultra-flat Sensor for Use in Space

By John Currid, Online Editor The high-tech components that allow satellites to circle the Earth several hundred miles above the earth contain some of today’s most current technologies. For decades, many prestigious innovations have been assets to space programs. A new contribution to the group of sensors with satellite applications will come from Hoffmann +

An Alternative to Pots

Potentiometers are often used in steer-by-wire applications. But they may not have sufficient durability in these applications due to their thinner, lighter materials. Plus, as a contact technology, they are affected by repetitive motion in dirty, abrasive, wet applications that accelerate wear. A number of off-highway machine designs list the Temposonics® C-Series Model CR Rod

New High-Resolution Linear Position Sensors Replace Magnetostrictive and Potentiometer Devices

By Marty Cwach, Product specialist, TURCK, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. Linear position sensors are used to determine the position of a mechanical, component in a broad range of applications, including medical, automotive, electrical and more. Traditional sensor types used to determine the linear position of a moveable object include magnetostrictive sensors—which measure the space from a

Surface Mount Rotary Position Sensor from PIHER

Libertyville, IL – Responding to the widespread use of surface mount technology for electronics manufacturing, PIHER North America is introducing a SMD version of its PT15 Potentiometer. The new device, the PS15 Rotary Position Sensor, features configurable capabilities for maximum design flexibility in a small 15mm package. The sensor offers a new surface mountable solution

Membrane Potentiometers Simplify Position Sensing

Razor-thin, flat membrane potentiometers expand designers’ sensing repertoire. Conventional mechanical potentiometers are the old workhorse of electrical controls and position sensing. However, these conventional potentiometers can be heavy, bulky, and expensive compared to a newer type of device, the membrane potentiometer. With some measuring only 0.5mm thick, ultra-flat membrane potentiometers are comparable to conventional potentiometers

Linemaster Hercules Potentiometer Foot Switch

Woodstock, CT – The Linemaster Hercules Potentiometer foot switch was designed for use with variable speed motor drives and is available in select 2-Watt linear values (customer to specify the maximum resistance required). The Hercules Potentiometer has a robust cast iron housing and providing long life in heavy duty applications. Most models are offered with

Potentiometers For Heavy Sideload

Four precision potentiometers, models 7288, 7388, 7488, and 8148, can handle up to one lb (16 oz) of sideload and comply with industry standard specifications, including 7/8-in. diameter, 1/4-in. shaft and 3/8-in. bushing. The front bushing of the upgraded potentiometers has superior bearing materials and the rear bearing enhances internal stability. They meet the rotational

Potentiometers for Heavy Sideload

Four precision potentiometers, models 7288, 7388, 7488, and 8148, can handle up to one lb (16 oz) of sideload and comply with industry standard specifications, including 7/8 in. diameter, 1/4 in. shaft, and 3/8 in. bushing. The front bushing of the upgraded potentiometers has superior bearing materials and the rear bearing enhances internal stability.  They

TRESCO Receives Quality Performance Award

BOONE, N.C. – Master distributor TRESCO has received a quality performance award from Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc for their exceptional performance throughout 2006.  Based on the quality of products and timely deliveries, TRESCO has been awarded a 100% quality supplier rating. “Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has recognized TRESCO’s commitment to exceptional quality and service,”