Positioning with maximum reliability

The PXV 2-D absolute positioning system has a large reading window enabling the system to keep a sufficient number of codes in view, even in relation to track switches and changes to the code tape. Precise positioning is guaranteed at all times. The reading window is 120 x 80 mm, meaning that the Data Matrix

Radar sensor for detection of moving or stationary objects

Banner Engineering introduces a new Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar sensor for reliable detection of moving or stationary objects. Featuring a very narrow 11 by 13 degree beam pattern, the R-GAGE™ Q240 sensor is ideal for monitoring a specific area without detecting adjacent objects. With two independent adjustable sensing zones, the sensor provides far

Modular Transducer Allows Measurements up to130ft

Position sensing in mobile applications can be tricky, especially on large machines with long boom cylinders. Such machines often rely on cable reels and string pots, but these devices are not always reliable. They can stretch, thus require recalibration. And the elements—winds causing erratic readings and dither in the hydraulics, ice buildup preventing the wire

Sensors Reduce Downtime in Welding Applications

Shawn Day, Object Detection Marketing Manager, Balluff Inc. Conventional inductive proximity sensors have a hard time surviving the hostilities of today’s high-throughput weld cells. Yet proximity sensors are indispensable for detecting part presence, part nesting, clamp status, and feature confirmation to ensure that exacting zero-defect quality standards are achieved. When high levels of proximity failure

Choosing the Right Sensors for Industrial Applications

Industrial sensing applications require special design considerations to address technical challenges. One of the main criteria that a user has to consider is the choice of technology used for the sensor. However, this is just the start. By watching this 1-hour webinar, you will gain a better understanding of the key factors necessary to make

NRB/NRN Series Inductive Proximity Sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs NRB/NRN Series Inductive Proximity Sensors with reduction factor 1 are capable of detecting every kind of metal at the same operating distance, and over significantly greater operating distances than is possible with standard inductive sensors. As a result users benefit from greater flexibility, increased productivity and reduced operating costs to optimize machine designs in

Eco-Friendly Proximity Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce an extension of the ICB Series, a generation of Eco-Friendly Inductive Proximity Sensors, with advanced and innovative features. M18 and M30 housing sizes have now been released to further complement the recently launan Eco-Friendly ched M12 housings. The ICB Series features a high performance potting material, that is made

AutomationDirect Adds to Stainless Steel Proximity Sensor Lineup

AutomationDirect’s line of round bodied stainless steel inductive proximity sensors now include 3-wire NPN output versions in 8, 12, 18 and 30mm models; also unshielded 3-wire 12, 18 and 30mm models. All models have a full 316L stainless steel barrel and sensing face that provides extreme durability in harsh environments, with standard quick-disconnect cable connections.

TURCK Q42 Inductive Sensor

TURCK announces a new long-range inductive proximity sensor using FDA rated materials for wash down applications. The Q42—available in a top-facing model and front-facing model—is an addition to the uprox+ family of factor one sensors that require no correction factor to detect any metal type. The Q42 is designed to deliver optimal performance in applications

Magnetic Rotary Position Sensors for Use in Medical Applications

ASM Sensors offers the extension of the POSIROT® family of magnetic rotary sensors, the PRAS20/PRAS21 series for use in the medical equipment industry. This non-contact position sensor uses an external position magnet to reliably provide an absolute output signal over a 0 to 360 degree measurement range. By using an external magnet, this sensor provides

New Miniature Extended Range Proximity Sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs

Pepperl+Fuchs X-Series Pile Driver™ Extended Range Inductive Sensors are now available in 8mm diameter models. With barrel lengths as short as 35mm, these miniature sensors deliver a 3mm sensing range – 50 percent more range than is available from larger competitive 12mm diameter models. As a result, 8mm diameter extended range Pile Driver sensors eliminate

Linear Inductive Position Sensors for Clamping

The BIP linear inductive position sensor is for position monitoring in applications such as drive spindles and clamping devices for tools and workpieces.  The sensor can also be used for many other linear motion applications such as punch depth, grab positions, rolling positions, and valve positions. It is non-contact with linear travel of up to

AutomationDirect adds Basic Sensor Line

AutomationDirect’s offering of industrial sensors now includes two series of low-cost high-performance sensors. The FB series M18 plastic DC photoelectric sensors are 18mm sensors in diffuse, polarized reflective and through-beam models with sensing distances ranging from 70mm to eight meters. All models feature M12 quick-disconnects and are available in NPN and PNP output logic configurations.

Sensor Tracks Position Even Without Power

Non-contact sensors combine an angular position sensor with resolution of 0.1° and a rotation counter. The RSM 2800 Series supplies absolute position values and rotational counts up to 16 turns without mechanical gearing, batteries or optics. It works using magneto-resistive technology. The sensor tracks and permanently stores shaft rotation and position when power is lost.

Miniature LVDT Position Sensors Result in Highly Accurate Position Feedback

The compact size and highly accurate output of Macro Sensors’ CD 375 Series of miniature LVDTs make the linear position sensors suitable for providing displacement feedback in different robotic applications. Linear position sensors provide an analog voltage signal that is proportional to the amount of movement in a robotic arm. Robots and robotic arms rely

Sensors and Encoders Catalog from ASM Sensors

ASM Sensors, Inc. has published a new, enhanced catalog that offers a complete range of rotary position sensors, POSIROT®, as well as single and dual axis inclinometers, POSITILT®. The POSIROT® family utilizes a permanent magnet to translate the angular position to the sensing element. The PRAS/PRDS series uses an absolute, non-contact magnetic measurement technology. The

CPA100 Capacitive Sensor from Lion Precision

The CPA100 Capacitive Sensor from Lion Precision has a setpoint (switched) output to indicate presence/absence like a typical proximity switch, but the nonlinear analog output is capable of resolutions as low as 15 nm RMS (150 nm p-p). The new sensor features a unique front panel range indicator to alert the operator to out-of-range conditions,

VARAN Compatible Transducer

Micropulse AT Linear Position Transducer with the VARAN Bus interface tracks the location of up to four position-marker magnets. This transducer outputs a start/stop signal, which is used to calculate the position of each magnet using the transducer length and resolution. It is available in a non-contact, floating magnet configuration, with optional measuring ranges from 50 mm

Accurate long stroke position measurement

The MLW Series of long stroke linear position sensors is for accurate absolute position measurement of displacements up to 1.2 m. Available in ranges of 300 mm (11.8 in.) to 1,200 mm (39.4 in.), these contactless linear position transducers are for hydraulic cylinder and actuator feedback applications where the sensor can either be mounted externally

The Search for a Better Proximity Sensor Starts Here

Equipment builders and end-users alike can find a wide variety of technology choices to solve proximity sensing problems — from the very simple to the most complex. But, which one will work best for you? Although inductive proximity sensors will most likely continue to be the first choice for detecting metallic targets at short ranges,

Eco-Friendly Inductive Proximity Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi is announces the launch of the ICB Series, a new generation of Eco-Friendly Inductive Proximity Sensors, with advanced and innovative features. The ICB Series features a high performance potting material that is made from recycled corn by-product, which features a higher resistance to mechanical stress, thus providing increased reliability, improved stability and a

Inductive DC Proximity Sensors

AutomationDirect has extended its offering of industrial sensors to include the PEW series of stainless steel DC proximity sensors. The shielded 8mm sensors are flush-mountable and feature a 2mm sensing range. Available with either M8 or M12 quick disconnects, they are equipped with LED status indicators visible at wide angles, and have PNP outputs. PEW

Linear Position Sensors from Novotechnik

Novotechnik introduces the TX2 Series of linear position sensors. This family of rod-style sensors is rated at IP 67 to protect from dirt, dust and humidity.   TX2 Series sensors are available from stock in eight stroke lengths from 25 to 300 mm. These sensors also feature compact size with mechanical lengths from 88 to

Rotary Sensors for Extreme Environments

The IPX series of rotary position sensors have unlimited mechanical movement. The sensor is sealed to IP69 K and has a 79 mm diameter housing size. Repeatability is to 0.002% over measurement ranges up to 350°. The TX2 series has fully redundant 2nd channel versions and an operating life of more than 100 million movements.

New Digital Sensor from OSRAM

The SFH 7770 from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors combines the functions of a digital ambient light sensor with those of a digital proximity sensor. It determines the ambient brightness, detects the presence of an object nearby and can even tell whether the object is moving closer or moving further away. It means that applications in cell