New Valveless, Fluid Transfer Pump For Analytical Instrumentation

The valveless Fluid Transfer Pump from Fluid Metering, Inc. delivers precision fluid control for analytical instrumentation. FMI’s Valveless, Fluid Transfer Pump integrates CeramPump® pumping technology with the long life performance of a brushless DC motor and integral driver electronics. All that is needed is a simple 24VDC input power supply making FMI’s Fluid Transfer Pump

Brushless DC Metering Pump Provides Valveless Fluid Control for Process Instrumentation

The NEW valveless Fluid Transfer Pump from Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) delivers precision fluid control for process instrumentation. FMI’s Valveless, Fluid Transfer Pump integrates CeramPump® pumping technology with the long life performance of a brushless DC motor and integral driver electronics. All that is needed is a simple 24VDC input power supply making FMI’s Fluid Transfer

Quantum redefines peristaltic pump performance for single-use downstream bioprocessing

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) has unveiled its innovative Quantum peristaltic pump with patented ReNu single-use (SU) cartridge technology. Engineered by the world leader in peristaltic innovation, Quantum sets the new standard for high-pressure feed pumps in SU tangential flow filtration (TFF), virus filtration (VF) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Quantum represents a step-change in

New 380 Series Pressure/Vacuum Pumps

Gardner Denver THOMAS is pleased to announce the release of its newly developed 380 series variants: 380CE32 (115/60/1), 380CS32 (100/50/60/1) (380CUU32 (230/50/1) coming soon). These oil-less single WOB-L® piston units can be used for pressure or vacuum operation and are engineered to be versatile and reliable for a wide array of market applications, ranging from

Designing With Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pumps Driving Efficient Solutions

HOW DO AXIAL PISTON PUMPS WORK? One of the most common types of axial piston pumps is the swash plate in-line design. These pumps use a drive shaft to rotate a group of circular, reciprocating pistons which slide forward and backward against the swash plate. Altering the angle of the swash plate changes the displacement

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions expands inspection and compliance capabilities

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has added two new advanced metrology tools at its Rock Creek, NC, manufacturing facility, enhancing its inspection, compliance and quality-control capabilities. The new additions include a SPECTRO MIDEX micro X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer with an ultrafast silicon drift detector (SDD) system for rapid and reliable elemental analysis. The MIDEX is designed

Diaphragm coupling helps polymer resin pumps

Ameridrives was contacted to fix the problem and ensure that it didn’t happen again. Gear couplings were initially installed on all the polymer pumps between the pumps and gearboxes in this high-torque, low-speed (50 rpm) application. However, keeping all the expensive gear couplings properly lubricated throughout their plants around the world proved to be a

New panel mount pumps with DriveSure technology

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is introducing a new range of panel-mount OEM pumps featuring DriveSure brushless DC gear motors with fully integrated speed controllers. Designed for use by medical device specialists serving the surgical ablation market, the RXMD DriveSure range provides a single source solution for OEMs requiring pumps, motors, gearboxes and drives. The RXMD

Maintenance free seal-less water circulation pump for heavy duty vehicle and transit applications

The ROTRON SLP 2418 Seal-Less Water Circulation Pump from AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions incorporates a brushless DC motor with a 40,000-hour design life and a quiet-running wet-rotor design. The pump is designed for such demanding applications as transit buses; construction and mining vehicles; and heavy-duty agricultural equipment and onand off-highway vehicles. The pump’s wet rotor

New Micro Diaphragm Gas Sampling Pump Provides Deep Vacuum, Higher Flow and Adjustable Control

KNF Neuberger announces the expansion of their micro diaphragm gas sampling pump line, with the launch of NMS 030, featuring two internally connected pump heads, deep ultimate vacuum to 24 in. Hg, a flow rate of 12 L/min, and adjustable control. With the addition of NMS 030, the standard performance of the KNF micro air/gas

Webinar: How gearmotor technology increases vertical pump drive efficiency

In today’s high-volume pumping applications, energy efficiency and cost control are more important than ever. A new solution using low-pole-count induction motors and proven gear motor technology offers effective results to these important challenges. Learn more by viewing the webinar playback which discusses this alternative to large, high-pole count, synchronous motors. This new technology provides

Variable speed drive pump enables energy savings for industrial machinery

Eaton’s Hydraulics Group has announced a new variable speed drive (VSD) pump solution that can provide up to 70% energy savings for equipment in the machine building, manufacturing, oil and gas and marine industries, depending on the machine duty cycle. The industrial pump solution, available in open- or closed-loop motion control configurations, reduces operational costs

Vacuum pump designed for small parts pick and place

Piab offers its patented COAX technology in a new small sized ejector called piPUMP MICRO. COAX is the most energy efficient ejector technology based on a multi-stage concept…

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Conserving energy and reducing leakage with hydraulic fluids

Leakage and system efficiency are always at the top of fluid power users’ minds. This is why several CCEFP researchers are focusing on how to optimize system sealing and fluids. This research was presented at the Center’s first annual Fluid Power Innovation & Research Conference at the Marriott at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Kicking off

ISO valve bases for automation applications

Vaccon Company, a U.S. manufacturer of air-powered venturi vacuum pumps, introduces the new Vac-Stac™ Series of venturi vacuum pumps designed specifically to integrate with all ISO 5599/1 Size-1…

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New maintenance-free venturi vacuum pumps save time and money

Vaccon Company, a U.S. manufacturer of air-powered venturi vacuum pumps, introduces the new RTM Series™ of maintenance-free venturi cartridges at the Pack Expo Show in Chicago, November 2…

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New sealing solutions for commercial vehicles

Reductions in particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions have become a global challenge that no truck or bus manufacturer can avoid. With its Low Emission Sealing Solutions (LESS), Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies is offering an answer to the demands for greater fuel savings, lower emissions, reduced maintenance costs and a longer operating life – even under

OEM Diaphragm Liquid Pump Provides Twice the Flow, Half the Pulsation

KNF Neuberger announces the launch of the new NFB 100 diaphragm liquid pump, which boasts two pump heads driven by one motor. In parallel connection mode, the alternating operation of the pump heads results in smooth and level flow, reducing the need for additional dampening components for systems sensitive to pulsation. Operating in the individual

Altra Industrial Motion Launches New Website for the Pump Market

Altra Industrial Motion announced it has launched a new website that offers the global pump industry convenient access to Altra brands and products critical to all types of pumps applications. The pump industry website is organized into pump solution product categories including Sure-Flex® Couplings, Dura-Flex® couplings, Torsiflex-i couplings, jaw, disc & grid couplings, belted drives,

KNF Neuberger Launches Fully-Redesigned Website

KNF Neuberger announces the launch of the fully-redesigned Designed to provide a streamlined user experience, the upgraded website offers improved navigation and functionality. Now, customers can easily review OEM, Laboratory and Process pumps and systems content, as well as download detailed product information and data sheets for support. Thanks to revamped search capabilities, the

Kaman Distribution to Acquire B.W. Rogers Company

Kaman Corporation (NYSE:KAMN) announced that its Distribution Segment, Kaman Distribution Group (Kaman), has executed a definitive agreement to acquire substantially all the operating assets of B.W. Rogers Company and certain affiliated entities (collectively, B.W. Rogers). The acquisition significantly expands Kaman’s footprint in both fluid power and automation. The transaction is expected to close early in

Model 2250 Pump Combines Long Life with High Efficiency

The Thomas Model 2250 pressure/vacuum pump provides unprecedented levels of mobility and efficiency, combined with long life, in applications such as medical, analytical and air sampling equipment and office machines. The quiet, low-vibration WOB-L® Piston design Model 2250 utilizes magnesium components that limit the pump’s weight to a mere 2.8 lbs. (1.27 kg). A highly

Thomas’ Twin-Head Miniature Diaphragm Pump

Using an innovative twin-head design, the Thomas Model 1420 miniature diaphragm pump achieves higher flows than conventional standard diaphragm pumps of the same physical size. The durable, oil-less Model 1420 pump is designed for applications requiring high flow in an extremely compact package, especially in the medical, automotive and business equipment markets. The pump measures

Small, Lightweight Brushless DC Pump by Thomas

The Thomas 230 Series, a brushless DC WOB-L® air compressor designed for medical and other applications requiring a compact, lightweight pump with variable output. The 230 Series pump is extremely small (3.8” high x 2.64” wide x 3.63” long) and weighs only 1.2 lbs. In addition, the 230 Series features variable output (1,000 – 3,000

Beamex Introduces New Calibration Pumps

Beamex has expanded its pump range with two new pumps: PGL and PGPH. The PGL pump is a low-pressure calibration pump with excellent possibilities for very fine adjustments. The pump is ideal in industries where accurate, low-pressure generation is needed, such as the pharmaceutical industry. The PGHP pump is a pneumatic, high-pressure generator with air