AutomationDirect adds safety relays from IDEM

AutomationDirect has extended its offering of safety products to include Viper Safety Relays from IDEM. Viper Safety Relays are designed with enhanced LED diagnostics and simplified wiring. These DIN rail mount units have screw and pluggable connection options and can be used in conjunction with guard switches, E-Stop switches and non-contact switches. Six new configurations

Compact 3-Phase Monitors with Enhanced Noise Immunity

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the addition of their latest three phase monitoring relays, the DPA52 and DPB52. These devices provide critical protection against phase loss and improper phase sequence, with DPB52 adding additional protection against under-voltage and over-voltage. Optimizing panel space is a primary goal for most manufacturers. Thanks to the low profile

New Larger SNAPTEC Fast Assembly IP 65 Sealed Enclosures

OKW has launched a new larger size of its SNAPTEC fast assembly IP 65 sealed plastic enclosures. SNAPTEC offers a rapid solution for medical or home automation systems and small devices with low voltage electro-technical components (potentiometers, time controllers, coded control units) or electro-mechanical components (relays, fuses). These modern low cost sealed enclosures feature snap-on

Two Pole SSRs Up to 75 Amps Per Pole

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of their new two pole solid state relays, the RK Series. Reducing the size of components is becoming a necessity for equipment manufacturers who want to stay competitive. Carlo Gavazzi has developed the RK Series with this idea in mind, as it provides solutions that minimize space

“Ice Cube” Power Relays

Wieland Electric Inc., a global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has introduced a series of general-purpose industrial power relays with transparent “ice cube” housings and integrated LED indicators. Ideal for use in industrial equipment, construction machinery, commercial applications that require reliable power connections, and instrumentation, automation, and control systems, the new flare Move HC

New DIN Rail Enclosures With Integrated Terminal Blocks

OKW has extended its RAILTEC C DIN rail enclosures range with a new CV version that features four integrated terminal blocks. New RAILTEC CV can be specified for a wide range of applications including automation, building technology, safety systems and HVAC – notably time controllers, sensors, relays, signal distributors and lighting controls. It can be

IDEC Releases RV8H Compact Interface Relays

14mm-wide interface relay saves up to 40% of the space required by standard ice-cube relays.  IDEC Corporation announces the addition of the 14mm-wide RV8H compact relay family to its existing interface relay line. These electromechanical relays are ideal for panels with limited room as they provide up to a 40% reduction in required DIN rail

IDEC releases RL high current 30A relay

IDEC Corporation announces the addition of the RL family of high current electromagnetic relays to its existing R relay product line. There are forty different variations of the RL relay to fit a wide variety of applications. The single-pole version can switch up to 30A, and the two-pole version can switch up to 25A. Both

AutomationDirect offers additional safety relays

AutomationDirect has expanded their offering of safety products to include additional Dold safety relay modules designed to be positively driven and assure a reliable opening and closing for safety applications. Relays are controlled by a built-in monitoring function, making them ideal for applications with e-stops, safety gates and light curtains. The Dold safety relay mat

Wieland Electric adds new measuring & monitoring relays

Wieland Electric Inc., a manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, has expanded its flare CONTROL Series of measuring relays with new devices that monitor a selectable voltage or current setpoint. The flare CONTROL Series measure voltage in three different ranges up to 300V; or single-phase current in three ranges up to 10A. Both series feature a wide supply voltage

IDEC’s solid state relay for high repetition and power requirements

IDEC Corporation announces the addition of the RV8S solid state interface relays to its existing RV8 DIN rail product line. The RV8S features 100mA to 3A switching capability in a compact 6mm wide space. Other leading RV8S features include high switching cycles, extended operating life and high-speed load switching. A common application is as an

Safe motion monitoring on vertical axes

Options for safe monitoring of brakes on vertical axes can include a pure brake test to take control of high-performance holding and safety brakes through to redundant fall protection in accordance with Cat. 3, EN ISO 13849-1. The safe motion system PMCprotego DS combines a servo amplifier and safety card, for a high level of

PLCs control massive hangar doors at San Francisco International Airport

The door controls, motors and gear drives of the Superbay Maintenance Hangar at the San Francisco International Airport needed a retrofit. The previous control system was built in 1969 and consisted of multiple relays, contactors, timers, antiquated power track systems and miles of wiring requiring continuous maintenance. The massive hangar boasts two 130 x 90

New 2-pole, Force-guided relays – The ultimate in safety and space savings

In conjunction with the popular IDEC RF1V series of 4- and 6-pole relays, RF2 force-guided relays from IDEC give users even more choices by offering a new 2-pole option ideal for users only needing two contacts or wanting to add multiple relays in a series. These compact and slim relays provide added safety, while saving

Basic electronic monitoring relays save space, simplify set-up

Phoenix Contact now offers compact monitoring relays for single-function monitoring, making simple monitoring applications more affordable. The new EMD-BL (basic line) monitoring relays are available with optional push-in technology for easier installation. The EMD-BL is available for single-phase current monitoring, single-phase voltage monitoring, three-phase voltage monitoring and phase monitoring. Unlike the existing EMD-FL and EMD-SL

IDEC Expands Relay Selection with New 6mm RV8H Interface

IDEC is expanding our relay selection by introducing the new 6mm RV8H interface relays with a UL listed Class I Division 2 rating, designed specifically for use in hazardous locations. These interface relays are suited for controls used in applications such as oil and gas equipment, panel building, refineries, painting and mixing chambers, mining, waste

Red Lion Controls Adds Some “Bite” with Watchdog Relay

Red Lion Controls announced Watchdog Relay, the industry’s only rugged, hardware-based solution that reliably monitors and provides fail-safe shutdown of processes controlled by RTUs, PLCs and other automation devices. This industrial automation solution helps to proactively protect unmanned processes on a 24/7 basis. Red Lion’s Watchdog Relay monitors the pulsing output heartbeat of a connected

WAGO Hazardous Location Relay Module

Via internal system voltage, WAGO Corporation’s new 2-Channel Relay Output Module directly activates Intrinsically Safe circuits, powering actuators in hazardous locations. Unlike traditional solid-state hazardous location relays, the unique 750-538 carries two changeover contacts for activating Zone 0/20 and 1/21 devices, e.g., relays, solenoid valves, contactors or optical/acoustic signal generators. This supports diverse hazardous location

WAGO Compact Triggered Timer Relay

WAGO Corporation’s Triggered Timer Relay supports E-stop circuitry within space-restricted panels. Upon E-Stop activation, the falling edge of a trigger signal initiates the 859-477’s off-delay timer for sequential shutdown. The device’s four highly adjustable time delay ranges enable a PLC to log the stopped position of all components. This helps provide smooth and efficient restart

FactoryMation introduces new relay series from Finder

FactoryMation expands its product offering from Finder to now include the newly introduced 39 Series Terminal Block Relays. This new series of terminal block relays provides cost and space savings while incorporating advanced features for many industrial applications. The Finder 39 Series terminal block relays provide an ultra-slim 6.2mm wide package and 35mm DIN rail

Weidmuller’s TERMSERIES Relays

Weidmuller now offers innovative, pluggable electromechanical and solid-state relays equipped with one- and two-changeover contacts in slim designs. TERMSERIES, The All-rounder, is housed in a slim 6.4mm or 12.8mm design with matching profiles that can be combined as needed based on application. These relays switch loads of up to 8A (resistive) at 250V. Engineers need

CIT Relay & Switch A17 Series Relay

The CIT Relay & Switch A17 Series is a robust automotive relay in a small package. The A17 offers plug-in styling with maximum current rating of 20A. This sealed relay is single pole single throw with coil suppression options of resistor or diode. Contact arrangement is 1A SPST N.O. with contact rating of 20A@ 14VDC

Safety Speed Monitor Relays from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added Dold safety speed relay modules to its line of safety products. The BH5932 speed monitor relay module is designed to monitor two sensor inputs that are detecting rotating targets on a motor shaft. This monitor relay features two-channel operation and can be used for standstill and overspeed monitoring of three-phase motors. When

General Purpose Solid State Relays from Omega

Omega introduces its new series of general purpose solid state relays which are used to control large resistance heaters in conjunction with temperature controllers. This CE compliant solid state relay with LED operation indicator is capable of millions of hours of operation and has a built-in varistor to absorb external surges. The G3NA SSR is

Heavy-Duty Solid State Relay and Timer from WAGO

WAGO Corporation’s Custom Products Division has shoehorned a 6A Solid State Relay and User-Configurable On/Off Delay Timer into a 6mm housing. Engineered for high cycle applications, 859 Series Solid State devices surpass the performance of 5mm/2A units while providing greater adaptability than 6A 11- and 22mm-wide units. Eliminating electromechanical elements, 859 Series avoids G-ratings common