B&R features automation advances to maximize packaging productivity at PACK EXPO 2017

Highlights include HTML5 based HMI, Industrial Internet of Things connectivity, flexibility, open robotics integration with SuperTrak™ industrial transport, Augmented Reality and networked safety. At this year’s PACK EXPO International show, September 25- 27, Las Vegas Convention Center; Las Vegas, NV, B&R Industrial Automation Corp. will exhibit automation technologies that are trending in packaging machinery design

Robot conveyor system fills molds and other parts on pallet

Manually filling and handling molds with plastisol and other fluids can be labor intensive. The bench top RC Series Robot Conveyor system streamlines this type of production and increases dispensing accuracy. The RC Series features a gantry robot with an integrated slip roller conveyor system. The entire X Y Z motion system is located above

Visit B&R in Chicago at IMTS 2016

Visit the B&R booth to learn about the integrated machine control platform and advanced technologies At this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), from September 12-17 in Chicago’s McCormick Place, B&R Industrial Automation Corp will exhibit its innovative automation solutions at booth E-4115. B&R specializes in standards-based, scalable and modular control systems integrating CNC, logic,

Using robotics to improve brain assessments

Clinicians have always had to rely on a patient’s behaviour and movement to diagnose a brain injury or track the impact of neurological diseases. Today, with advanced technology, clinician-scientists have a more precise window on brain function and they are driving new approaches to managing brain injuries and disease. BKIN Technologies is transforming the assessment

Strong, long reach robots

The line of RV-F Series 6-axis robots in 35, 50 and 70 kg payloads addresses the need for higher capacity robots to meet the demands of today’s automated manufacturing processes. These robots also address applications that require longer reaches, including CNC machine tending, large material handling and assembly applications. The RV-35F, RV-50F, and RV-70F robots

Robots save employees 1,000 miles walking annually

Elos Medtech Pinol in Gørløse, Denmark, is one of Europe’s leading development and production partners for medical technology products and components. In recent years, this industry has been in a global elimination process where increasing demands for quality, process documentation, and product consistency force customers to use fewer suppliers. The automated factory is a mantra

Palletizing dial plate manages multiple robots

With over 18 years of experience manufacturing for the robotics and automated machinery industry, Jerit Automation, Inc. is considered a “one-stop” manufacturer. When their team came across a palletizing application chassis system involving two robots−requiring more space for the operators to work—Jerit went to WEISS to collaborate on designing an octagonal dial plate system. WEISS

Top trends, new markets for industrial robots

We spoke with several robot manufacturers to get their thoughts on where the industry is headed and what new things to watch for. Where we’ve been Over the past several years, there’s been a trend of more small- and mid-sized companies adopting robot technology—not to mention a reshoring angle to the industry, said John Bubnikovich,

Why we shouldn’t be worrying about Skynet

Edited by: Paul J. Heney • Editorial Director We hear a lot in the news about robots or computers gaining intelligence or having consciousness. The trouble is they’re talking about very precise issues with very imprecise, subjective language. Nobody has ever defined for me in a measurable, meaningful way what they mean by consciousness. They’ve

SCARA robots for small parts assembly

This small SCARA robot handles a range of needs in applications requiring fast, repeatable and precise movements. The IRB 910SC SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) robot has a maximum payload of 6 kg, and is available in reaches of 450, 550 and 650 mm. The single arm robot operates in a confined space and

Precisely synchronize conveyor belts and robots

An increasing number of processes in production lines require synchronization with conveyor belts. Ensuring the high levels of speed and precision needed to accomplish this previously required highly complex control solutions. Production lines with conveyor belt tracking have an advantage: Since the production process never comes to a stop, they can achieve higher production volumes.

Modular conveyor system for quick assembly

Noise reduction is an increasingly attractive way to improve factory work environments. VarioFlow plus is one of Bosch Rexroth’s major contributions to noise reduction, with particularly low-noise operation thanks to sliding bars with lateral fixation, low-friction materials and patented hinge bolts. At the same time, modular chain conveyor system provides optimum sliding properties for reduced

10,000 COMAU robots controlled by B&R

Comau and B&R celebrate a productive partnership with a promising future As the collaboration between COMAU Robotics and B&R continues to mature and expand, the companies can already boast ten thousand units installed and operating all around the globe. This achievement underscores the quality of COMAU products, which rely on powerful, accurate and reliable control

The robots are free!

Paul J. Heney – Editorial Director pheney@wtwhmedia.com On Twitter @DW_Editor Insights One of the trends that’s been apparent at the last few industrial trade shows I’ve attended is that industrial robots are being unleashed from their metal prisons. It wasn’t long ago that the only examples of robots that you’d see—whether on the show floor

Six-axis control improves robot performance

Sensors can help improve robotic productivity. The Capacitive F/T Sensor, for example, measures the six components of force and torque (Fx, Fy, Fz, Tx, Ty, Tz) often needed in robotic applications. The sensor is IP65-rated for protection against dust and water spray, and hard mechanical stops provide overload protection. Output options include computer connection through

Graphical system design platform moves exoskeleton

Right now, your eyes are moving in short bursts and quick stops to read this line of text. Your lungs are expanding and contracting, and your muscles are subtly twitching—you’re in motion. Human movement is so constant and ubiquitous, if we think of it at all, we tend to think of it as simple. But

Simulation helps builds a controller that improves rehabilitation robots

Movement disorders in the upper extremities are common among post-stroke patients. Some medical practices are turning to rehabilitation robots to help these patients. While rehabilitation robots are used clinically, much can be done to improve the designs and control algorithms of these robots. For example, one of the neglected aspects in the design and development

How to Build Robotic Positioning Systems for Long-Stroke Applications

Watch an exclusive webinar featuring Design World’s Senior Editor Lisa Eitel and Nexen Group’s Regional Manager Jean-Paul Beyak. Gantry and robot positioning and transfer systems often need components that provide high speed, high positional accuracy, low backlash, low maintenance, long life and safety. In this webinar, we covered how to meet these design objectives even for

Software with standard models can now drive motion and robots

By Detlef Stork – Technology Manager, Motion – Lenze Machine builders must deliver designs with more flexibility than ever. Standardized motion software helps them go beyond segregated component and drive purchases with efficient programming of even complex robotic movement. Today’s increasingly custom products are leading to smaller production batches, so production machinery is becoming more

Universal Robots launches UR3 – the world’s most flexible, lightweight table-top robot to work alongside humans

Industries worldwide have embraced the collaborative benefits of the user-friendly UR5 and UR10 robots that feature unrivaled performance vs. affordability and can work next to people with no safety guarding. With the new UR3 robot, Universal Robots brings this market leading concept to the table: The new compact table-top robot weighs only 24.3 lbs, but

Smaller robots help increase efficiency

Comau has introduced a high-speed, 6-axis articulated robot that features a payload of 3 kg and a reach of 630 mm. The third robot within the Racer family, the Racer3 is the company’s response to the market demand for fast, cost-effective robotic automation within small- to medium-sized companies and emerging countries. With a streamlined design

Automated handling of uneven stacks

Fresenius Medical Care SMAD uses a smart system to handle uneven stacks of dialyzers. This system consists of a robot that uses two 2D sensors to detect the position of dialyzers and move them to a conveyor without human intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fresenius Medical Care SMAD specializes in kidney

The 1,500 euro robot

Last year, igus presented its new robolink D product range. In this system, a robolink articulated arm is driven directly by a motor that is attached to the axis. During this process, robolink D uses a lubrication-free igus PRT polymer slewing ring bearing, which is installed in plastic housing. This bearing is now also available

Homing once is enough

With SafeMOTION Release 1.9, safety functions for the ACOPOSmulti servodrive family have been updated. In addition to two new functions—Remanent Safe Position (RSP) and Safely Limited Acceleration (SLA)—the update introduces machine options for SafeMOTION parameters and improves both system availability and user-friendliness. To obtain a safe, absolute multi-turn position, homing used to be necessary each

Researchers pick hydraulic over electric to control quadruped robot legs

The idea of bio-inspired robots helping humans in danger is far from new. Rather incredibly, the idea actually predates the 20th century in literature, and we see it in movies as early as 1927. As is the case with most science fiction though, the reality of the technology is playing catch-up. Tracked robots have been