3D Printing Motion Sub-Systems

NUTEC introduces a modular high performance 3-/4 Axis Gantry systems with travel ranges from 50mm to 600mm. Precision ballscrew drives or linear motors are user choices depending on desired performance characteristics. Both versions use servo drive technology to facilitate adaption to a wide range of operating conditions and enabling 24/7 operations. Architectures are available as

Dual axis EtherCAT servo drive

These PWM (pulse width modulation) servo drives include a dual axis EtherCAT drive. The NPMPM Series of EtherCAT servo drive modules provide motion performance previously only achievable using linear drives, without the drawbacks of such linear drives. These drives are significantly smaller, more efficient, produce less heat dissipation, are better protected and lower in cost.

Automation of measuring and testing machines in one step

National Instruments and Bosch Rexroth have introduced a perfectly matched control and drive solution at this year’s NIWeek conference. The advantages of the control hardware CompactRIO and the programming environment LabVIEW are combined with dynamic servo technology. Rexroth’s pre-configured drive systems for measuring and testing machines cover a wide range of services and shorten the

Servo controller finds the right “rhythm’’

Servo controllers commonly use a cascaded configuration, in which a velocity loop is nested within a position loop. The velocity controller is tuned first, then the position controller. The current control parameters are usually set automatically. The position controller typically consists of a simple proportional coefficient, while the velocity controller includes a proportional coefficient and

Homing once is enough

With SafeMOTION Release 1.9, safety functions for the ACOPOSmulti servodrive family have been updated. In addition to two new functions—Remanent Safe Position (RSP) and Safely Limited Acceleration (SLA)—the update introduces machine options for SafeMOTION parameters and improves both system availability and user-friendliness. To obtain a safe, absolute multi-turn position, homing used to be necessary each

Increase Machine Control, Motion Capabilities, and EtherCAT System Support

Kollmorgen introduces Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ (KAS) software version 2.8 and AKD servo drive platform firmware version 1.12. The additions include a new higher performance version of the AKD® PDMM, enhancements to the coordinated motion programming blocks and additions to the EtherCAT configuration tool. This enables OEM’s who utilize Kollmorgen’s automation and drive systems to deliver

Low voltage servo drive

The LVD Sercos III is a compact, high-power and intelligent servo drive for low voltage 1548 VDC bus servo motion applications. The drive is for use with small low voltage brushless, stepper or brushed DC motors. In the case of stepper motors, the control is done through a closed loop commutation with no step loss.

LVD Sercos III: High Performance Low Voltage Servo Drive

Servotronix introduces the LVD Sercos III, a compact, high-power and intelligent servo drive for low voltage 15‑48 VDC bus servo motion applications. The drive is ideal for driving small low voltage brushless, stepper or brushed DC motors. In the case of stepper motors, the control is done via a closed loop commutation with no step

Servo drives solve pressing issues

By Michael Jermann/ Assistant Editor When PennEngineering, a global leader in fastening solutions, designed the Pemserter, a new-generation, servo-driven fastener insert press, they used Emerson’s Unidrive M servo drives as the primary drive mechanism. The press would allow operators to install fasteners without needing to hold onto the workpiece. The Pemserter ensures the system delivers

More advances in robotic safety

B&R has extended the safety function, “Safely Limited Speed at Tool Center Point,” making it possible to monitor the full spectrum of serial robot types in a safety application. This is a significant advance on the function first introduced in 2011, which so far has already allowed safe monitoring of all joints on a 6-axis

High-Performance Brushless Servo Systems Tech Tip

Topics covered in this Tech Tip: Comparison of DC servomotors and brushless servomotors Sinusoidal and trapezoidal brushless servos Sinusoidal EMF and sinusoidal current Sinusoidal control for brushless and induction motors Closed-loop control for high performance Sponsored by: Download Design World’s Tech Tips E-Book Please complete the form below to unlock Design World’s Tech Tips E-Book.

Servo Drives Deliver Precise Tension Control for Microbore Tubing

Microbore tubing is an essential tool in modern medicine. Tiny in diameter, it’s also flexible and durable – qualities that make it indispensable for treating, repairing and even replacing parts of the human body. Manufacturers produce microbore tubing in a range of sizes for different medical purposes. Whatever the size, microbore tubing requires a rigorously

Centricity introduces the EZ Indexer

Centricity Corporation’s EZ Indexer is a high precision flexible servo indexing system designed to work directly with today’s PLC or PC Control Systems.  Unlike traditional servo indexing systems the EZ Indexer has been designed as an off-the-shelf indexing solution that offers the most popular features of servo indexing at a price that competes with mechanical

How Close is Close Enough? – Pneumatic and Electric Actuation to Accomplish Positioning Accuracy

This webinar with Bimba Manufacturing and Design World Editorial Director, Paul Heney, discusses the capabilities of pneumatic mechanical, electro-pneumatic and electric stepper/servo actuation and control for use in commercial and industrial process applications. Beginning with “hard-stop” pneumatic actuators the whitepaper shares how these components work, the positioning accuracies that they can achieve and their cost.

EtherNet/IP uses less energy

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drive, Kinetix VP low-inertia (VPL) servo motor, and single-cable technology are an integrated motion system on EtherNet/IP that is compact, easy to use, and simplifies system wiring. For packaging, material handling or converting systems with more than six axes, these units do not require discrete power rail or additional accessories,

Servo tuning

Pro-Motion 4.5 motion systems offer visual tools for prototyping servo hardware, developing motion code, and optimizing servo loops. Key capabilities includes frequency-based servo analysis, easy-to-use axis wizard setup tool, fast and accurate servo loop auto-tuner, Windows 32 and 64-bit compatibility. Select between Bode plots or a frequency sweep in sin-, triangle-, or square-wave waveforms. Performance

i124 AC Servo Drive from Ingenia Motion Control

Ingenia Motion Control announces the release of the new i124 AC Servo Drive, capable of driving several motor types including AC induction and permanent magnet brushless motors with output power up to 1 HP. It can operate as a frequency inverter with programming capabilities allowing traditional V/Hz control method. It also incorporates an active Power

Small, Smart and Simple Servo Drives

by Laura Carrabine, Senior Editor Traditional motion controllers mainly rely on complex centralized motion control architectures to handle the high-dynamics of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) cross-coupled feedback topology of gantry systems. In addition, traditional units require expert installers for proper operation and maintenance. A new product family proposes a more efficient servo control approach for high

Elmo Releases Gold Drum Servo Drive

Elmo has launched the Gold Drum HV 100/800 – a 60 KW, high-performance, wide bandwidth servo drive yet with a very high-efficiency of around 99%. The Gold Drum HV 100/800 is EtherCAT and CANOpen compliant and, in conjunction with Elmo’s Gold Maestro, creates a high-level, real-time, multi-axis network. Elmo’s ‘go-standard’ policy, allows easy expansion, upgrading,

ORMEC Expands XD-Series Indexing Servo Drive Family

ORMEC Systems Corp. New 400V models have been added to ORMEC’s XD-Series Indexing Servo Drive family. These high-performance, single-axis models further expand the XD Indexer family power range, the widest in the industry. The new 400V models, with 1.4, 2.4 and 4.8 kW ratings, support 3x peaking and 50% higher power density. This small footprint

Custom Servo Drives a la Carte

Ingenia Motion Control has updated their online tool for servo control customization, ‘Servo drives a la carte’. The web tool is aimed to help customers to define their motion control solution in a simple and user friendly environment, with no limits on size, geometry, or power among others. Ingenia uses a modular design approach based

Elmo Motion Control Gains EtherCAT Approval

Elmo announced that its Gold Servo Drives have passed the rigorous EtherCAT Conformance Tests, making Elmo one of only six companies to do so. Elmo invests significant resources of time, money and skills into complying with industry protocols like EtherCAT, as well as standards such as Safety and EMC. Elmo believes that compliance is mandatory

EtherCAT Servo Drives

The DZE & DZS series of servo drives for EtherCAT enabled control networks fit in the palm of your hand. The ‘DxM’ – Demultiplexed Motion technology connects up to 3 DZS drives (sub-nodes) to a single DZE (node) on an EtherCAT® network for up to 4 axes of servo motion. ‘DxM’ technology handles all sub-node

Coordinated Motion for Low-axis Machines

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 single-axis EtherNet/IP servo drive can lower the cost to deploy integrated motion on low-axis machines found in applications such as indexing tables, process skids, case packers, erectors, and packaging. It can be used with the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 Series of programmable automation controllers and the Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus human-machine interfaces. Leveraging

Feature Rich Ethernet Servo Drives

As Ethernet-based machines continue to grow, more vendors are launching servomotor drives to meet this need. The features of the ABB drives include compatibility with a number of industrial Ethernet protocols, universal encoder interfacing capability, local motion control programming, and integrated functional safety. This MicroFlex e150 Ethernet servo drive family with single-phase options offers output