Dunkermotoren upgrades dMove motor design

Dunkermotoren continues to develop and refine their product offering with their new BLDC motor design. The BG 65 (S) from Dunkermotoren is probably the most sold industrial DC servomotor with completely integrated motor electronics. With the BG 65/ BG 66 dMove Dunkermotoren launches successor products now. The outward appearance of this series with simple control

The sound of light: rotary servo table helps with 3D imaging

Edited by Mike Santora Optoacoustic tomography (OAT) is a technique for generating high-resolution images of biological tissue that scatters light waves, typically biological tissue. OAT systems create these images with pulses of dark red light that have a maximum duration of 50 nanoseconds. These pulses heat the tissue and cause it to expand launching ultrasound

New SigmaLogic7 Compact puts full AOI functionality into less cabinet space

The Drives & Motion Division of Yaskawa America, Inc. introduces the SigmaLogic7 Compact. This new servo amplifier makes it possible to add the exceptional precision and superior performance of a Sigma-7 servo system in machines using Rockwell Automation programmable logic controllers. SigmaLogic7 Compact builds on the legacy of the SigmaLogic, the first Yaskawa SERVOPACK to

3D Printing Motion Sub-Systems

NUTEC introduces a modular high performance 3-/4 Axis Gantry systems with travel ranges from 50mm to 600mm. Precision ballscrew drives or linear motors are user choices depending on desired performance characteristics. Both versions use servo drive technology to facilitate adaption to a wide range of operating conditions and enabling 24/7 operations. Architectures are available as

Tolomatic food-grade servo actuator designed for food and beverage processing

  New options provide superior actuator protection in sanitary washdown environments. The Tolomatic IMA electric linear actuator, the company’s most powerful integrated servo motor rod actuator, is now available with a food-grade white epoxy coating and stainless steel components for washdown applications in the food and beverage industry. The compact, durable IMA actuator series integrates

Automation of measuring and testing machines in one step

National Instruments and Bosch Rexroth have introduced a perfectly matched control and drive solution at this year’s NIWeek conference. The advantages of the control hardware CompactRIO and the programming environment LabVIEW are combined with dynamic servo technology. Rexroth’s pre-configured drive systems for measuring and testing machines cover a wide range of services and shorten the

WITTENSTEIN cyber® dynamic line servo motors get a boost in power

WITTENSTEIN cyber® motor has enhanced its cyber® dynamic line servo motors with proprietary advanced winding techniques and superior magnetic materials that increase output power by as much as 47%. This enhancement was achieved within the original dimensions of the motors, improving overall performance within the same small footprint that is a signature feature of the

Servo controller finds the right “rhythm’’

Servo controllers commonly use a cascaded configuration, in which a velocity loop is nested within a position loop. The velocity controller is tuned first, then the position controller. The current control parameters are usually set automatically. The position controller typically consists of a simple proportional coefficient, while the velocity controller includes a proportional coefficient and

Servomotor is powerful, yet light

In the fight for high performance with minimum weight, the FAULHABER 3274 BP4 brushless dc servomotor stands out. It measures 32 mm in diameter and 74 mm in length and has continuous torque of 165 mNm. Plus, it weighs just under 320 g, which is half the weight of conventional motors with comparable power. The

Motors deliver higher power density for compact robots

Kuka’s compact robots in the KR Agilus series are precise, agile and fast. As agile systems, these five-axis and six-axis handling units feature short cycle times and high repeatability, particularly for pick-and-place tasks. Synchronous servomotors from Kollmorgen’s AKM series play a major role in achieving this precision. Using collaborative co-engineering, the two companies reduced the

ESCON module 24/2 servo motor controller

maxon motor expands its offering of miniaturized controllers with its latest OEM plug-in module. This high-performance 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller is designed to command permanent-magnet-activated brushed and brushless DC motors with Hall sensors up to 48 Watt continuous output and 144 Watt peak output. Its features include: high usability, exceptional performance and power density

New RPP series of high performance industrial servo motors

ElectroCraft’s RPP series of industrial servo motors features high performance and extremely low cogging – for the most demanding servo applications. The RPP series features a range of encoder, brake, cable and integral connector options. The totally enclosed non ventilated package (TENV) meets demanding IP65 standards and is RoHS and CE compliant. These high performance

GAM launches a new product sizing tool

GAM, a manufacturer of precision gear reducers, servo couplings, and linear mounting kits, announces the launch of a new web-based product sizing tool. Designed with simplicity in mind, the sizing tool helps users quickly find suitable GAM products compatible with their motor. Over 9,000 of the most popular servomotors on the market are available for

Mitsubishi Low-Cost, High-Functionality Servo System

Responding to industry demand for a servo system with advanced functionality at a competitive price, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the MR-JE servo system. The MR-JE features the latest servo technology, including one-touch auto-tuning, vibration suppression, machine diagnosis functionality and high tolerance against instantaneous power failures. Because of its auto-tuning function, the MR-JE is especially

Bosch Rexroth to showcase semiconductor production at SEMICON West 2013

Bosch Rexroth will share its automation technology portfolio and expertise for semiconductor manufacturing and printed electronics at SEMICON West 2013, July 9-11 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. The drive and control company will be exhibiting in booth 1919 in the South Hall. Rexroth will exhibit several advanced drive and control systems, including its compact

High-Performance Brushless Servo Systems Tech Tip

Topics covered in this Tech Tip: Comparison of DC servomotors and brushless servomotors Sinusoidal and trapezoidal brushless servos Sinusoidal EMF and sinusoidal current Sinusoidal control for brushless and induction motors Closed-loop control for high performance Sponsored by: Download Design World’s Tech Tips E-Book Please complete the form below to unlock Design World’s Tech Tips E-Book.

HELUKABEL® Unveils One Cable Technology for Servo Motors

HELUKABEL® announced it has expanded its motor cable product portfolio with the introduction of the new TOPSERV® Hybrid PVC and TOPSERV® Hybrid PUR cables. These cables now allow machine end-users, OEM machine builders, and drive system manufacturers to combine the existing power and feedback cables into a single cable in order to connect the frequency

How Close is Close Enough? – Pneumatic and Electric Actuation to Accomplish Positioning Accuracy

This webinar with Bimba Manufacturing and Design World Editorial Director, Paul Heney, discusses the capabilities of pneumatic mechanical, electro-pneumatic and electric stepper/servo actuation and control for use in commercial and industrial process applications. Beginning with “hard-stop” pneumatic actuators the whitepaper shares how these components work, the positioning accuracies that they can achieve and their cost.

GAM Gear offers two-week delivery for gear reducers

Coupling Tips

GAM Gear announces a new two-week standard delivery program for the PE series of inline planetary gear reducers.  The PE series has precision gears and robust dual output…

Servomotor controllers help underwater vehicle maneuver longer

by Terry Persun/ Technology Journalist The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) developed the Tethys long-range autonomous underwater vehicle (LRAUV) as a tool for ocean scientists. The range and endurance of the Tethys expands the types of observations and experiments that are possible with autonomous platforms. According to Brian Kieft, Software Engineer at the MBARI,

EtherNet/IP uses less energy

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drive, Kinetix VP low-inertia (VPL) servo motor, and single-cable technology are an integrated motion system on EtherNet/IP that is compact, easy to use, and simplifies system wiring. For packaging, material handling or converting systems with more than six axes, these units do not require discrete power rail or additional accessories,

Servo tuning

Pro-Motion 4.5 motion systems offer visual tools for prototyping servo hardware, developing motion code, and optimizing servo loops. Key capabilities includes frequency-based servo analysis, easy-to-use axis wizard setup tool, fast and accurate servo loop auto-tuner, Windows 32 and 64-bit compatibility. Select between Bode plots or a frequency sweep in sin-, triangle-, or square-wave waveforms. Performance

Integrated Motion Control – A Machine Builder’s Secret Weapon

Successful companies don’t talk about their “secret weapon”, fearful that competitors will discover and use the technology. While the trend in automation is towards integration, many machine builders have quietly and covertly found success with fully integrated motion control and the numerous benefits and cost savings it provides. And we’re going to let you in

Slow And Steady

By Tom England, Director, Global Product Planning, Kollmorgen Radford, Va. Improving servo system design can dramatically improve the quality of products in coating and laminating applications. Coating and laminating applications are some of the most demanding for extremely precise speed regulation. The biggest challenge is avoiding velocity ripple which causes uneven coating and undesirable horizontal bars across the

Applying Stepper Motors: Application Questions You Must Answer & Things to Watch Out For

This webinar reviews some of the basic parameters necessary to properly select and apply stepper motor technology to motion applications. Topics included in this discussion review basic stepper speed-torque behavior including the stepper over-voltage ratio, a stepper in constant current operation vs. a stepper in voltage drive region, thermal ratings, the impact of winding changes on