New subminiature pilot solenoid valves

Solenoid Solutions Inc is now offering a further evolution solenoid valve, the 10mm and 15mm direct acting and pilot valves for the pneumatic automation and instrumentation market. The 10mm and 15mm solenoid valves are designed for those air and inert gas applications where high performance in the areas of pressure and flow are required together

New Clippard Oxygen Series Electronic Valves

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. introduces the new Oxygen Clean Series electronic valves. Available in 2-way or 3-way, normally-closed or fully ported, the valves are designed for use with oxygen applications and will work with air and inert gas. The “O-E” Series pneumatic valves utilize a unique patented valve system that has been used and proven

Clippard introduces three new product offerings

CLIPPARD’S NEW MAXIMATIC® SOLENOID VALVES Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. introduces the new Maximatic® line of solenoid valves. The Maximatic® line of solenoid valves are available in 3-way, 4-way, single or double solenoid, plus various mounting options, enabling their use on a wide range of applications. Specified, tested and backed by Clippard, these quality manufactured imported