Steinmeyer Revamps Home Page

Steinmeyer announced that it has redesigned its corporate home page. The site now allows users to be able to navigate more easily and efficiently to any of the three core competence centers that make up the Steinmeyer group, which are ball screws, precision stages and metrology products. Once users click on the particular area of

Developing Positioning Systems for Pathology Scanners

By Boaz Eidelberg, Ph.D., Jim Monnich, Parker Daedal Engineered Solutions, Electromechanical Automation North America Pathological scanners have unique requirements of fitting into a small space with custom restrictions. Standard stages cannot fulfill the needs of modern pathological scanners. But a new infrastructure for effective pathological scanner development does fit custom needs. Scanner products typically require

Standard Precision Positioning Stages

In this 20 minute webinar, learn how MISUMI’s family of Standard Precision Positioning Stages are designed to meet a wide and diverse range of positioning application requirements. When compared with conventional high precision positioning stages, either purchased or produced in-house, the Standard Precision Positioning Stages offer excellent value – delivering a cost savings of 20

CCS Rotary Stages from Aerotech

A new series of rotary stages from Aerotech features integral pneumatic collet chucks for automated material handling. The CCS series (U.S. patent pending) supports precision laser machining and micromachining of tubular products in plastics, metals and many other materials. It is particularly suited for cylindrical tube laser machining of medical products including stents and fine

Overview of Standard Precision Positioning Stage Uses in Factory Automation

MISUMI’s family of Standard Precision Positioning Stages are designed to meet a wide and diverse range of positioning application requirements. When compared with conventional high precision positioning stages, either purchased or produced in-house, the Standard Precision Positioning Stages offer excellent value – delivering a cost savings of 20 to 45 percent. Now with 22 different

Developments In Precision Positioning Stages with High Speed Range

High-precision linear stages used for applications such as surface measurement in life sciences, semiconductor manufacturing and other industries often require two distinctly different modes of motion. A rapid mode usually is needed to change locations quickly in the workspace, which might then be followed by very slow motion for finer focusing and resolution. The traditional

ServoBelt Rotary 200 from Bell-Everman

Bell-Everman will be debuting it new ServoBelt Rotary 200 (SBR 200) at booth 4205 at this year’s ATX Show. Suited to any medium-duty rotary positioning application, the SBR 200 is a natural fit for production and assembly machines needing to move loads up to 100kg. It features a huge through hole relative to its overall

Light Weight Micro Manipulator System from Steinmeyer

Steinmeyer, Inc. announced a new high precision, light weight, micro manipulator stage MT 105-50-LM. This stage is an excellent choice for applications in the semiconductor metrology, biomedical, miniature robotics and laser industry. With a sleek low profile design, it has a footprint of 105 mm x 151 mm, height of only 25 mm and amazingly

NUTEC Linear Translation Stages

NUTEC introduces a new generation of linear translation stages suitable for most positioning applications. This design features three different screw drives and ten different travel length from 50-500mm. The compact envelope of 50x100mm with easily accessible external mounting holes and bottom tapped holes allows a multitude of installation options in any attitude. For installation, order

Miniature Linear Positioning Stages from Aerotech

The MPS50SL miniature linear positioning stage is perfect for the confines of the laboratory while retaining the high reliability required in production environments. It is an ideal choice for measurement, testing, alignment and component assembly in any space-constrained applications whether on the factory floor or in laboratory environments. High AccuracyThe precision-ground ball screw or lead

Misumi Adds More In-Stock Parts for Quick Shipping

Misumi USA, Inc. has announced the addition of a significant number of frequently ordered components to its distribution center in Elk Grove Village, IL, near Chicago. As the result of increasing demand for certain sizes and styles of many popular Misumi mechanical and factory automation components, more than 8,700 items have been added to the

APR Series Rotary Stages from Aerotech

Aerotech’s APR series rotary stages employ precision-machined and ground stage parts coupled with high-precision angular contact bearings and an Aerotech direct-drive motor to produce exceptionally low error motions, accuracy errors, and repeatability errors. The addition of high-resolution optical encoders provides excellent pointing capability with low-jitter velocity tracking. Applications APR stages are ideal for rotary testing,

SCR100 High Precision Cross Roller Linear Stage

Nippon Pulse America (NPA) introduces their SCR100 stage. The SCR100 stage is an ultra high precision, compact single axis stage that integrates a slide guide, encoder, and Linear Shaft Motor. The SCR100 stage offers a wide range of advantages for ultra high performance and accuracy applications. The Linear Shaft Motor is a coreless direct drive

High Precision Rotary Air-Bearing Stage

A series of rotary air-bearing stages designed for high precision angular positioning and velocity stability has been introduced by Aerotech. The high stiffness and load capacity of the ABRS stages minimize axial, radial and tilt error motion to satisfy applications requiring exceptional planar performance. The stages use a slotless, brushless motor that is inherently zero-cogging

High Precision Vacuum Stages

The model MT105-LM-HV is a compact, two axis (XZ) version of the vacuum stage with travel range choice of 30 or 50 mm. Positioning accuracy is 3 microns with repeatability of +/- 0.2 μ. It can be provided as a classic XY stage without adapter plate and can also be configured as a XYZ system.

Large Aperture Lift Stage from Aerotech

Aerotech’s AVS1000 series stages offer the ideal solution for applications that require positioning of large or heavy loads over very small incremental movements in elevation above a horizontal plane. The low profile and precise motion capability make these stages ideal for use in semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, automated tool alignment, machine vision inspection systems, laser

Misumi Expands its line of Standard Precision Positioning Stages

MISUMI USA, Inc. recently announced the addition of several new products to its family of Standard Precision Positioning Stages. These devices are designed to meet a wide and diverse range of positioning application requirements. When compared with conventional high precision positioning stages, either purchased or produced in-house, the Standard Precision Positioning Stages offer excellent value

High Throughput Mini-Mag Stages from Dover

The MMG Mini-Mag line of precision linear motor tables from Dover are now available in aluminum-based versions with an optional single phase motor to reduce controller complexity, system footprint and cost. Technology enhancements also enable operation in a vertical orientation without requiring a counterbalance, functionality that is for precision imaging applications. Original steel-based Mini-Mag versions

Linear Motion Stage with Nanometer Accuracy and Long Travel

A linear motor stage providing nanometer-level performance in a large travel format has been introduced by Aerotech. The new ANT95-L crossed-roller-bearing stage uses advanced direct-drive technology to achieve resolution of 1 nm, repeatability of ±50 nm, and accuracy of ±250 nm. It is offered in 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm travel

New Precision, High Performance X-Y Stage from Steinmeyer

Steinmeyer, Inc. announces a new precision, high performance X-Y stage. The compact KT-EDLM series consists of a 3-piece XY stage driven by synchronous ironless linear motors. Due to its high precision and outstanding dynamic performance this new stage is ideal for demanding positioning applications including:   – high speed inspection systems– robotics assemblies– dispensing systems–

Repeatable Travel in a Small Package

Tabletop devices for lab automation, instrumentation, biotech, and semiconductor manufacturing require precise, repeatable, and highly accurate motion control. Applications such as DNA testing or flip-chip bonding require spatial positioning on the order of microns. Motion needs to be carefully controlled to produce reliable, repeatable results even when subjected to heavy duty cycles that commercial labs

VTS300 Vertical Translation Stage from Aerotech

The Aerotech VTS300 vertical translation stage can position loads up to 450 kg (1000 lb) with ±25 µm accuracy in applications requiring a compact footprint with travels from 50 to 200 mm. Applications range from step and settle placement to high force generation. Multiple units can be combined for lift and tip/tilt motion to provide

Linear Positioning Stages Feature Moving Magnet Voice Coil Technology

Santa Clarita, CA — Linear Positioning Stages featuring moving magnet voice coil technology from H2W Technologies offer high resolution (from 50 nanometers), zero cogging, high speed, high acceleration (to 5 g’s), high repeatability, and long life. The compact linear positioning stages can be mounted horizontally or vertically and are suitable for short stroke positioning applications

Nanopositioning Rotary Stages from Aerotech

Aerotech’s ANT95-R and ANT130-R direct-drive rotary stages are part of Aerotech’s nano Motion Technology product line. They offer unprecedented in-position stability (0.005 arc sec) and incremental motion (0.01 arc sec) using Aerotech’s unique direct-drive technology, and are suitable for demanding high-throughput manufacturing applications such as disk-drive and MEMS manufacture and test, fiber-optic device alignment, as

PRO LM Series Linear Motor Stages from Aerotech

Aerotech’s PRO LM series of high performance, cost-effective and versatile linear motor stages are offered in four different series with 38 different models in travels from 100 mm to 1.5 m. The PRO165LM, PRO225LM, PRO280LM, and PRO560LM make up the Aerotech PRO LM series of linear motor stages. They all feature a linear motion guide