Power distribution blocks reduce costs and improve safety

The design of the IP 20 Power Distribution (WPD) Blocks incorporates finger safety and offers reduced installation cost, when compared to conventional terminal blocks, by joining individual blocks to create small bus modules in the control cabinet. The new compact, single bus modules have the ability to manage multiple load connections from one to nine

Eaton Heavy Duty Safety Switches Provide Enhanced Safety and Reliability with Integrated Surge Protection

Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of its heavy duty safety switches with surge protection, the latest in its expanding portfolio of switching devices. Combining Eaton’s heavy duty safety switches with integrated surge protective devices (SPD) courtesy of the Eaton SP1 and CVX series, this packaged solution provides contractors and end users with

Miniature circuit breakers target inverters, HVAC, industrial ovens

SCHURTER’s AS168X thermal magnetic, high performance miniature circuit breaker is UL 1077 approved. The units are available in either AC or DC with the same frame size for industrial applications such as HVAC systems,commercial ovens, industrial printers, industrial converters and inverters. The family has three levels of short circuit protection, categorized by F/DF Trip for

L-com introduces Cat6a lightning and surge protector for 10/100/1000/10000 ethernet applications

L-com Global Connectivity, a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that it has developed a new Category 6a lightning and surge protector to address quad-speed Ethernet applications. The AL-CAT6AJW lightning and surge protector provides superior lightning and surge protection with improved frequency response for 10/100/1000/10000 Base-T Ethernet networks. It is designed

Family Of Surge Protection Solutions From Zero Surge Inc.

Zero Surge Inc. offers a comprehensive line of safe, effective, and reliable surge suppression products distinguished by patented filter technologies uniquely delivering failure-free service from worst-case surges and providing unwavering protection for equipment, data, and/or sensitive electronics.  The product line encompasses a wide range of solutions offering unprecedented safeguards for commercial or residential applications.  All

SurgeGate™ CAT6-LAN solid-state primary surge protector

ITW Linx announces the launch of its SurgeGate™ CAT6-LAN solid-state primary surge protector. The technology features patented circuitry allowing the protector to provide a response time to capacitance ratio. The SurgeGate CAT6-LAN protects networked buildings and the equipment within them from the dangers of lightning surges and power crosses- the most common cause of surge damage.

Mersen Expands Surge-Trap SPD Line

Newburyport, MA – Mersen, formerly Ferraz Shawmut, introduces its new X series line of UL 1449 third edition approved surge protection devices (SPDs), the Surge-Trap Type 1 X-Series, which provide overvoltage protection for all locations in the facility with the smallest footprints available. The new X-Series SPDs features industry leading TPMOV® technology inside.   The

Pre-assembled Surge Protection Sets for the Solar PV Industry

MIDDLETOWN, PA – Phoenix Contact now offers pre-assembled surge protection sets for the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry. The surge arresters in the PV sets have temperature-monitored, high-capacity varistors with optical fault warning and dynamic disconnect device. The PV sets are pre-assembled protection solutions in IP65 installation housing. The PV-SET DC and PV-SET Multistring offer surge

Safely Cut Power to Your Motor

The Square D MD50 motor disconnect switch provides reliable, safe and quick power connections in industrial facilities, and prevents process interruption by cutting power to a motor if necessary while not affecting the main circuit. It makes it virtually impossible to plug in a power receptacle having different voltage and ampere ratings, while a mechanical interlock

Surge Protective Devices from 40,000 to 200,000 Amps

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – Phoenix Contact’s new VALVETRAB-SQ surge protective devices (SPD) offer safe, reliable surge protection from 40,000 to 200,000 amps.  The NEMA-style product series includes approximately 50 part numbers in three different mountable designs designated by CC (control cabinet), SP (sub-panel), and SE (service entrance) identifiers. The VAL-SQ CC series offers an economical method