RAFI switch, signaling products now available through Master Electronics

Master Electronics, an electronics distributor, is now handling products from Rafi-USA. Rafi’s products include pressure-operated switches and key lock switches, control and signaling components, tactile switches, and full-travel key switches, signal lamps and emergency stop actuators. “We’re excited to be working with Rafi,” said Riad Nizam, President of Master Electronics. “Rafi’s unique exposure in the

Anti-vandal switches are UL approved

New UL approved Anti-Vandal Pushbutton switches called the DHU Series come in 25, 28 or 30 mm diameterss. All sizes offer both ring and dot illumination and non-illuminated options. Choices of body and actuator colors include stainless steel and anodized aluminum in black, green, red, blue or yellow. Bi-color illumination and multiple actuator styles offer

Advantech Expands its Industrial Managed Switch Offerings

Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group has expanded its industrial managed switch product offering with the introduction of the EKI-9600 series. The EKI-9600 series are L3 managed Gigabit switches that support static routing and network address translation (NAT) features, enabling an easier and faster setup for network backbones at a lower cost. “As connectivity demands continue to

Encoded rotary DIP switches sealed to IP67

New Encoded Rotary DIP switches come in two sizes. The 7-mm RD07 Series is sub-miniature in size, offering a flush arrow, 4.9-mm knurled slot or 4.2-mm flat slot actuator style option with three positions from 4 to 16. The RD10 is 10-mm in size with five positions from 4 to 16. Actuator style options for

Metal Line Switch Integrates Illumination in Smaller Diameter Pushbutton

SCHURTER expands its Metal Line switch series to include an illuminated 16 mm version. The compact mechanical pushbutton switch provides a sleek look accentuated with a quality homogeneous illumination in a ring style, or complete surface area illumination. Illumination color options include red, blue, green, yellow and white. The standard supply voltage is 24 VDC.

Process sealed slide, toggle and rocker switches

IP67 Process Sealed slide, toggle and rocker switches include the SMS Series slide switch which is sub-miniature in size, offering a choice of single or double poles, termination in standard PC pin or horizontal mount, right angle PC pin. The CST Series toggle switch has gold contacts with single or double pole option. Sub-miniature in

AutomationDirect adds new line of Precision Limit Switches

AutomationDirect has added a new line of high precision limit/position switches from Metrol. Traditional limit switches and even electronic proximity sensors are limited in terms of accuracy and repeatability. These cost-effective, ultra-precise mechanical limit switches have repeatability down to 10, 5, 3, and even 0.5 microns (µm) depending on the specific model. Along with their

Rocker switches carry 10-A/12-Vdc ratings, include elastomer membrane versions

APEM’s KR and KL rocker switches feature an up-to-date design with a large selection of colors and markings, extreme robustness and high ratings. KR and KL series new options are: 20 Amp version The KR and KL series are now available with 20A 12VDC rating (6.35 quick-connect terminals only). With such a high rating, our

New Diaphragm-Operated Pressure Switches For Tough Environments

For operation in tough environments, Sigma-Netics Inc. has added two diaphragm-operated options to its portfolio of ruggedized pressure switches. Similar products were only previously available in piston-based operations. The new 745 and 785 series of pressure switches are designed for low-pressure, high-sensitivity applications, including off-road or industrial OEM equipment, train braking systems, compactors, compressors and

Eaton Heavy Duty Safety Switches Provide Enhanced Safety and Reliability with Integrated Surge Protection

Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of its heavy duty safety switches with surge protection, the latest in its expanding portfolio of switching devices. Combining Eaton’s heavy duty safety switches with integrated surge protective devices (SPD) courtesy of the Eaton SP1 and CVX series, this packaged solution provides contractors and end users with

Anti-vandal pushbutton switches include illumination

A broad line of sealed illuminated anti-vandal switches come in styles that include ring and dot illumination as well as non-illuminated versions. IP67 sealing is available, along with raised and flat actuators on most series. Mushroom actuators are available on some versions. Ranging in size from 12 up to 4 0mm, body and actuator color

Six-key Pad features Tactile Feedback, Snap-in Housing

Designed for aesthetics and functionality, like the CANbus version launched a few months ago, this new model with standard connection complements the range to effectively meet our customer needs. The KP6 keypad is a quality product available at a reasonable price. The KP6 keypad features a snap-in housing allowing for quick assembly and installation. With

More Compact Limit Switch Connection Options

AutomationDirect has expanded its AEM2G series compact limit switch line to include more electrical connection options. Four electrical connection types are now available for the AEM2G series of compact limit switches. 5-Pin M12 Quick Disconnect (bottom and right exit) and 3m pre-wired pigtail cable (right exit) connection options have been added to the existing 3m

AutomationDirect adds NEMA Rated Limit Switches from Eaton

AutomationDirect has expanded its limit switch offering to include F25 Series NEMA limit switches from Eaton. These limit switches are NEMA 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, 6P, 13, and IP67 rated for operation in a variety of rugged industrial environments. All F25 Series NEMA limit switches consist of three modular, interchangeable, plug-in components: operating head,

Miniature electromechanical switches excel at handling dc loads

The SS-3FP/SS-5F Subminiature Basic Switch from Omron features a 1-mm contact gap. The switches comply with the IEC standard for insulation distance required in secondary circuits of interlocks. This switch can be used in a variety of applications such as door interlocks and secondary interlock systems for office equipment and security devices, among many others.

New Multi-Timers and Time Switches Offers Unmatched Functionality and Timing Ranges for Controlling Operations

The newly expanded lineup of multi-timers and time switches from Altech Corp.® offers unmatched functionality, maximized flexibility, and the widest adjustable timing range in the industry to reliably govern the duration of automation and control operations.  The lineup includes universal digital multi-timers, analog multi-timers, programmable panel-mount digital multi-timers, and digital time switches in various versions.

Sager Electronics Announces Immediate Availability of 6-Way Blade Switch from Electroswitch

Sager Electronics is now stocking Electroswitch’s 6-way blade switch. Electroswitch’s new 6-position blade action switch, the first in the industry, provides guitar players with more tone possibilities and pick-up combinations. Featuring an extra position, the 52052 switch broadens wiring options, while reducing the number of standard switches needed to accomplish similar design functionality. The quiet

Custom Foot Switches with No NRE or Tooling Costs!

Steute Meditech has produced a two-minute video that explains how Steute makes available an infinite array of medical-grade foot switch designs for the medical device OEM market without any tooling or engineering development costs. Conventional thinking would suggest that getting a medical-grade foot switch that is customized to the user’s unique requirements requires investments in

AutomationDirect Offers Additional Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

AutomationDirect’s line of Stride Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches now offers even more connectivity choices for Ethernet applications. The new Stride SE2 series DIN rail mountable switches offer up to 16 ports and include models with Gigabit Ethernet and SFP options; select models are IP65 rated to withstand washdown environments. These Ethernet switches feature a “plug

CIT Relay & Switch Offers VM3 Series Latching Snap-Action Switch

CIT Relay & Switch is now offering our long life VM3 Series snap-action switch with a latching option. These UL/CUL recognized switches are available the 0.187” or 0.250” termination. Available with operating force of 400gF, common applications for the VM3L latching switch include industrial controls, lighting, security, gaming, automation and more. Specifications and materials are

AutomationDirect Offers Additional RFID Coded Non-contact Safety Switches

AutomationDirect has extended their offering of safety products to include the LPF and SPF-series RFID non-contact RFID coded safety switches. These non-contact safety switches use RFID communication between switch and actuator to provide the most tamper-proof protection using both master and unique coded actuators. When used in combination with a dual-channel safety relay, RFID-coded non-contact

Switches have more channel density and extended speeds

The RF-MEMS is, according to the company, a breakthrough in switch technology that provides a long-sought replacement for electromechanical relay designs first adopted by the electronics industry more than 100 years ago. This switch technology enables faster, smaller, lower power, more reliable instrumentation equipment by resolving multiple performance limitations commonly attributed to relays. With the

Wireless Industrial Switches

In the past, the majority of wireless industrial control devices available have been for the monitoring, transmitting, receiving and processing of continuously variable (analog) parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity and speed. More recently an array of wireless components has emerged that generate and receive simple “on-off” signals for start/stop control, presence/position sensing, counting,

Safely wire multiple sensors in series

Eden OSSD safety sensors let users wire multiple sensors in series to any standard safety relay without compromising the level of safety. The Eden OSSD safety sensor operates as an output signal-switching device (OSSD) for “stop” commands to prevent hazardous movements. OSSDs stop or interrupt machinery when entry or proximity is a hazard. They are

JetStream 12-Port 10GBase-T Smart Switches

TP-Link®, a global provider of consumer and business networking products, unveiled the T1700 Series 10G Smart Switches: the T1700X-16TS Full 10-Gigabit Smart Switch and the T1700G-28TQ Gigabit Stackable Smart Switch with 10G Uplink. The new smart switches provide high performance, scalable, cost-effective 10G bandwidth for business networks. “In a world of expanding enterprises and growing