Cognex enters mobile terminal market

Cognex, a supplier of machine vision systems and industrial barcode readers used in factory automation and logistics, announced that it has developed and is now offering for sale, a totally new product line: ruggedized mobile terminals. Cognex’s MX-1000 series of mobile terminals offers manufacturers, logistics companies and many other organizations that currently rely on expensive,

High-current terminals with push-in connection technology

Phoenix Contact introduces a new line of push-in technology terminal blocks for high-power applications. The PTPOWER 95 provides easier spring connection for wires up to 4/0 AWG than screw connectors traditionally used in these applications. The PTPOWER 95 uses Phoenix Contact’s Power Turn technology, a short lever movement to open and close the termination area.

New High Density Marshalling and Distribution Terminals

RICHMOND, VA — Weidmuller announces the introduction of an innovative new terminal block series, PRV (Push-In Marshalling) and PPV (PushIn Power Distribution) 4/8/16 equipped with “PUSH IN” connection technology. Both product families support efficient wiring concepts for process industry environments and have been specifically developed for the challenging demands of DCS marshalling and distribution signals of PLC applications. PRV

Additions to push-in terminal block line

Phoenix Contact has expanded its line of push-in technology (PT) terminal blocks to include a smaller version of the popular STIO 2.5 series. The PTIO 1.5/S series is only 3.5 mm wide with a new top-level location for the power wiring. The blocks offer the market’s highest density power distribution for field sensors and actuators.

FactoryMation introduces new relay series from Finder

FactoryMation expands its product offering from Finder to now include the newly introduced 39 Series Terminal Block Relays. This new series of terminal block relays provides cost and space savings while incorporating advanced features for many industrial applications. The Finder 39 Series terminal block relays provide an ultra-slim 6.2mm wide package and 35mm DIN rail

WAGO Wire, Vertical Jumpers for DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

New jumpers provide horizontal and vertical potential commoning for WAGO Corporation’s Double-Deck TOPJOBS 2000 Series and X-COMS MINI 2020 Series DIN-rail Terminal Blocks. Users can vertically common both levels of a double-deck terminal block or multiply potential over several adjacent DIN-rail terminal blocks. This can extend the functionality of select terminal blocks to help streamline

ABB LV Products expands SNK terminal block line

The ABB Low Voltage Products division has expanded its SNK series of terminal blocks by introducing the new ZS10-SF screw clamp fuse blocks, offering the high electrical ratings and a compact design. At only 8mm (0.315”) wide the new fuse blocks provide the slimmest protection available for 6.3 x 32mm (1/4” x 1 1/4”) fuses, with

WAGO picoMAX Certified for Global Design Platforms

WAGO Corporation’s picoMAX and picoMAX eCOM Pluggable Connector Systems are certified UL 1059 and 1977, CB (Certification Body) and CSA. These international certifications confirm the all-new design’s technical properties as connector and terminal block components. picoMAX can bolster machines worldwide with up to 20g vibration-resistance and absolute connection integrity in operating temperatures to +125°C. It

AutomationDirect introduces line of low-cost terminal blocks

AutomationDirect’s product offering now includes the Konnect-It line of terminal blocks and accessories. Konnect-It single-level terminal blocks handle cur­rents up to 175A, accept a wide range of wiring sizes from 26 AWG to 2/0 AWG and have a 100kA SCCR rating. Prices start at $30 for a 100-pack and are available in a variety of

Double-Deck Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Blocks from WAGO

Just 5.2 to 6.2mm wide, WAGO Corporation’s TOPJOB®S Double-Deck Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Blocks are up to 24% more compact than existing designs on the market. Space-efficiency is achieved by carrying fusing or disconnect capabilities on the top deck, and through or ground connections below. TOPJOB®S Double-Deck Blocks support process measurement applications requiring a common

WAGO picoMAX eCOM Pluggable Connector System

WAGO Corporation’s picoMAX® eCOM Pinstrip Pluggable Terminal Blocks support OEMs manufacturing automation, test/measurement and process electronics. New to the picoMAX® PCB Connector family, the value-driven eCOM provides additional efficiency and usability by eliminating the pin housing. Push-in (solid and ferruled conductors), and push-button terminations (stranded conductors) expedite high-density PCB manufacturing and installation. For PCB maintenance,

Housing for CT-S timers and CM three-phase monitors

The CT-S range of time relays and CM range of measuring and monitoring relays features two new innovative connection options: Double-Chamber Cage Connection terminals and Push-in terminals. The connection terminals use screw technology, connect with two wires in diameters up to 14 AWG, solid or stranded, with or without wire-end ferrules. The Push-in terminals feature

In the Black: WAGO 2060 Series

A new, black housing for WAGO Corporation’s 2060 Series SMD Push-Button Terminal Block helps ensure correct LED device wiring. Offered as a 1-pole unit (2- and 3-pole upon request), the black housing provides on-board + and – color-coding when paired with light gray 2060 Series blocks. Beyond clear inputs/outputs, the new block also offers WAGO-exclusive

WAGO Corporation’s 2002 Series Endless Jumpers

Germantown, WI –WAGO Corporation’s 2002 Series Endless Jumpers simplify continuous commoning for TOPJOB® S DIN-rail terminal blocks. Developed for blocks with one jumper slot per level, two compact Endless Jumper contacts (legs) fit in one jumper slot. Beyond providing continuous commoning in one slot, Endless Jumpers also eliminate wire jumpers for expanding commoning options. Jumpering

WAGO TOPJOB®S Large Conductor Connectors

Connectors for larger terminal blocks extend the functionality of WAGO Corporation’s TOPJOB®S 2006, 2010 and 2016 Series Terminal Blocks. More than standard through connections, the TOPJOB®S connectors insert directly into jumper slots to connect sub-assemblies and test circuits, e.g., electric motors. Accommodating conductors 20-10 AWG, the connectors also provide power tap or supply options for

WAGO 804 Series Push-Button PCB Terminal Blocks

WAGO Corporation’s 804 Series Push-Button PCB Terminal Blocks provide jumper-free commoning to support manufacturers exporting LED devices and industrial electronics. Common European requirements limit ground circuits from crossing PCB. The modular 804 Series circumnavigates this with factory-assembled strips that include grounding for up to four clamping units via internal commoning. Units are available in 5mm

WAGO TOPJOB® Terminal Fuse Blocks with 3 Jumper Slots

Select WAGO Corporation 2002 Series TOPJOB®S Terminal Blocks now carry three jumper slots for greater control cabinet flexibility. DIN-rail Disconnect/Test with Mechanical Interlock, Mini-Automotive Blade-style Fuse and Fuse Disconnect with Pivoting Holder (5x20mm) accommodate one output and two input potential commoning. This provides convenient in-circuit current testing and potential distribution on both sides of the

WAGO’s Push-Button SMD-Terminal Block Gains 1-, 3-Pole Models

WAGO Corporation’s 2060 Series SMD-Terminal Block line gains 1- and 3-pole variants, bringing exclusive push-button actuation to additional PCB-based LED lighting and electronics. A labor-saving alternative to hand-soldering PCB leads, 2060 Series’ push-button streamlines termination and permits removal for wiring error correction — no costly scrap/rewiring. This unique capability also enables OEMs to meet Energy

Brochure features New WAGO ProServe® Updates

A new brochure highlights updates to WAGO Corporation’s ProServe® Design, Assembly and Marking suite. ProServe® consists of free professional-grade software, as well as plotters/printers that combine design and engineering tasks with WAGO’s 25,000 products to create assemblies. Revisions include new 6.0 software that utilizes a high-performance SQL server database, and expanded marking/design conveniences, e.g., AutoSave

Phoenix Contact’s Screw-clamp Terminal Blocks Available in Three-Level Version

Phoenix Contact’s UT series of screw-clamp terminal blocks now comes in a space-saving, three-level version. The UT 2.5-3L accepts solid, stranded or ferruled wires with 26-12 AWG. Push-in bridging on each level saves space while distributing power. Vertical bridges electrically connect all three levels to one another. Each terminal point has a large labeling space

WAGO SMD-Terminal Block with Exclusive Push-Button Operation

WAGO Corporation’s 2060 Series 2-pole SMD-Terminal Block provides class-exclusive, push-button termination/re-terminations for the broadest range of solid/stranded conductors AWG 24–18. With class-leading UL/CUL ratings of 9A/250V, 2060 Series is a labor-saving alternative to soldering leads for PCB-based LED products. 2060’s push-button enables correction of wiring errors during assembly of LED devices, e.g., modules and light

Time for a Switch?

Electrotech Direct now offers toggle switch terminal blocks. The toggle switches are available with ON-ON, ON-OFF-ON, and Momentary functions with a max amperage of 3A @120VAC (1A @ 250VAC). Toggle switch terminals mount to standard Din 35mm rail and at only 8mm wide, take up very little space on the rail. The ESG290T are made

WAGO TOPJOB®S Disconnect and Fuse Terminal Blocks

WAGO Corporation’s 2006 Series Disconnect and Fuse Terminal Blocks bring the widest fusing choices and segment-leading UL ratings to WAGO Corporation’s TOPJOB®S family. Each 2006 block utilizes the compact TOPJOB®S footprint, features dual jumper rows and accommodates conductors 20–8 AWG. The 2006 Series Blocks serve industrial applications requiring disconnection, isolation and fuse protection of analog

WDK 10 Dual-Level Terminal Block for Space Saving Requirements

Weidmuller introduces a terminal block to the WDK Terminal Series for Machinery, Process and Power Generation Industries. The WDK 10 dual-level terminal is designed to reduce cabinet space by 50% and is ideally suited for applications where there is limited panel space for power distribution terminal installations. With a 10mm width, the new WDK 10

Lever-operated PCB Terminal Strips

The 2706 Series PCB Terminal Strips bring lever-operated terminations to compact electrical applications. A UL/CSA 30 A/300 V rating and accommodation of conductors AWG 24–10 make the strips suitable for inverters, power supplies and other field-wired applications. Ranging from 2–12 poles, the strips provide a lever for each pole. Lifting each opens a CAGE CLAMP®