JMC Steel Group announces executive promotions

JMC Steel Group announced today the promotion of two executives: Jelani Rucker to vice president of marketing and business development and Jeff Shulman to vice president of logistics. Rucker has served as JMC’s director of marketing and business development for over eight years. He will continue to be responsible for developing and managing marketing initiatives

Alpha Wire Expands FIT Heat-Shrink Tubing Line

Alpha Wire has expanded its popular FIT family of heat-shrink tubing products to include a new low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH) tubing option and FIT-FILL adhesive filler. “Our new FIT-221L LSZH heat-shrink tubing is a highly flexible, environmentally friendly, flame-retardant option to standard tubing because it contains no lead, no halogens, has low-smoke generation, and produces no

Polyurethane Tubing from NewAge® Industries Available in 3 Styles

NewAge Industries manufactures three versions of polyurethane tubing: unreinforced, braid reinforced and a style designed for pneumatic applications. All three offer the traits polyurethane is known for, namely durability, natural flexibility, excellent weathering characteristics and good chemical resistance. Typical uses include air and liquid transfer, granular material and abrasive powder lines, cable jacketing, insulation sleeves,

JMC Steel Awarded LEED Silver Certification for Chicago HQ

JMC Steel Group has announced it has been awarded LEED Silver certification for its headquarters on the 26th floor of 227 West Monroe in downtown Chicago. With its LEED certification, JMC Steel Group is leading fellow Chicago offices in the Green Office Challenge, a friendly competition held by the city of Chicago and Green PSF.

Sharon Tube Marks Official Launch with Ribbon-Cutting Event

Sharon Tube, a division of JMC Steel Group, announced that a ribbon-cutting event will celebrate the April 1, 2013 relaunch of the Sharon Tube brand. On June 11, 2013, Sharon Tube will welcome employees and their families, customers, local dignitaries and the media to gather at the precision tube facility to commemorate Sharon Tube’s history

NewAge’s Vitube Flexible Tubing Offers Chemical and Heat Resistance

NewAge Industries is pleased to offer Vitube tubing made of Dupont Performance Elastomer’s Viton synthetic rubber. The material provides a wide range of chemical resistance along with superior performance, especially at high temperatures. Applications include fuel and oil lines, chemical transfer, peristaltic pumps, appliances, seals and o-rings, automotive fluids, hot lubrication and solvents. Vitube has

Jacketed Tube Connector Protects without Sleeves and Sealing Tape

A companion piece to Swagelok jacketed tubing , the new Swagelok jacketed tube connector (JTC) is engineered to connect jacketed tubing systems, while protecting tubing from external degradation in corrosive environments. Designed to safeguard against environmental ingress in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, and pulp industries, the JTC provides a leak-tight, Swagelok tube fitting connection

Smalley Steel Ring Introduces Metric Hoopster® Retaining Rings

Smalley Steel Ring Company announces the launch of the new Metric Hoopster Retaining Rings. The new Metric Hoopster Retaining Rings offer an innovative way to retain mechanical components when space is a problem. The Hoopster’s minimal radial projection and shallow groove depth allows the Hoopster to fit where regular stamped rings and retaining rings cannot.

NewAge® Industries Abundancy of Nylon Tubing Supplies

While many nylon-12 tubing suppliers have been faced with sourcing raw materials during a recent worldwide shortage, NewAge Industries worked diligently with its partners to obtain materials and finished tubing. The company has an ample supply of nylon-12 tubing at a time when other businesses are still scrambling to source and manufacture the product. The

AutomationDirect Expands NITRA Line of Pneumatic Components

AutomationDirect has added new models of tubing and fittings to its NITRA line of pneumatic components, as well as blow guns and aluminum manifolds. Available in 100-foot and 250-foot lengths, NITRA 16mm polyurethane tubing has a shore A 98 hardness rating, provides tight outside diameter tolerance and has superior kink resistance. The ether-based tubing provides

Alpha Wire Launches German Language Website

Alpha Wire has unveiled a German version of its website designed to reach an increasingly diversified customer base. German-speaking customers are now able to access all existing website functions, including product filters, data sheet searches, sample requests, and product brochure downloads, in a more user-friendly manner. “The German marketplace represents an incredibly diverse and

CNC Bending Of Wire And Tube For Medical Devices

When developing medical devices, designers not only need to be concerned with fit, form and function, but also manufacturability of the device (cost and feasibility). Additionally, as the design develops, an iterative process of prototyping may be needed until the design is finalized. Finding a cost effective and timely process for development can often be

Expanded Medical Product Offerings from Colder Products

Colder Products Company showcased its product line expansions for medical device OEMs at MD&M Minneapolis. The latest additions included MPC couplings with 1/8” hose barbs for small-bore connector applications, increased Hybrid Connector capabilities and the FitQuik connector line now available in medical-grade polycarbonate. The expanded Colder MPC Series couplings now include hose barbs suitable for

Flexible, Chemically Resistant Tubing Keeps Soldiers Hydrated

The United States Army takes hydration seriously. Army recruits face demanding physical missions – from carrying a 30 lb weapon across harsh desert terrain, to operating within an enclosed hazmat garment with no ventilation. Soldiers often don’t have the time or ability to stop and reach for a sip of water from a canteen. During

LDPE Finishing Plugs from MOCAP

MOCAP’s LDPE Finishing Plugs are designed to fit multiple tube gauges and feature heavy end walls for durability and abrasion resistance. These tubing plugs are ideal for office and patio furniture, tubular racks, appliances, display fixtures, exercise equipment or anywhere a finished look is needed. The plugs include multiple horizontal ribs designed with built-in flexibility

Best Practices for Mobile Hydraulic Design

With ever-rising fuel prices, designing efficient hydraulic systems can pay big dividends for users of mobile hydraulic vehicles. Join Design World as we take an in-depth look at three critical areas of mobile hydraulic system design: filtration, sensors and sealing. Our expert panel presents critical design tips and answering your questions. Attendees will learn: *

Tough Tubing Tasks Made Much Easier

The light and portable TurnPro tool can automatically assemble two ferrules and a high-purity-tube fitting to manufacturer recommendations. The tool is easy to handle because controls in the power house (motor body) accurately measure 1.25 turns from “finger tight” and then shuts itself off. The tool provides a repeatable fitting make-up every time. It handles

Metric Sized Shafting and Tubing from J.W. Winco

J.W. Winco, Inc. now offers series GN 480.1 Solid Round Shafting and Hollow Round and Square Tubing in metric sizes. Shafting and tubing is used with mini-clamps and related components to build support structures for mounting sensors, plexiglass guards, or other elements.   Solid round shafting is offered in stainless steel, in 8 and 10

Tear Tab Caps

Tear tab caps fit over threaded tubing, rods and fittings. These tear caps are for shipping caps, end caps, pipe caps, product protection and thread protectors.  The inner rings lock the cap securely onto threads until the cap is removed by pulling the easy-grip tab and breaking the seal.  Available for standard, metric, NPT and

Food Safe PVC Hose

Nylobrade braid-reinforced PVC hose is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for Standards 51 and 61, making this hose safe for use in drinking water systems (NSF-61) and food equipment machinery (NSF-51). Nylobrade is manufactured from virgin PVC compound. All ingredients are non-toxic and conform to USP Class VI and FDA standards. The hose

Why Choose Adhesives Over Traditional Fasteners?

This webinar discusses the latest advances in structural adhesives for a range of design, manufacturing, and assembly applications. It includes an evaluation of fastening technologies, such as “instant” assembly methods using thermal joining, mechanical fastening, and tapes, as well as the benefits of new structural liquid adhesives. It offers insight into the role of the

New materials for push-to-connect fittings

Newloc® push-to-connect fittings come in acetal copolymer and brass. Both are stocked in popular sizes and styles and allow quick connections to rigid and semi-rigid tubing such as nylon, polypropylene, and polyethylene. The fittings deliver instant, leak-proof connections with no flow restrictions, as well as a full vacuum rating (29.9 in/Hg). They work with rigid

Alpha Wire Unveils Chinese-language Website

Alpha Wire has launched a Chinese-language version of its website designed to make available to an increasingly diversified customer base. Chinese-speaking customers are now able to access all existing website functions, including product filters, data sheet searches, sample requests, and product brochure downloads, in their native language. “The Chinese marketplace is of utmost importance

Integrity Sealing for Hydrogen and CNG Fuel Systems

Seal-Lok™ fittings and adapters create reliable, leak-free connections for hydrogen and compressed natural gas  (CNG) fuel storage and delivery systems. They suit alternative fuel service cars, trucks, buses and filling stations. Seal-Lok with H2 technology is for highpressure hydrogen systems. The H2 stud and port is interchangeable with standard SAE J1926 fittings and allows full

Misumi Expands its Sanitary Pipes and Accessories Line

MISUMI USA, Inc. has announced a significant expansion in its Sanitary Pipes and Accessories product category. The expanded line of products provides design engineers with a greater range of options in selecting fluid and air handling system components used in manufacturing and processing of chemicals, food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, medical products, electronics and other