Model Solution Establishes New Innovative Technique for Molding Flexible PCBs

Model Solution (LRD: London) has created a one-of-a-kind manufacturing solution for a company trying to validate the mass production potential of its unique wearable device design. The Myo armband from Thalmic offers touch-free control of technology with hand gestures and motion. Via a wearable presentation remote, the Myo gesture control armband reads a user’s muscle

Renishaw unveils new XM-60 multi-axis calibrator

Renishaw’s new XM-60 multi-axis calibrator is capable of measuring all six degrees of freedom from a single set-up, in any orientation for linear axes. The XM-60 offers significant improvement in simplicity and time saving over conventional laser measurement techniques. As demands on component tolerances increase, manufacturers are now required to consider all error sources from

Opto 22 announces relationship with Dell to develop and deploy Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Industrial automation manufacturer and Internet of Things (IoT) application toolset provider Opto 22 announces that it has joined the Dell IoT Solutions Partner Program. This relationship provides a product and solution ecosystem for connecting real-world signals and industrial “things” to the digital world of information technology, mobile, and cloud computing. A technology revolution is gaining

Svendborg Brakes’ SOBO ® iQ Braking Control Goes Mobile

SOBO® iQ controls are now accessible from both Android and IOS mobile devices. This new level of convenient accessibility is significant since most SOBO iQ controls are installed in tough, hard-to-reach, isolated areas such as underground or overland mining conveyors. Users can remotely access and monitor their Svendborg Brakes SOBO® iQ controls by simply downloading

Universal Serial Bus Foot Control

Linemaster Switch Corporation has introduced the new USB (Universal Serial Bus) foot switch. The new USB foot control is offered in various wired and wireless configurations to suit most applications. Perform multiple functions like emulating a mouse or keyboard keystroke with your feet while freeing your hands to perform additional operations. Certain models are field

NEW Wireless, Batteryless Pushbutton Switches

Steute Industrial Controls offers a comprehensive line of Wireless, Batteryless Pushbutton Switches. These wireless pushbutton switches feature an internal electrodynamic energy generator. No battery required. Actuation of the pushbutton sends a unique, wireless telegram to one or more compatible, easily-programmed receivers. The receiver sends confirmation of the received telegram. If the pushbutton actuator does not

The challenges of the Industrial Internet of Things and communications at the edge

by Tony Paine, Platform President, Kepware IIoT promises to let everything within an industrial environment connect to get complete visibility into operations and allow the best real-time decisions—with or without human intervention. In a perfect world, the IIoT connects all hardware and software components (the Things) that comprise an automation system. These connections will bring

The new era of design for the IIoT

by Ralf Neubert, Senior Director of Innovation and Technology, Industry Business, Schneider Electric The IIoT promises more operational efficiency and lower costs thanks to close coupling of machines and systems. The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought the need for more connected components and for designing with automation in mind. The Industrial

Next-Generation Dual-Band Wi-Fi+Bluetooth Modules

Laird announced the release of its new 50 Series Enterprise Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth© modules, the next-generation of its popular dual-band embedded wireless modules that provide product engineers with a pre-certified solution that is optimized to ensure reliable, robust, secure connectivity in difficult RF environments. The 50 Series family of modules is designed to thrive in

Laird Launches Industry’s First LoRa + BLE Wireless Module for IoT

Laird has introduced a new line of wireless modules that integrate long-range LoRa technology and short-range BLE technology for the first time in a commercial solution, giving companies the ability to create longer-range EIoT systems than previously possible with a single module. The RM1xx product family enables companies to dramatically expand the locations where IoT

Smart remote data acquisition devices with WiFi

Both the ioLogik 2542-WL1 and ioLogik 2512-WL1 feature 802.11a/b/g WiFi connectivity. The ioLogik 2542-WL1 supports analog I/O connections over WiFi, whereas the ioLogik 2512-WL1 supports digital I/O connections over WiFi. Both ioLogik units feature automatic tag generation and reporting for connected sensors and devices. This helps operators monitor a large number of field devices efficiently.

CST unveils Characteristic Mode Analysis tool

Antenna engineers, in particular in the mobile communications industry, are faced with the challenge of optimizing antenna performance while complying with the functional and geometrical constraints of integrating multi-band antennas into compact devices. These engineers’ tasks can be simplified with the latest extension to the CST STUDIO SUITE integral equation solver, the Characteristic Mode Analysis

System delivers views of operations

Exaquantum R3.01 delivers a six-fold increase in data acquisition performance and can handle five times as many data points (tags). This latest version delivers a quantum increase in the data acquisition speed and the number of tags that can be handled by a server, giving operators a more detailed understanding of plant processes. Including closing

Sensors eliminate information gaps

The SensoNODE Blue and SCOUT Mobile help eliminate massive information gaps by catching and reporting performance fluctuations that could damage assets over time. By monitoring assets and tracking data, users can employ predictive maintenance routines to address even the smallest issue before it snowballs into a serious problem. The wireless SensoNODE sensors are for portable

MathWorks Introduces WLAN System Toolbox for MATLAB

MathWorks introduced WLAN System Toolbox, providing standard-compliant functions for the design, simulation, analysis, and testing of wireless LAN communications systems. WLAN System Toolbox expands capabilities of MATLAB for wireless development by providing configurable physical layer waveforms for IEEE 802.11ac and 802.11b/a/g/n standards. The system toolbox provides reference designs to enable exploration of baseband specifications, and

Data, data everywhere, but no insights in sight

by LESLIE LANGNAU, Managing Editor, @DW_3DPrinting Recently, I had to call my wireless Internet service provider because my internet service was super slow. The customer service rep asked me how many devices I have connected to the Internet. I answered four. Four! Apparently, that was at least one too many. I would need to upgrade

Would the IoT make for a boring movie?

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor, @DW_LeeTeschler There’s a new movie coming out about the life of Apple’s Steve Jobs. Despite what you might conclude from movies like this one, the birth of new technologies seldom involves much drama. At least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to after reflecting on a talk I attended in 1988

Security management system

The current approach to security management for IoT devices is to repurpose legacy security management systems. While this approach may work for some IoT gateways and large IoT devices, it does not scale to the smallest IoT devices, especially small battery-powered edge devices and sensor solutions. Floodgate Security Manager is designed to provide the management

LSR’s TiWiConnect platform for IoT product design projects

The TiWiConnect Internet of Things (IoT) Platform from LSR simplifies and accelerates the process of adding wireless/cloud connectivity and smartphone-controlled capabilities to IoT products. TiWiConnect is an end-to-end solution that provides all three of the critical components that companies need for their IoT design projects: 1) The embedded wireless module and related software, which together

Inhance Technology launches first cloud-based smartphone trade-in program

Carriers and wireless retailers have been seeking a way to overcome decreasing smartphone sales and get customers back into stores for upgrades. Inhance Technology is launching a 21st century solution to reinvent the problematic, low-tech trade-in market. The company today announced the first and only cloud-based smartphone trade-in solution, called “Inhance Trade.” It combines detailed

How to select wireless networks

Like other wireless networks, wireless sensor networks eliminate the costly labyrinth of dedicated cabling to hardwire devices, enable flexibility in organizing operations, and expand opportunities for keeping tabs on plant-floor conditions and performance. Selecting the right wireless sensor network for your applications is still a challenge. To help manufacturers make confident decisions, the National Institute

Groov now has event notification and lower-cost options

groov 3.0 adds event-based email notifications and a mobile operator interface system that connects machines, equipment and control systems with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Now, industrial automation end-users, system integrators, machine OEMs, or any authorized person can receive immediate email messages when a connected machine or system needs attention. groov is a zero-programming,

How to secure industrial systems for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is real, but it is not about accessing everything from everywhere. It’s about accessing what is necessary in a way that provides the most value, and the right communication infrastructure will ensure that this is exactly what happens. Mike Granby • President • Red Lion Controls The Internet of Things, the

OMEGA introduces handheld wireless Bluetooth® Transmitter

The UWBT Series of Bluetooth® transmitters combine the accuracy of an industrial sensor/transmitter with the convenience of smartphones and tablets. It measures different sensor inputs such as thermocouple, RTD, relative humidity, and pH and transmits the data to your smart phone or tablet via wireless Bluetooth communication from the free UWBT app running on an

Opto 22 updates groov to easily connect modbus/TCP devices with smartphones and tablets

Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 has announced groov 2.3, a major update adding Modbus/TCP communication to the company’s groov web-based mobile interface software. With groov’s new Modbus/TCP support, thousands of industrial devices can now be monitored and managed using effective, scalable operator interfaces on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Modbus/TCP is a widely adopted,