Emerson Automation in Las Vegas — New technologies for packaging industry

Pack Expo in Las Vegas this year was a huge success with more than 29,500 attendees and dozens of new design solutions of display. One supplier at the show making quite a number of important announcements was Emerson Automation. Emerson’s technologies help packaging lines gain flexibility by accommodating numerous package sizes and complexities; reduce losses

Engineers and the fate of all plastics ever made

Leland Teschler – Executive Editor lteschler@wtwhmedia.com On Twitter @ DW—LeeTeschler A research paper made headlines recently when it claimed 79% of all plastics made since the invention of polymer resins now reside in landfills or are scattered around the landscape. All in all, the researchers figure that we’ll be sitting on roughly 12,000 metric tons

4 total solar eclipse tips from an engineer

I’ve chased the moon’s shadow before, and have been blessed enough to witness totality twice—in Mexico in 1991 and off the coast of Curacao in 1998. Halley’s Comet sparked the amateur astronomy bug in me in 1985 and my fascination for eclipses began soon thereafter. August 2017 and April 2024 have been circled on my

You can’t control your way out of poor mechanical design

Leland Teschler, Executive Editor lteschler@wtwhmedia.com On Twitter @DW_LeeTeschler With all the hoopla surrounding software startups, you might think the only innovative technology these days involves C++ programs and SIM cards. Worse, a lot of software-types seem to have the same opinion: A product that doesn’t depend on some kind of esoteric algorithm in software can’t

The frustrations of dealing with those convinced by false facts and fake news

Leland Teschler, Executive Editor lteschler@wtwhmedia.com On Twitter @ DW—LeeTeschler The March for Science recently wrapped up in more than 600 cities worldwide. Estimates are that marchers numbering in the hundreds of thousands took to the streets partly because of “an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus and restricting scientific discovery.” The more prosaic expression of

The mythical unskilled American workforce

Lee Teschler – Executive Editor lteschler@wtwhmedia.com On Twitter @DW—LeeTeschler I once sat through a panel session at a technical conference that featured engineering managers from four large high-tech companies. They all moaned about the lack of youngsters entering the engineering profession and about finding engineers with the right kind of skills. To hear them talk,

Unable to grasp the meaning of numbers

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor Much has been written about the innumeracy of the general populace. An inability to grasp the meaning of numbers leads to a variety of bad outcomes that include a predilection to be hoodwinked by junk science and financial scams. An even more pernicious outcome of an inability to understand simple

Chinese fire drill over trade

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor Many moons ago I encountered the first auto I’d ever seen that was manufactured in China. It sat in Detroit’s North American International Auto Show, the premier event for vehicle introductions in the U.S. My experience opening the driver-side door set the tone of that initial encounter: A loud and

When “scientific reasoning” is an oxymoron

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor, @DW_LeeTeschler The journal Science had an interesting take on a recent statement by the American Statistical Association (ASA): Imagine the American Physical Society convening a panel of experts to issue a missive to the scientific community on the difference between weight and mass. And imagine that the impetus for such

High profits, sick economy

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor The U.S. Treasury recently announced rules meant to curb so-called tax inversion deals. An inversion is where a U.S. company merges with a foreign firm, then locates the headquarters of the resulting entity offshore as a way to dodge U.S. corporate taxes. For example, that’s why U.S. industrial giant Eaton

Performance review is another way of saying “morale killer”

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor I once worked at a company where the human resources department had run amuck and perfected a performance review process pretty much guaranteed to be discouraging. Every six months, we were ostensibly graded on a one-to-four scale on each of a laundry list of goals. But this grading scale was

Recipe for a bad boss: Too smart, too gritty

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor, @DW_LeeTeschler There is an apocryphal tale about intellect that took place in the 1920s. That’s when a psychologist by the name of Lewis Terman identified and began tracking 1,500 children he considered to be geniuses based on IQ tests. Terman figured a number of them would make big contributions to

Keeping Cool

Preventing electronic circuits from getting too hot is not just about cooling but also trying to minimize the excess heat being generated in the first place. For a…

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Bearings in motion systems

Bearings are simple machine elements crucial for motion applications. They usually consist of smooth rollers or metal balls and smooth inner and outer surfaces known as races against…

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Specialized Semiconductor Materials

Early semiconductor devices were based on germanium, although there were others around such as selenium used in rectifiers. Germanium doesn’t need to be as pure as silicon for…

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Light Detection and Amplification

A common sensor requirement is to measure light. This may be for adjusting the brightness of a display or for instrumentation where accuracy is of importance and light…

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Data, data everywhere, but no insights in sight

by LESLIE LANGNAU, Managing Editor, @DW_3DPrinting Recently, I had to call my wireless Internet service provider because my internet service was super slow. The customer service rep asked me how many devices I have connected to the Internet. I answered four. Four! Apparently, that was at least one too many. I would need to upgrade

Ultra low power switching regulators

For micropower applications there are some interesting new devices around for helping power the circuitry. I am not thinking here about energy harvesting applications but low power battery…

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Spread Spectrum Clocks

Digital clocks are everywhere. In fact there are too many clocks around. If you do a quick sweep with a spectrum analyzer, then as well as the frequencies…

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Can’t innovate? Don’t blame the dunderhead syndrome

The popular press is filled with caterwauling that bemoans a lack of technological innovation in the U.S. The idea that seems to have taken hold in the public’s imagination is that entrenched corporations often squelch novel ideas. According to the popular narrative, corporate managers look like either dunderheads or villains. They spout bromides about the

Choosing Ceramic Capacitors

It may seem a bit mundane but choosing ceramic capacitors can cause some problems and confusion. Ceramic capacitors have taken over from aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytics…

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Calculating and comparing amplifier noise

I was recently presented with the problem of comparing the noise of two alternative designs that were presented to me. Normally that wouldn’t take much sorting out –…

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The math and science death march

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor There’s been a lot of hype recently about the rethinking of engineering curriculums. The new prescription for training engineers consists of more hands-on practice, less theoretical classroom work. To see how this movement is going, I took a look at the course requirements for the engineering school from which I

Understanding and using charge amplifiers

A charge amplifier is not the most common type of amplifier, but very useful in the right circumstances, it is really a current integrator which produces a voltage…

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Level Shifting Digital Logic Signals

In the past digital systems were 5V and analog ones +/-15V or +/-12V. Nowadays analog systems are more likely to be single supply 5V, 3.3V or lower and…

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