Opto 22 Case Study Program

Since the release of our first video case study, we have had many people contact us asking for more information about how their application can be featured in the case study program.    To address this popular request, the Opto 22 staff has put together a short document that explains the program.  The document gives

Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. Promotes James Parejko to Vice President,Continuous Improvement and Engineering

James Parejko, Vice President, Continuous Improvement and Engineering (St. Charles, IL) – James Parejko has been promoted to Vice President, Continuous Improvement and Engineering at Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. In his new role, Parejko will direct the five areas of Continuous Improvement and Engineering: Quality, Process Improvement, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Facilities/Manufacturing Engineering. 

New CEO at Bison Gear & Engineering

(St. Charles, IL) – Martin Swarbrick has been promoted to CEO of Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. Previously, Swarbrick served as President of Bison Gear and will now carry the title of both President and CEO. He first joined the company in December 2006 after serving as Vice President and Director of Business Excellence for Motorola

Tonka Bay Equity Partners Announces Acquisition of AST Bearings

Minnetonka, Minnesota. — Tonka Bay Equity Partners (“Tonka Bay”) today announced the acquisition of the AST Bearings division of Axsys Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:AXYS).  AST Bearings LLC (“AST”) is Tonka Bay’s seventh platform acquisition in their current investment fund and their fourth acquisition since September 30, 2007. Based in Montville, New Jersey, AST is a leading

Failure is not a parameter

One of my favorite movies is Apollo 13. This movie details the events that led to the successful return of our astronauts after a crippling explosion damaged the spacecraft’s Service Module two days after launch. For me, the best parts of the movie were about how the NASA astronauts and Mission Control personnel “worked the

Stress On The Job

As an editor and writer, I have the opportunity to interview many engineers in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. I usually make an appointment a few days ahead to set up an interview date and time. But over the past two years or so, I have noticed that more technologists have less time in