Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc. 360° of Ultrasonic Engineering

Over the past 25 years, Herrmann Ultrasonics has grown from a small start-up to an industry leader with a strong global presence in ultrasonic engineering. With a quarter century of technical knowledge under their belt in the fields of industry and science, Herrmann opened its doors to potential customers and current customers for their 1st

SPIROL announces the availability of 2D/3D drawings

Drawings are available for both standard and common special items. In all, there are well over 100 different series of products in both metric and inch dimensions. In addition to being able to download each drawing in approximately 40 different file types, all standard products are provided with SPIROL’s item number and the weight for

Ultrasonic 3D Printing Helps Embed Electronics in Metal

A common problem with sensors is that they degrade over time because of corrosion, impact and wear. It would be better to house them in solid metal for protection and long operating life. However, conventional manufacturing technologies make such a process difficult. Using high temperatures in certain processes damages sensors. A new process, called ultrasonic

Editors on Topic: 3D Printed Guns

Design World editors sit down and discuss the recent developments with 3D Printed Guns.

3D Printer Builds Parts to Test NASA’s Spectrograph, IRIS

Final testing is underway on NASA’s next Small Explorer (SMEX) mission, which will fly into the lower levels of the sun’s atmosphere to use high-resolution images, data collection, and advanced computer models to unravel how matter, light, and energy move from the sun’s 6,000 K (10,240 degree F) surface to its million K (1.8 million

Tips for Additive Manufacturing in Metal

Live webinar was September 11, 2013.  With simple changes such as automated transfers and print run layout, an additive manufacturing production process can be optimized to maximize output. Hear how ExOne takes “3D printing” into the realm of manufacturing production. Tom Pasterik, Manager of Application Engineering for The ExOne Company, will discuss what it takes

5 Considerations for Scanning, Printing, and Subtractive Machining Design

by Mark Huebner, Market Development Manager, PBC Linear When evaluating the mechatronics for a scanning, printing, or machining device, 4 components and one characteristic are critical. Examining how each operates in a system and optimizing them will deliver equipment that produces the highest quality possible, whether for a hobbyist budget, or a large volume production

Design World Announces Winners of Sixth Annual “Leadership in Engineering” Program

Design World Magazine and online network www.designworldonline.com announce the winners of their 2012 Leadership in Engineering Program. Leadership in Engineering is an industry recognition program to acknowledge engineering leadership across several disciplines. Winners for the Sixth Annual Program were chosen by Design World online users via a registration based online voting system. The following companies

Winning the Proto Labs Cool Idea aware for the Quadshot remote controlled aircraft

The Quadshot is a remote-controlled aircraft combining the stability and control of a helicopter with the speed and maneuverability of an airplane. The creative minds behind the innovative technology just won a Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award. 

Die Cast Prototyping The Right Way

By Adam Scichitano, Engineering Manager, Dynacast, Lake Forest, CA and Mike Guilfoyle, General Manager, Dynacast Tooling Division, Germantown, WI Reprint info >> What’s the best way to rapid prototype a die cast component? Engineers with some die casting experience may reflexively answer “spin casting” or “machining.” A better answer, however, would be “die casting.” Prototypes

Get your Mojo running–the newest professional desktop 3D printer

A professional-use desktop 3D printer, FDM-based, for less than $10,000—this is Stratasys’ newest product innovation and the fulfillment of CEO Scott Crump’s long-time goal of putting a reliable, capable, accurate, and easy to use 3D printer on every engineer’s desk. (My apologies to Steppenwolf for the headline, but I couldn’t resist.) The Mojo 3D printer

EnvisionTEC Announces New Website

EnvisionTEC announces the release of their new website. It has been redesigned with a fresh new look and has been updated with information about their latest products and services. Additionally, it will provide support and information to answer customers’ most common questions as well as guide future customers to the information they need most to

Tips for 3D Printing Accuracy

In this webinar you will learn specific tips on how to obtain the best accuracy from 3D printing machines for your parts from 3D Systems, Objet, and Stratasys. Each manufacturer will give you 5 tips that will ensure accurate dimensions in your built parts. These tips will cover various design, material, and machine factors that

Design for Manufacturability: DDM Changes the Rules

Did you know that direct digital manufacturing (DDM) can free you from the restraints of conventional manufacturing? By doing so, it allows you to expand your creativity, fine tune your ideas, chop weeks from your product development process and help your company save money. In this 20 minute webinar, we’ll show you how DDM can

Thermoplastics: A Solid Choice for 3D Printing

When designing a new product, engineers can best predict its end performance by prototyping with a material as similar to it as possible. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) thermoplastics use the same types of raw materials found in injection molding – and that’s why 3D printing is a wise choice. You’ll learn the unique properties of

Software Implementation Drives New Business

Goster is a Polish design and contracting company whose main business is manufacturing state-of-the-art mining machinery. Its engineers use Solid Edge software because the tool can handle innovative designs and modifications that are required during every stage of product development. Using the software, Goster also developed designs and related documentation faster than its traditional 2D

Real World Nonlinear Mechanical Applications

Until recently, most finite element analysis (FEA) applications undertaken by design engineers were limited to linear analysis which provides an acceptable approximation of real-life characteristics for most problems. However, occasionally more challenging problems arise that call for a nonlinear approach. In this webinar, you will hear about real-world nonlinear applications and case studies associated with

Braille Labeler Receives Cool Idea! Award from Proto Labs

The latest deserving idea to receive the Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award, is a Braille labeler by Silicon Valley-based innovation laboratory 6dot. The labeler aims to solve a persistent challenge among the 37 million people around the world without sight: identifying everyday objects. To a blind person, navigating familiar environments can be a tremendous obstacle,

Unmanned Space Vehicle Gets Rapid Redesign

By Edited by: Laura Carrabine, Senior Editor NASA uses an innovative and cost-effective unmanned aircraft to gather earth science data around the world. It was designed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and developed at NASA’s Ames Research Center. The Systems Integration Evaluation Remote Research Aircraft (SIERRA) is routinely deployed for environmental collection missions over

Parametric or Direct Modeling, One or the Other, or Both?

Reprint Info >> Here are a few reasons why combining parametric and direct CAD offer benefits to you, your team, and the products you create. There are a few differences between parametric and direct modeling. The parametric paradigm provides an “engineer it” approach to design which requires you to anticipate and define feature constraints, relations,

Design World Announces Winners of Fifth Annual "Leadership in Engineering" Program

Design World Magazine and online network www.designworldonline.com announce the winners of their 2011 Leadership in Engineering Program. Leadership in Engineering is an industry recognition program to acknowledge engineering leadership across several disciplines. Winners for the Fifth Annual Program were chosen by Design World online users via a registration based online voting system. The following companies

FARO Launches New CAM2 Measure 10 Software

FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO) announces the debut of CAM2 Measure 10, its newest software for the FaroArm, ScanArm and FARO Laser Tracker. This release marks the first time FARO has included features for collecting and analyzing point cloud data as part of their CAM2 line, in addition to other new enhancements like Live Color

PTC Launches CREO Simulate

Reprint Info >> New app helps you understand structural and thermal product performance before committing to physical prototyping. The biggest news at the PlanetPTC Live 2011 event was the launch of the first set of Creo applications. Creo, as you might remember, was announced in October 2010 to replace existing Pro/Engineer, CoCreate, and ProductView products.

How 3D Printers Help Black & Decker get Products to Market Faster

In this webinar, Christopher Barretta from the Stanley Black & Decker Industrial Design team discusses how the Objet Geometries PolyJet Matrix™ machines have improved the prototyping and evaluation process for the next generation of products coming to market. Through the use of 3D printing technology, the prototyping team delivers conceptual models faster, getting ideas in

Can A Car Maker Really Deliver Mass Customization?

If the mass production of Ford and GM ushered in the first generation of auto manufacturing, and the lean Toyota Production System ushered in the second, Local Motors is advancing the third with mass customization and micro factories (local manufacturing cells). In this webcast, you’ll learn how Local Motors: • Engages a community of designers,