Emerson Automation in Las Vegas — New technologies for packaging industry

Pack Expo in Las Vegas this year was a huge success with more than 29,500 attendees and dozens of new design solutions of display. One supplier at the show making quite a number of important announcements was Emerson Automation. Emerson’s technologies help packaging lines gain flexibility by accommodating numerous package sizes and complexities; reduce losses

Kurt SeraLock Towers And WedgeLock and MoveLock Modules Provide High Density, Flexible Workholding

High density, high accuracy and flexibility to accommodate different part sizes or multiple parts are benefits of Kurt’s SeraLock Towers, and WedgeLock and MoveLock workholding modules. “SeraLock Towers make it possible to easily machine a group of dissimilar workpieces or a high density of a single part all in the same setup. The system employs

Belden Universal Announces Relocation, Expansion of Production Facility

Belden Universal, a manufacturer of custom universal joints and highly specialized mechanical power transmission products, announces its plans to move into its new, state-of-the-art production facility. Construction of the new, 40,000 sq ft factory is progressing rapidly in Hillside, IL, in close proximity to Belden’s current headquarters in Broadview. Relocation will proceed in staged phases

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA Adds A New Climate Controlled Room

After surviving one of the hottest and most humid summer seasons on record, Solar Atmospheres of Western PA decided to construct a climate-controlled environment for the daily operation of its all-metal hot zoned vacuum furnace. The critical climate within this room is controlled utilizing a high quality HVAC system and is equipped with dehumidifiers and

Laird’s Liquid Cooling Systems and Temperature Controllers Designed for Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

Laird (LRD: London) has developed custom cooling and temperature control systems for semiconductor fabrication equipment. The critical production tools used in semiconductor fabrication facilities must be reliable and easy to service to minimize downtime. Laird’s custom liquid cooling systems for semiconductor tools – which can include heat exchangers, pumps, sensors, thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric assemblies, thermoelectric

Test Sequence Application for More Efficient Testing of Connected Car Designs

Anritsu Company introduces Cellular Module Test Application (CMTA) software for its Signaling Testers MD8475A/B which provides test cases to dramatically simplify testing chipsets and automotive-related telematics modules used in connected car designs and implementation. Integrating the new CMTA test package with the MD8475A/B through Anritsu’s innovative SmartStudio GUI allows automotive manufacturers and suppliers to verify

Photo-etched tungsten parts excel in medical applications

Photo-etched parts made from materials such as nitinol, elgiloy, titanium, and niobium find extensive use in the medical industry. Tech-Etch in Plymouth, Mass., specializes in the photo-chemical etching of tungsten. Because tungsten is extremely dense, 71% heavier than lead, it often serves in medical applications, including grids used to collimate and attenuate stray x-rays in

Clippard NIV Series PTFE media isolation valves

The Clippard NIV Series Media Isolation Valve is a solenoid-operated device that uses a flexible diaphragm to isolate the actuation mechanism from the fluid path. Media isolation valves are commonly used for a wide variety of applications, including those that require precise, repeatable dispensing of media for analytical instrumentation. All wetted areas of the valve

What you need for fast and easy bottling machine implementation

Creating a fast bottle labeling (or cupping) machine requires the design and execution of complex and dynamic ECAM movements. There are many challenges involved in operating more than 60 integrated motor/drives on a fast rotating platform and transferring high-power and high-speed EtherCAT communications through slip rings. This type of design would require manipulators using the

Faster mechanical design

IronCAD Mechanical add-on offers a library of intelligent tools such as standard fasteners, steel sections, pipes, flanges and a wide set of utilities aimed at increasing productivity in the design process. Because knowledge and rules are built directly into the tools, typical day-to-day tasks, such as bill of materials generation, component placement and sizing, are

EtherCAT servodrives for brushless motors

OPENdrive OD700 is an EtherCAT compatible servodrive for brushless motors. A key feature is automatic recognition of connected motors and configuration through “ODM,” a browser executable on PC and on machine board. This feature makes the servo system easy to commission through the EtherCAT channel without modifying machine connections. ODM enables visualization and modification of

Taking the simple O-ring to new levels

Edited by Mary C. Gannon, Senior Editor LSR (liquid silicone rubber) O-rings are growing in use in a variety of high-volume production applications, especially in life sciences. O-rings are the most commonly used seal, featured in applications from aircraft engines to chemical processing lines, the hydraulics in tractors to subsea down-hole tools. They account for

Negative-stiffness isolators a plus for CMM system

Manufacturers need to control processes to produce a consistent, reliable product. Where precision surface engineering is required, surface measurement is a key part of maintaining control of the process. Laser interferometers are widely used in industry for the measurement of small displacements, refractive index changes and surface irregularities. When built into inspection equipment, like a

Software helps you add intelligent functions to machine tools

Higher productivity through intelligent functions is an increasingly critical factor in the competitive ability of machine tools. One option for adding new and unique functions is with the Open Core Engineering system. Open Core Engineering enhances classic PLC programming by bridging the gap to IT automation. It increases engineering efficiency through its use of open

The best springs you haven’t tried yet

by Elmar Kampmann, Mechanical Engineer and David Marvuglio, Design Engineer, Rotor Clip Flat-wire wave springs offer a great balance of size and spring force. Here’s what you need to know to design with these alternatives to traditional springs. Even if you routinely use spring elements in your designs, chances are you haven’t tried wave springs

SKF Vibracon self-leveling, height adjustable chocks

SKF Vibracon self-leveling and height adjustable chocks enable easy and accurate mounting of rotating machinery to base frames, steel foundations, or plates while eliminating Soft Foot (improper contact between a machine casing and the baseplate used to support it). Applications for rotating equipment range from industrial and marine to offshore. These mechanical chocks effectively compensate

Tips on selecting the proper beam coupling

by Bill Hewitson, Ruland Manufacturing Co. In the design of motion control equipment, the coupling is often left as one of the last components to be specified and is often overlooked or taken for granted rather than treated as a critical part of the performance of the system. Selection of the proper coupling ensures the

Freudenberg-NOK to Showcase Supermileage Car and Host Concordia Engineering Students at CAR MBS

Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies (Freudenberg-NOK) will host two Concordia University students, along with their award-winning SAE Supermileage® vehicle, at this year’s Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars (CAR MBS) in Traverse City, Michigan. The seminars, which take place August 4 to 7 at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, bring together professionals for a four-day

New Zero-Max Variable Ratio Transmission

Today’s precision farming equipment requires accurate and repeatable speed settings when dispensing seed and fertilizer. Zero-Max’s new VRT Infinitely Variable Ratio Transmissions provide the vital operating link between advanced control systems such as GPS (global position systems) and the mechanical dispensing mechanisms used in precision seeding machinery. In the agricultural equipment pictured, Zero-Max VRT Infinitely

Loctite® Threadlockers and Retaining Compounds

A new video from Henkel Corporation goes inside the Polaris manufacturing facility to show how the company is using Loctite® anaerobic threadlockers and retaining compounds to enhance the durability of its snowmobiles. In the video, engineers from Polaris explain why they trust Loctite® anaerobics and discuss specific applications where the adhesives are used. Polaris sleds

Permanent Magnet Bearing Breakthrough

To date, PM bearings could hold the shaft along one axis only. In addition they were damping. As a result, electromagnetic bearings were used. We designed (and recently applied for a US patent) a new type of PM bearing that rigidly holds the shaft in both axial and radial directions. This means that it is

Roller Pinions, Another Way to Roll Down the Line

By Allan Conway, Nexen Group, Inc. A roller pinion system is a linear drive approach that combines the best features of ball screws, rack and pinion, belt drives and linear motors while eliminating many of their short comings. To meet the goals of designing machines and equipment that are faster, more precise, and require less

Miki Pulley Introduces The BXR Spring Applied Brake To The US Market

Miki Pulley is introducing their BXR Spring Applied Brakes for direct sale to OEM’s in North America. The BXR safety brake may serve as an emergency brake, as well as a holding brake. Its unique, low profile design is 2/3 the thickness of other brakes in our lineup. In addition to saving space, weight is

Johnson Electric Launches Motors for Automotive Electric Parking Brake

Johnson Electric announced a High torque motor platform for electric parking brake (EPB) systems. This new motor platform delivers the industry’s highest braking torque and longest operation cycles within a compact package. The custom EPB motors employ advanced technologies that include patented bearings, magnetic and winding patterns. These innovations can deliver 15% higher torque, 60%

Herrmann launches Low Force Version of the HiQ DIALOG

The specialist for ultrasonic welding Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc., is launching a new version of the proven HiQ DIALOG series. This machine allows achieving repeatable welds with low welding forces of 5 Newton. Smallest precision mechanical parts for i.e. medical technology or microelectronics can be welded. ‘It is difficult to achieve repeatable welding results for the