Before optimization: Design space exploration

By Bruce Jenkins, President, Ora Research Design optimization is a powerful technology for automating the search for solutions to engineering problems. But before moving to optimize a chosen…

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3D-Printed Extraterrestrials

By Mitch Bossart Back in 2009, scientists detected an odd-shaped rock by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity’s panorama camera. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) team spotted the rock,…

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Will ALM and PLM Play Nicely Together?

By Jean Thilmany In this age of mechatronics and control systems, design, electric, software, and system engineers need to coordinate efforts and work together much more regularly than…

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Design optimization: Topology and much more

By Bruce Jenkins, President, Ora Research Topology optimization and its seductive biomorphic shapes are what many think of when they hear the term “optimization” in engineering design. But…

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Cloud-based CAD to grow, users should know pros and cons

By Jean Thilmany Today’s engineers are intrigued by CAD in the cloud but they seem to be letting others jump on the technology before they act. More companies…

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Onshape: Future of CAD—or future of PLM?

By Bruce Jenkins, President, Ora Research LLC “Is Onshape intending to develop PLM eventually, or are they going to go the route of partners to provide that?” Thus…

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The Evolution of CAD

by Darren Chilton, Program Manager, Product Strategy and Development, solidThinking Designers seeking a solution for creating products for additive manufacturing, look no further than hybrid modelers. Without the…

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MSC Apex

MSC Apex is world’s first computational partsTM based CAE system

MSC Apex transforms the way engineers perform simulation by reducing critical CAE modeling and process time from days to hours. Share simulation models with supply chain without compromising Intellectual Property (IP). Engage in rapid trade studies. Watch more video examples of Apex here: MSC Software


Siemens PLM advances systems-driven product development with LMS Imagine.Lab 14

By Bruce Jenkins, President, Ora Research LLC LMS Imagine.Lab 14, the latest release of Siemens PLM’s software for multi-domain system simulation, shows the company delivering on the vision…

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Progress in closing the product lifecycle’s loops

by Peter A. Bilello, President, CIMdata Despite progress made by vendors and users, there are still product lifecycle loops that must be closed to facilitate the development, manufacture…

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What’s New in Inventor 2016

Autodesk introduced the newest version of its desktop 3D CAD product, Autodesk Inventor 2016, which provides a trio of modeling tools: parametric, direct editing and freeform design tools. Inventor 2016 also enables users to associatively connect their Inventor data to non-native CAD formats so their electrical and mechanical data can be integrated into one single […]

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Autodesk Releases AutoCAD 2016

The trade press loves to extol the benefits of the latest and greatest technology and in the CAD world, that typically means talking about 3D CAD systems. The reality is, however, that there are still millions of engineers happily getting their jobs done using 2D CAD systems. CAD giant Autodesk recently rolled out the most […]

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How Real-time Ray Tracing Can Uncover Dangerous Design Flaws

While today’s sleek skyscrapers filling urban landscapes seem to embody modern and cutting-edge design, it’s often not until after these mammoth structures are built that hidden design flaws rear their ugly heads, sometimes with rather dire consequences. In one particular case, these consequences included a building that was quite literally melting nearby cars. London’’s year-old […]

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Siemens and thinkstep jointly Launch Material Management Software

There are so many questions that must be answered by product developers and manufacturers when embarking on new product development. Will it be strong enough? Can it be manufactured cost-effectively? Will it perform as designed? Will it weigh too much? Choosing the right materials is often key to answering many of these questions. With so […]

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IronCAD Extends 2015 Productivity Improvements

IronCAD yesterday announced the first product update for its 2015 release, which includes customer-driven quality improvements and some additional design collaboration features. The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS) 2015 Product Update #1 imports native files ten times faster by directly importing the graphical model representations. Software products from Dassault Systemes, Siemens, and Solidworks can store […]

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PTC Introduces PTC PLM Cloud for SMB Market

One of the last holdouts in cloud deployment, PTC, announced yesterday that it’s porting its Windchill PLM software to the cloud. The goal it appears is to address the needs of the small- to mid-sized (SMB) business market, a demographic that’s been largely left out of the PLM market. These companies often didn’t have the […]

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Sharing CAD Files Across Systems Remains a Pain Point

Many of you remember the early years of CAD when a simple design change could be a day destroyer; forcing you to have to recreate the model or go back and update multiple views of a drawing. Parametric or feature-based CAD systems changed all of that. With these powerfully automated 3D CAD systems, the task […]

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OPEN Mind Releases hyperMILL 2014.2 CAM Software

OPEN MIND has released the newest version of its CAD/CAM software, hyperMILL 2014.2, which includes several new functions in addition to enhancements to existing functions. The company’s hyperMILL software was touted in market research firm CIMdata’s NC Market Analysis Report 2014 as one of the best CAM systems on the market. In addition to a […]

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CES Round-up: 5 New Technologies for Engineers to Watch

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is an awful lot like a large, overlit and overcrowded disco chock-full of wiz-bang technology and gaga gadgetry, much of which will never really materialize into anything of significance. This year will most likely prove much of the same as year’s prior where promising new technologies are […]

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Mobile Apps for Designers and Engineers on the Go

Mobile apps for consumers have proliferated over the past several years, becoming somewhat of an ubiquitous part of our everyday lives. We think nothing of checking weather updates, movie schedules, and bank balances while we’re on the move, so why has it taken so long for mobile apps to hit big when it comes to […]

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7 Most Popular 3D CAD World Blog Posts of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close and we look upon a fresh, new year, many of us reflect on what’s happened–both good and bad–throughout the year. We’re doing the same here at 3D CAD World. With this thought in mind, we thought we’d take a walk back through the year and share with you all […]

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Santa Tests New Sleigh Design With ANSYS

As the year winds down and the holidays approach, new product introductions and corporate news grinds to a halt, leaving editors like myself on a somewhat desperate search for news to cover and share with readers. So it was with great delight that I came across a blog post, written by Gilles Eggenspieler, a senior […]

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COMSOL Releases COMSOL Server

COMSOL announced yesterday the release of COMSOL Server, a new product designed specifically for running applications created with the company’s Application Builder. Released at the end of October, the Application Builder allows COMSOL Multiphysics software users to build an intuitive interface around their COMSOL model that can be run by anyone–even those without prior simulation […]

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Siemens Releases Parasolid v27.1

Today Siemens PLM announces the release of v27.1 of its Parasolid 3D solid modeling kernel. Parasolid is the foundation of Siemens PLM’s NX and Solid Edge products and is also licensed to many independent software vendors (ISVs) who develop hundreds of Parasolid-based applications in the product design and analysis market space. Parasolid v27.1 delivers numerous […]

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Engineers

We all know that engineers are a special breed of people, and as such, they need special gifts. Though many of you reading this post probably are engineers, share this list with your loved ones, who let’s face it, don’t get you and your left-brained nature. You love gifts that make you think, that challenge […]

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