PTC, ANSYS to develop platform solution enabling digital simulation for the Industrial IoT

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research PTC and ANSYS partnered to accelerate the industry-wide move to bring engineering modeling and simulation to the Industrial IoT. Just before the start of LiveWorx 2017, PTC’s annual mega-event around all things IIoT, the two leaders agreed to develop a solution that will let ANSYS engineering simulation technology be rapidly added […]

Dassault Systèmes acquires AITAC, enhancing its Marine & Offshore portfolio

Dassault Systèmes  announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire AITAC BV, a Dutch company specialized in marine and offshore engineering software.  With this acquisition, Dassault Systèmes will further strengthen its solutions designed to bring digital transformation to the marine and offshore industry by providing cutting-edge, industry-specific technologies for its 3DEXPERIENCE platform customers. AITAC’s […]

Early CFD Simulation Means Better ROI

Many engineering organizations have moved computational fluid dynamic analysis to the beginning of the design cycle. Other companies find they can now afford CFD software, as it’s increasingly becoming integrated with the CAD packages they already use. These companies want engineers themselves to find and fix the design issues that contribute to problems with air […]

The Democratization of CFD: Taking Off

Like CAD, computational fluid dynamics, or CFD, is moving toward (buzzword alert) democratization. Once the province of a subset of specialists, CFD is now reaching an ever-greater population of engineers. But that change is happening slowly. At many engineering companies, product designs—especially complex designs—are passed to experts CFD experts for detailed analysis and study of […]

LimitState:FORM V3.0 accelerates workflow

LimitState launched a new version of its design optimization software, LimitState:FORM 3.0. The new version includes major enhancements to the tool’s analysis and interactive editing capabilities. LimitState:FORM 3.0 uses layout and geometry optimization technology rather than  topology optimization technology. This means that the time taken to deliver a viable optimized design can be reduced from […]

Democratizing thermal modeling with a cloud-based simulation app

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research This test project for high-performance computing (HPC) in the cloud was designed to explore how cloud HPC resources can help to speed up and enable high-performance finite element simulations carried out with COMSOL Multiphysics and COMSOL Server. The objective was to find out how HPC cloud providers can augment engineering organizations’ […]

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Siemens PLM Software releases version 5.0 of Kineo software

Version 5.0 of  Kineo software components is for path planning, collision detection and cable simulation. It includes: Kineo Flexible Cables – for modeling deformable cables during motion simulation KineoWorks Interact – a graphical user interface for developing Kineo-enabled applications quickly and easily KineoWorks and Kineo Collision Detector – a capabilities and implementation enhancements Kineo Flexible […]

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Design for use, lessons in adapting tools to other cultures through CAD

Jean Thilmany, Contributing Editor A functional, well-designed item is a luxury, says Tim Prestero, founder and chief executive officer at Salem, Mass.-based Design That Matters. It’s not that functional items are hard to come by, but in impoverished areas of the world those items may not be designed to fit users’ needs. Medical equipment tends […]

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SolidWorks Introduces CAM for Smart Manufacturing

Gian Paolo Bassi, the chief executive officer of CAD maker SolidWorks kicked off SolidWorks World, held this week at the Los Angeles convention center, by introducing SolidWorks CAM, to help manufacturing companies with “smart manufacturing.” Smart manufacturing, he said, uses all the content in 3D models to: Recognize how features will be manufactured Learn how […]

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Hazards of technology prophecy: Failures of imagination, failures of nerve

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research In his classic essay collection Profiles of the Future, Arthur C. Clarke identified two kinds of what he termed “hazards of prophecy”: failures of imagination, and failures of nerve. Today, nearly a fifth of the way into the twenty-first century, it’s striking how many engineering organizations—and how many technology analyst firms […]

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Onshape launches sheet metal design tools

Onshape, a leading professional 3D CAD platform for Agile Product Design, introduces sheet metal design capabilities. The cloud-based design tools enable faster creation and refinement of sheet metal parts with simultaneous generation of editable, synchronized flat, folded and tabular views. “This has been one of the most highly anticipated enhancements requested by our customers,” says […]

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Stratasys Launches F123 Series of Printers for Rapid Prototyping

The three-dimensional printer company Stratasys of Eden Prairie, Minn., introduced three new 3D printers for rapid prototyping, which company officials say remains a strong use of these printers. They’re integrated with CAD software, so designers can take designs from their software and nto the real world for testing, verification, or even everyday use, says Rich […]

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Simulation Is Becoming Democratized—At Last (Part 3)

This third and final installment in this series focuses on a revolutionary new generation of fit-for-purpose, product-specific and often user-organization-specific simulation “apps.” By placing advanced simulation and analysis technologies “under the hood” from the user’s perspective, simulation apps are making unprecedented powers of automated design exploration, optimization, synthesis and validation accessible, usable and safe for […]

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Fast SOLIDWORKS Workstation debuts at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

BOXX Technologies, a leading innovator of high-performance workstations and rendering systems, announced the APEXX 2 2403, which it claims is the world’s fastest workstation. This workstation is being demonstrated at SOLIDWORKS World 2017, Feb. 5-8, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA. A Dassault Systèmes Corporate Partner, designated SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner, and […]

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Tailor-Made SolidWorks and Comsol Interactive Apps

Comsol, which makes software solutions for multiphysics modeling and analysis and for app design, has updated its LifeLink for SolidWorks product. As an add-on to Comsol’s multiphysics software, the LiveLink tool allows simulation applications that synchronize with SolidWorks to be accessed, launch, and run. With the app, designers can analyze and modify SolidWorks geometry from the interface […]

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Hexagon AB to acquire MSC Software

MSC Software Corporation announced it has reached an agreement to be bought by Hexagon AB. The acquisition is subject to clearance and standard regulatory filings and is expected to be complete in April of 2017. MSC will continue to run as an independent business unit within Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) division. MI’s main businesses are […]

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Simulation Is Becoming Democratized—At Last (Part 2)

Two decades after software vendors’ first efforts to put simulation and analysis capabilities in the hands of non-analyst engineers and designers, a wealth of new technological avenues have opened up to finally make this a practical reality. By Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research In the December 2016 issue of Design World, Part 1 of this series […]

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Build simulation apps that integrate with CAD

COMSOL, Inc., announced an update to its LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS product. As an add-on to the COMSOL Multiphysics software, LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS allows a CAD model to be synchronized between the two software packages. The latest version of LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS easily launches and runs simulation apps that can be used synchronously with SOLIDWORKS software. […]

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Learning about the IoT at SOLIDWORKS World 2017

SOLIDWORKS World always has technical session for attendees.  At this year’s conference, there will be a specific learning path for the Internet of Things. Seven sessions are available to help users accelerate their IoT product development process. If you attend at least four of the IoT sessions, you can earn a SOLIDWORKS IoT Certificate.  Attending […]

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Nano Dimension and FATHOM join forces for SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017

Two 3D printing innovators, Nano Dimension and FATHOM, will be exhibiting together in Booth 118 at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017, taking place February 5-8 in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Visitors to the booth will get a first-hand look at Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020 3D Printer – a 3D printer dedicated to printing […]

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Design for Composites Keeps Getting Better

To increase fuel efficiency and reduce structural weight the automotive, aeronautical, and other industries are turning from metal to composite materials, said Vinay Dayal, associate professor of aerospace engineering at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Dayal has worked with composites for the past 25 years on projects for the U.S. Air Force and Navy and […]

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MecSoft Releases VisualCAM 2017 for SOLIDWORKS

MecSoft Corporation, a developer of CAD/CAM software solutions, announced the availability of VisualCAM 2017 for SOLIDWORKS, the latest version of MecSoft’s integrated Gold Certified CAM solution for SOLIDWORKS. VisualCAM 2017 for SOLIDWORKS now includes Feature Detection and Feature Based Milling. Machining features such as 3 Axis Pockets, Prismatic Pockets, Slots, Planar Faces, and Bosses can […]

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Improve model development productivity

A new release of MapleSim, an advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform, enables engineers to take advantage of modern techniques in modeling and simulation, reducing model development time and risk while improving designs. The latest release provides tools that increase engineering design productivity during model development, as well as significant additions to toolchain connectivity that […]

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COMSOL Days 2017, learn to create simulation apps

COMSOL, Inc. a leading provider of software solutions for multiphysics modeling and simulation,  announced the COMSOL Days schedule for 2017. The COMSOL Day events are open to anyone who wants to advance their multiphysics modeling skills and learn how to build custom simulation apps. The day will consist of training, talks by invited speakers, and […]

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MIT Class to Offer CAD Instruction for Boston Area Businesses

Because development happens quickly within the computer-aided design and manufacturing communities, MIT Professional Education is holding a one-week course this summer for those who want to learn more about those fields. The course offers an overview of what CAD and additive manufacturing is, what they can do, and gives a broad look at using the […]

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