Changing gears: elastomeric couplings shift focus to simplicity

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By Matt Bamford, Tyler Coffey and Johannah Nelson, The Timken Company Edited by Mike Santora While inconspicuous, couplings have long been essential for facilitating the transfer of power…


Thin line shaft collars for encoders

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Encoders often require a custom shaft collar to meet their size and performance requirements. Ruland has designed thin line shaft collars with a narrow profile and reduced weight…


What is a Rzeppa joint?

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While working as an engineer for Ford Motor company, Alfred Hans Rzeppa created his constant velocity joint in 1926 and patented it the following year. The Rzeppa joint…


What is an indirect drive?

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When choosing a coupling, the type of drive system we’re dealing with is an important consideration. In an indirect drive system, drive trains are not connected on the…

Simple rubber washer prevents shaft collars from getting stuck on shafts

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Amacoil/Uhing has introduced the Elasto-Ring washer for use with U-Clip quick release shaft collars. Elasto-Ring installs by hand with no tools required and assures easy removal of the…


What is a vibration-damping safety coupling?

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Malfunctions happen. And when they do, damage and repair costs follow. Safety couplings are the mechanical connecting elements designed to protect other machine components surrounding a drive system….


Belden Universal achieves AS9100C aerospace quality certification

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Belden Universal announces that it has achieved AS9100C aerospace quality certification. The AS9100C certification, issued by SAE International, is the highest of global standards for quality assurance in…


New web store for couplings

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Servometer is pleased to announce its new line of precision motion control bellows couplings and rugged beam couplings are now available for purchase through their newly launched e-commerce…


Disc couplings for semiconductor and solar equipment

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Semiconductor and solar equipment such as wafer handlers, bonders and screen printers often require rapid movements over short increments to precisely position wafers, chips or panels. Disc couplings…


New Coupling Selector Tool

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The new Coupling Selector Tool was created to better organize coupling information, allowing the customer to quickly find the right coupling for their application. Thousands of inch and…


Oldham couplings for printing applications

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Ruland manufactures zero-backlash Oldham couplings that accommodate high amounts of parallel misalignment with low bearing loads and are designed for reduced vibration at higher speeds. The three-piece design…


Electrically isolated, zero backlash couplings

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Control-Flex couplings from Zero-Max are designed for encoder applications. Control-Flex couplings help minimize a system’s reaction forces for more precise and repeatable operation and longer life. Designed with…


Regal introduces mill-drive condition monitoring program

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You’ve got to love Ben Franklin. It’s no small irony that, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is attributed to the man whose image…


New R+W safety coupling handbook now includes the heavy-duty ST series

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R+W Coupling Technology has released a new and updated version of its “Safety and Overload Couplings” educational handbook, which now includes the heavy-duty ST torque limiter series. These…


Miki Pulley introduces its Jaw Type shaft coupling to the U.S. market

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Miki Pulley is introducing its Jaw Type, High RPM coupling for direct sale to OEM’s in North America. This ALS-SGN model handles speeds to 22,000 RPM. Designed for…


Easy to install EDC elastomer drive shaft coupling

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GAM, a manufacturer of precision gear reducers, couplings, and linear mounting kits, has introduced the EDC Elastomer Drive Shaft Coupling product line. The EDC is the latest addition…


Servoclass couplings feature fail safe clamping hubs

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ServoClass couplings from Zero-Max feature fail safe clamping hubs that provide maximum torque transmission in high speed applications. Without the use of keyways, ServoClass couplings are designed, manufactured…


What do you know about Oldham Couplings?

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Oldham couplings are a form of flexible coupling designed for applications that must be free from backlash. They are also increasingly being used as a replacement for straight…


What do you know about Magnetic Couplings?

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ShareLike all other couplings, magnetic couplings are designed to transfer torque from one shaft to another. But what sets magnetic couplings apart, is that they do this without…


Flange couplings deliver higher torque capacity

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Ringfeder Power Transmission’s RfN 5571 series of flange couplings, for heavy duty applications, offer easy installation and have higher torque capacity than standard press fits. Equipped with Ringfeder…


What do you know about Gear Couplings?

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Though one may not think of gears as being flexible, gear couplings are very much considered to be a flexible coupling. A gear coupling is a mechanical device…

MW-Industries (1)

MW Industries, Inc. announces acquisition of Helical Products Company, Inc.

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MW Industries, a provider of highly engineered springs, specialty fasteners, machined parts, and other precision components, announced the acquisition of Helical Products Company, Inc., a manufacturer of standard…


All about Elastomeric Couplings

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Elastomeric couplings are a form of flexible coupling that uses an elastic material to transmit torque. The design of elastomeric couplings means that the elastic material is meant…


Ringfeder Power Transmission Group adds new line of heavy duty shaft couplings

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Ringfeder Power Transmission Group has expanded its offering of heavy-duty couplings with the acquisition of TSCHAN GmbH, a leading supplier of non-shiftable mechanical shaft couplings. TSCHAN couplings are…


All about Disk Couplings

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A disk coupling is a type of flexible coupling suited for high performance motion control applications and can typically handle speeds of up to 10,000 rpm. The coupling…