Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Introduces Catalyst Motion Group

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a recognized leader in linear and rotary motion solutions, is pleased to introduce the Catalyst Motion Group as a supplier of integrated motion systems….

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How to select a pallet conveyor for your application

There are many factors that can lead a company to consider implementing a conveyor system into a new or existing process—a need for better or more consistent product…

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Don’t rule out leadscrews

by Robert Lipsett, Site Leader and Engineering Manager, Thomson Industries Here we explain where leadscrews excel in linear-motion applications. Then we explain how to apply them. Ballscrews are…

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Three ball nut recirculation methods

From a design standpoint, the most important criteria when selecting a ball screw assembly is the method used for recirculating the load-carrying balls of the ball nut. The…

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Bearing load capacity explained

There are two load capacity specifications for recirculating linear guides and ball screws—static load capacity and dynamic load capacity. Most engineers are familiar with dynamic load capacity, since this…

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New economical linear slide from PHD

Built on the foundation of long-life products for industrial automation, PHD Optimax actuators are designed to meet machine builders’ performance requirements at a competitive prices. These economical, efficient,…

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Lubrication: Grease or Oil?

Lack of lubrication is generally regarded as the number one cause of bearing failure. For recirculating linear bearings, such as profiled rail guides and ball screws, lubrication separates…

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Nook Industries Introduces Modular Actuator Calculator

Nook Industries, a leading innovator of linear motion components and systems, has introduced an engineering calculator for modular actuators—one of the only of its kind in existence. The…

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Why RMS torque is important for motor sizing

Servo motor performance is highly influenced by the motor’s ability to dissipate heat and avoid thermal overload, which can damage internal components and even demagnetize the magnets. Internal thermal…

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Round shaft or profiled rail? How to choose.

When designing a linear motion system, engineers have two primary choices in recirculating linear guides—round shaft or profiled rail. Choosing the wrong linear motion system can be a…

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Nook Industries offers complete line of worm gear screw jacks

Nook Industries, a leading innovator of linear motion components and systems, offers the ActionJac™ series worm gear screw jack product line. ActionJac models are ruggedly designed and produced in…

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Compact Series from PBC Linear offers low profile linear motion solutions

PBC Linear has recently released a low profile linear guide system, the Compact Series. This addition to the Mechantronics Enabled initiative is designed to provide smooth, accurate, and…

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Planetary Screw Assemblies: New sizes with increased capacity range

Rexroth opens up new fields of applications with planetary screw assemblies with new sizes. The drive elements with screw diameters up to 75 mm and leads up to…

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What’s the difference between inertia and momentum?

The concepts of inertia and momentum are often confused—possibly due to the similarity of their definitions. Inertia is generally described as an object’s resistance to motion, with momentum being the…

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PHD releases two new linear slides

Built on the foundation of long-life products for industrial automation, PHD Optimax actuators are designed to meet machine builders’ performance requirements. These economical, efficient, and reliable actuators provide…

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A selection guide for linear systems

Gone are the days when machine designers and builders had to choose between constructing their own linear system from scratch or settling for a limited range of pre-assembled systems that,…

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Ball screw lubricant from Nook Industries

Nook Industries, a leading innovator of linear motion components and systems, offers E-900 ball screw lubricant for use on any of its ball screw products, such as ball screw…

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Linear Motors Explained

The use of linear motors in industries as diverse as packaging and semiconductor manufacturing is a testament to their suitability for a wide range of applications. In recent…

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Self-lubricating plastic bearing for continuous high rotational speeds

With the new iglide L500 material, igus  has announced the release of their newest specialist bearing. Suitable for continuous operation in high-speed rotation applications under low loads. The…

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Standard ball screws now available from Nook Industries

Nook Industries, a leading innovator of linear motion components and systems, proudly offers a complete line of standard ball screw products. An upgrade from acme screws, ball screws…

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Linear motion tips for food and beverage applications

It’s not hard to understand why applications in the food and beverage industry are especially challenging for linear motion systems. Food processing and packaging equipment must simultaneously meet high throughput requirements…

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Compact Stages for Scanning and Indexing

The Velmex XSlide assembly is a compact positioning stage highly suitable for either high performance incrementing or scanning of smaller loads. Their compact design makes them idea for…

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Don’t ignore these three things when mounting linear guides

Linear rail guides are designed for applications that call for precise motion with high load-bearing capability. But improper mounting can add unnecessary loads, reduce life, and undermine the…

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On the straight and narrow

by Mark Huebner, PBC Linear Minimize corrosion and maximize the life of linear roller bearing systems by following a few simple guidelines on lubrication. Linear roller bearing systems…

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PQ12-P Linear Actuator with Feedback

3d printed hand for amputees uses Firgelli’s miniature actuators

Youbionic’s artificial hand intended for amputees uses Firgelli’s PQ12-P Linear Actuator with Feedback. Product Details Miniature Linear Actuators with 20mm stroke, and built in position feedback potentiometer. Apply positive voltage to extend and negative to retract. Connect to the internal potentiometer to read the position feedback.   NOTE: Turn your PQ12 -P into a Linear