Dean Kamen speaks out on science vs politics

Design World spoke with master inventor Dean Kamen (of FIRST and Segway fame) and he’s the star of our “Leadership in Engineering” January cover story. As a preview…

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What is a hydraulic motor?

I’ve asked similar questions, “what is a hydraulic cylinder,” and “what is a hydraulic pump,” so I thought I’d add another query to the list, and ask “what…

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NOSHOK’s new pressure and level measurement solutions catalog

NOSHOK announces the availability of our new Pressure & Level Measurement Solutions catalog. This comprehensive catalog replaces and combines our Pressure Measurement Solutions and Electronics Measurement Solutions catalogs,…

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Eaton tests hydraulic hybrid on lift trucks

Eaton’s Hydraulics division has been fairly quiet about its hydraulic hybrid technology lately, considering that the company was one of the first to really pioneer its use in…

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9 things they never taught us in college

Colleges and universities drape the cities of our planet, and they provide a solid foundation of mathematics, communications, processes and engineering to those entering (or already in) the…

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Support sought as the Fluid Power Challenge continues to grow

Back in 2008, just three middle school teams competed in the first ever NFPA Fluid Power Challenge, an event aimed at challenging eighth grade students to solve an…

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Ultra Clean Technologies announces attendance at CONEXPO Latin America

Ultra Clean Technologies Corp. has announced that they will be exhibiting at the first-ever CONEXPO in Latin America. “We are excited to bring our expertise in hydraulic hose,…

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Top hydraulics stories of 2014

What is is about the new year that causes us to try to measure things? Must be human nature, or we’re just subconsciously influenced by all the pop culture…

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What is a hydraulic pump?

It seems like such a basic question to ask, but unfortunately, many who even work in this industry do not know the function of a hydraulic pump. When…

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Q&A with NC State’s Dr. Paul Cohen

Recently, I chatted with Dr. Paul Cohen, head of NC State University’s Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Department. The department leads an advanced manufacturing institute that is focused…

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5 tips for yearly maintenance

Well, we made it through another year. I’m not sure what else we could have done, since doomsday theories never seem to pan out. This means your hydraulic…

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Hydraulic O-ring kits

Variety of O-ring and bonded seal kits are offered—these are a necessity for both maintenance and repairs. Most fluid piping system sizes are measured by dash numbers. For…

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Brennan-Industries (1)

Brennan Industries introduces manifold instrumentation valves

Brennan Industries, Inc., an international supplier of hydraulic fittings and adapters has expanded its line of instrumentation valves by introducing manifold valves. The new Brennan manifold valves will…

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Tis the Season

If you are employed with a manufacturing facility, then ‘tis the season for visits from salespersons, who bring with them their sacks full of treats; cookies, chocolates, crackers,…

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NFPA report shows 3.4% increase in fluid power shipments in October

The latest data published by the National Fluid Power Association shows industry shipments of fluid power products for October 2014 increased 5.0% compared to October 2013, and increased…

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Not your grandfather’s gear pump, part 2

Continuing the discussion from last week, the past fifty years saw a continued evolution of the gear pump, which has resulted in higher efficiency, higher pressure and more…

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Not your grandfather’s gear pump, part 1

The venerable gear pump is so strongly associated with hydraulics that perhaps only cylinders are more prominent in this industry. There is good reason for the popularity of…

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Bosch-Rexroth (1)

Bosch Rexroth’s largest hydraulics production facility in the Americas celebrates 25 years of operation

Opened in 1989, the facility was originally made up of a single 250,000 sq. ft. building and specialized in manufacturing hydraulic pumps. Now, the Fountain Inn facility is…

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The importance of pressure compensation

When I was a Padawan Learner of hydraulics, I found the concept of pressure compensation to be difficult to understand. Part of my difficultly was also a result…

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Understanding beta ratios

I wrote about the ISO 4406 cleanliness code in my last two blogs here and here, and today I’d like to take it a bit further and discuss…

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Engine actuator controller designed for rugged applications

The On Engine Actuator Controller features two control inputs, CAN communications and one current controlled output to drive actuator coils up to 3A. It allows for flexible use…

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One valve, three functions

Comatrol, a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of engineered hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic integrated circuits (HICs), today introduces the new SVP08-NCF solenoid valve. Recognizing…

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Linear sensors to be embedded in hydraulic cylinders

Alliance Sensors Group is pleased to announce the ME Series Linear Position Sensors for embedded use in measuring the ram position of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in industrial,…

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Why the ISO code matters

Earlier this month, I explained the meaning behind the ISO 4406 contamination code, so now I’m explaining why it matters, and how you can apply it to your…

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Highly customized hydraulics delivered in one week

Danfoss Power Solutions has launched the Rapid Delivery Center (RDC) Program. Danfoss Rapid Delivery Center distributors offer delivery of highly customized hydraulic components in about a week, enabling…

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