PTDA 2018 Leadership Development Conference offers dynamic learning

The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) is now taking registrations for the PTDA 2018 Leadership Development Conference to be held on March 22-23, 2018, at the Hotel Contessa, San Antonio, Tex. PTDA members continuously seek ways to educate their future management teams so they can step into a supervisory role ready to excel. The PTDA […]

Video illustrates smart linear actuator benefits for automation applications

Thomson Industries Inc. has released an educational video (below) that summarizes the benefits of smart actuators, which feature integrated electronics. The five-minute video explores how smart electromechanical actuators are meeting demands for greater connectivity, application flexibility and cost efficiency, and illustrates their use in factories, on- and off-highway vehicles, and structural automation. In discussing the […]

New brushless motor from Portescap delivers balance of speed, torque

Portescap has expanded their new Ultra EC range of brushless motors with the introduction of the 22ECP35 two pole brushless DC motor. As part of the Ultra EC platform of brushless slotless mini motion solutions, these motors offer 30% more continuous torque and 100% more power over similar comparative motors without compromising the smooth operation […]

Gearbox with near-full contact of meshing gears increases riveting rate for robotic fuselage assembly

The newest high-torque gearbox offering from WITTENSTEIN offers extreme torsional rigidity and the world’s first zero-backlash operation for applications that need superior precision in output motion. In contrast with other gear offerings that transmit power over lines of contact on gear teeth, meshing gears in the Galaxie make almost full-surface contact. This allows for tooth […]

How does cabling contribute to servomotor electrical noise problems?

The sources of electrical noise can be varied, but one of the most common sources is from the high-frequency signals generated by variable frequency drives (VFDs.) This noise, called electromagnetic interference (EMI), can be picked up through cabling. Cables themselves can be manufactured with special shielding to guard against EMI issues. The purpose of cable […]

Brother Gearmotors partners with Dart Controls to offer Brushless DC drives

Brother Gearmotors has partnered with Dart Controls, Inc. in an agreement that allows Brother Gearmotors to offer Dart’s premium selection of Brushless DC drives as add-ons to Brother’s extensive portfolio of gearmotors. A brushless DC drive is a type of adjustable-speed drive required by electrically commutated motors (ECMs), such as brushless DC, to control motor […]

When are worm gears self-locking, and where is this useful?

Worm gears are often used for their ability to provide large speed reduction and high torque multiplication. But their self-locking properties can also be beneficial in many applications.  In a worm gear assembly, the worm is typically the driving component. Self-locking means that the gear cannot drive the worm. In other words, back driving is […]

Video: ElectroCraft LRPX 22 and 32 gearmotors have operating ranges optimized to the subcomponents

In a recent video on new ElectroCraft motors, my colleague Paul Heney and I got to review integrated offerings that let designers get higher torque even while maintaining efficiency. The LRPX units are sold as gear motors — not as motor with added gearboxes. This means motor performance is optimized for gear input limitations. An eight-pole […]

John Deere engineer Amy Jones Wins SAE/AEM Outstanding Young Engineer Award

Amy Jones, Senior Engineer in the Construction and Forestry Division of John Deere, has earned the SAE International/AEM Outstanding Young Engineer Award. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and SAE International established the award in 1996 to recognize an outstanding young engineer in the off-highway or power plant industry. The award was proposed by senior […]

Allied Motion introduces fully-integrated powered wheel drives with steering for electric vehicles

Allied Motion Technologies introduces the WheelMax Steering Series wheel drive assemblies. WheelMax Steering Drives are fully-integrated, electrically-powered traction wheels with on-board steering systems for electric vehicles. Each WheelMax Steering Drive combines a traction wheel with tire, epicyclic gearbox, robust steering gear and bearing system, and two rugged PMDC brush motors, one for traction and one for […]

New low-voltage drive for North American market from ABB

The ACS580 all-compatible general-purpose, low-voltage drive for the North American market is the newest entry in ABB’s low-voltage AC drive portfolio. The ACS580 drive provides user-friendly, energy-efficient motor and process control, keeping user systems running smoothly while saving time and money over the product lifecycle. It’s designed to control pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers and many […]

New TKU 2040 indexing chain conveyor from mk North America

mk North America, a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems and other material handling setups, is announcing the introduction of a new addition to its product line, the TKU 2040 indexing chain conveyor. Intended to expand on mk’s KTF-P 2010 chain conveyor, the TKU 2040 is specially designed for indexing applications and boasts twin roller chains […]

PTDA reports accelerating industry growth in Q2 and slowing growth in Q3

The second quarter 2017 Sales History & Outlook Report (SHOR) released by the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) showed power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distributor sales accelerated, up 2.4 percent on a year-over-year basis. Second quarter sales were up 10.8 percent from the second quarter 2016, which is the highest quarterly growth rate in nearly two […]

Medium-load hexapod 6-axis motion platform introduced

With the usability of 6-axis hexapods increasing in research and industry applications, PI introduces a new medium load 6-axis precision motion platform, the H-825 hexapod. The H-825 provides a self-locking load capacity up to 30 kg (66 lbs). The motion range is up to 55mm (linear) and up to 38° (rotation). High system precision is […]

Absolute type AZ Series stepper motor driver with EtherCAT from Oriental Motor

Oriental Motor now sells a DC-input AZ Series Multi-Axis Drivers with built-in EtherCAT communications. These are based on closed-loop absolute-type AZ Series driver. The AZ Series Multi-Axis Drivers with EtherCAT is a space saving, DC input, multi-axes controller and driver designed for applications demanding 2 or more axis of control and integrating EtherCAT communications from […]

Helical gears: What are they and where are they used?

Helical gears and spur gears are two of the most common gear types and can be used in many of the same applications. Spur gears are simple and inexpensive to manufacture, but helical gears offer some important advantages over spur gears. The teeth of a helical gear are set at an angle (relative to axis […]

What are the drawbacks to using a planetary gearbox?

A planetary gearbox offers high torque transmission with good stiffness and low noise, in a more compact footprint than other gearbox types. The planetary gearbox design is fairly simple, consisting of a central sun gear, an outer ring (also referred to as an internal gear, because its tooth face inward), planetary gears, and a carrier. […]

What’s the difference between an industrial PC for motion control and a regular PC?

The basic difference between regular, desktop PCs used in office environments and specialized industrial PCs is the construction. Industrial PCs are built to be more rugged and reliable with protections from common environmental contaminants such as dust, debris and even water, as well as containing features to minimize effects from shock and vibration. They are […]

Rockwell Automation announces winners of Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards

To recognize industrial companies with best-in-class safety, Rockwell Automation has announced automotive manufacturer Honda of Canada Manufacturing and U.K.-based equipment builder A.M.P Rose as the winners of its fifth annual Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards. “The awards honor organizations that are leading the way in workplace safety by implementing a strong safety culture, well-executed compliance procedures, […]

Nexen introduces ring drive with built-in brake, zero backlash

Nexen Group Inc. has introduced the patent pending CRD 250B, an expansion of the company’s innovative Compact Ring Drive (CRD) system. The 250B includes a built-in zero backlash locking/brake design that delivers twice the nominal torque without increasing the CRD footprint. It is extraordinarily durable, with a brake life of 1 million cycles, and requires […]

Lenze celebrates 70 years of easy machine automation

Lenze, a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technologies, recently marked 70 years of being in business. In mid-October, more than 400 international experts from the industry, along with journalists, came together at the company’s German headquarters in Gross Berkel (near Hamelin) for the Future Day of Machine Manufacturing. They […]

New video: What is a PLC?

Programmable logic controllers — or PLCs — are microprocessor-based electronic components that serve as the programmable smarts for simple or isolated applications. Now they’re also finding increased use on integrated machines and more involved automation setups … PLCs came to being in the 1960s to replace relay-based controls — whole cabinets of relays and impressive […]

PTDA welcomes six new members

The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA), the leading association for the industrial power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distribution channel, recently welcomed six new member companies. Distributor members Bob Dean Supply Inc (Fort Myers, Fla.) is a distributor of adjustable/variable speed drives, bearings, belt & chain drives, conveyors & material handling components, shaft couplings & u-joints, gearing, […]

Networking and IoT to support automated warehouse for e-commerce

The Internet has changed human life around the world, and one major way has been in the form of e-commerce. Annual U.S. retail e-commerce sales now exceed $320 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. It’s even sustained 15% year-over-year growth, and retail e-commerce sales now account for more than 10% of total sales. […]

POSITAL in launch of BiSS Association: New organization promotes open-source interface technology

POSITAL FRABA his participating as a founding member of the BiSS Association — a new organization dedicated to encouraging the use of the BiSS family of open-source industrial communications protocols. BiSS communications protocols were developed by the German company iC-Haus GmbH as an efficient and feature-rich digital interface for communications between industrial sensors, actuators and […]