What is a gearmotor? Technical Summary

by Miles Budimir, Senior Editor for Design World— Gearmotors are a fairly well-established technology. And recently, there is renewed interest in gearmotors, following a trend in integrated systems…

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Semiconductor trends: new materials, extreme precisionIt’s a truism

by Miles Budimir, Senior Editor, @DW_Motion It’s a truism that we live in the digital age characterized by easy electronic communication, both in our personal and professional lives….

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Machine Tool Trends: more safety and distributed control

by Miles Budimir, Senior Editor, @DW_Motion Machine tools almost naturally keep pace with advances in motion control, because they’re basically highly precise motion control systems involving accurate and…

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New technologies lead to more efficient aircraft

In a time of increased costs and environmental awareness, fuel efficiency is a primary driver of trends in the aerospace industry. One way engineers are achieving greater fuel…

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Brushless DC HPHT motor rugged enough for oil drilling

BEI Kimco Magnetics now sells a rugged brushless DC (BLDC) motor to withstand harsh oil-exploration applications … as well as other severe-environment applications that can’t have failures. Called the DII15-60-200A High Pressure…

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Sercos: 25 years and no slowing down

2015 is an anniversary year for Sercos the industrial automation bus, celebrating 25 years since the founding of Sercos and 10 years since the launch of the first…

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Bishop-Wisecarver provides $2000 in scholarships and support to local Eagle Scouts

Bishop-Wisecarver Group, a WBENC-certified, woman-owned family of companies that offer guidance solutions, contract specialty manufacturing and mechatronic-based engineering services, announced it is providing two $1000 scholarships for Eagle…

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How to Size and Select a Wave Spring: An Engineer’s Guide

Although wave-spring applications abound, there are basic rules to define spring requirements and determine whether a design can use a stock or standard spring or needs a special wave…

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Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) Updates

PTDA Canadian Conference for PT/MC industry Register now for the 14th annual PTDA Canadian Conference, to be held June 4 and 5 at the Four Seasons Vancouver. Participants will…

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What is a PLC?

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a dedicated controller used to automate electromechanical processes. PLCs use a central processing unit to take multiple digital and analog inputs and…

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Pittman Motors expands PLG planetary gearbox offering

Pittman Motors has expanded its gearbox offerings with the introduction of PLG24, PLG42K, PLG42S, PLG52, and PLG63 planetary gearboxes. These gearboxes are now available with Pittman brush and…

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Baldor Electric launches new website with powerful search and download capabilities

Baldor Electric Company recently launched its new website, a robust destination site for North American industrial motor and mechanical users. “The new site not only showcases our…

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Revamped servomotors from B&R more powerful

Revamped 8LS series servomotors from B&R are now more powerful than ever. A more compact housing, optimized design and additional sizes are other improvements. Size 2 and 3 servomotors…

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More money for manufacturing, but is it enough?

During a visit to Cleveland earlier this week, President Obama announced nearly $500 million in new manufacturing initiatives. The plan is to use the $500 million in a…

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Technology Tuesdays Podcast: Peter Dettmer on manufacturing and education

For this week’s Design World Technology Tuesdays Podcast, I spoke with Peter Dettmer, Co-program Director for Automated Manufacturing Systems Technology at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, WI….

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Siemens expands its Sinamics V20 drive family for basic applications

Siemens announced today the release of its new single-axis Sinamics V20 AC drive, frame size E, with both Low Overload (LO) and High Overload (HO) ratings. The V20…

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Sendix absolute: EtherCAT conformance tested second generation encoders with minimum cycle time

Kübler introduces the latest generation of the Sendix absolute EtherCAT encoders with the shortest bus cycle time for EtherCAT currently available, with a position update every 62.5 μs….

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Comer Industries and Bonfiglioli Riduttori: Historic agreement between competing market leaders

Bonfiglioli Riduttori and Comer Industries announce a historic agreement that will allow both companies,leaders in the power transmission system design and production sector, to achieve their respective long-term strategic…

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TQK right-angle planetary gearbox is power dense

Bonfiglioli sells TQK series right-angle precision gearboxes … planetary gearboxes that complement the company’s TQ series with maximum power density and space savings. The planetary gearbox is suitable for dynamic high-speed…

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Belt drives get stronger, cleaner, faster

Advances have improved the performance of belts over the last few years. That’s good news for the $6 billion belt industry, expected to grow 7% this year, according…

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Leadscrews lead in 3D printing, manufacturing, and medical designs

Leadscrews are a staple of motion designs, driving axes on machines big and small. They usually sport higher ratings than comparable ballscrews thanks to more contact between the…

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Tighter integration and programming take positioning stages into 21st century

Few motion technologies show more recent innovation than positioning stages. Their hardware and software are increasingly custom to fit specific output requirements, thanks in large part to tighter…

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Elmo Launches Super Compact Servo Drive for 480VAC

Elmo Motion Control will introduce at the SIAF exhibition the new “smallest on earth” servo drive that operates directly from the 480VAC at SIAF 2015, Guangzhou, China, on…

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Hygienic HLAE Gearbox Meets 3-A Sanitary Standards

Neugart USA’s hygienic HLAE gearbox is the world’s first planetary gearbox certified to 3-A Sanitary Standards. Neugart products meeting this stringent certification for hygienic equipment design include the…

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Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) get smart software and mobile access

Recent years have brought major advances in HMI technology—increasingly affordable multitouch screens, a shift from resistive displays to projected-capacitive displays, and displacement of proprietary design platforms by web-based…

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