Compact screw-slide carriage and screw for linear motion

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions now sells WGS Wide screw-slide Guide Screws. Made from the same quality components used in the RGS Linear Rail Series, the WGS Linear Slide utilizes…

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Portescape (1)

Portescap pairs superior accuracy and feedback positioning

Portescap introduces the new M Sense B Encoder, designed specifically for applications that require high accuracy in a compact design. The M Sense B is the first in…

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B&R simplifies packaging automation

North American packaging machinery users and OEMs benefit from familiar ladder logic programming, but new packaging-automation software is easier. As machine functionalities become more sophisticated, ladder programs can become…

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Power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) industry shows slower growth in 2Q2015

The PTDA Business Index for 2Q2015 indicates slowing compared to the previous quarter with a reading of 46.6, down from 67.7 in Q12015. This is the first time…

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FAQ: What is servo motor inertia and why does it matter?

Inertia is an object’s resistance to a change in speed. To determine the inertia of an object, its mass is multiplied by the square of its distance from…

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Programmable Encoders: The Next Generation

by Jarrod Orszulak, Product Manager, POSITAL-FRABA The latest programmable encoders offer both incremental and absolute functionality on one hardware platform and can be programmed with a WiFi connection….

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MSK320 ZM rotativ, MSK320R

Rotary magnetic sensor delivers unsurpassed ruggedness

The new SIKO MSK320 ZM magnetic sensor has a durable metallic housing. Suitable for rotary measuring tasks (such as measuring the drive shaft speed on machine tools, woodworking machines and textile machines) it also works…

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Kollmorgen exhibits leading hygienic design solutions at PACK EXPO 2015

Kollmorgen will exhibit its industry-leading motion solutions at PACK EXPO, September 28 to 30, 2015, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. PACK EXPO attendees are invited to register…

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Maxon’s brushless DC motor ideal for operating rooms

maxon motor has developed a robust brushless DC motor for hand-held surgical tools: the EC-4pole 30. Featuring two pole pairs, this DC motor provides a nominal torque of…

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Technology Tuesdays Podcast: Jeff Phillips on LabVIEW 2015

For this week’s Design World Technology Tuesdays Podcast, I spoke with Jeff Phillips, Section Manager for Software Platforms at National Instruments. Last week at NI Week 2015, National…

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PLC + HMI helps streamline machine testing

When flammable gasoline is in play, no container failures are acceptable. Now, one manufacturer tests its gas-pump hoses with equipment sporting advanced PLCs. Vapor Systems Technologies makes breakaways,…

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BWC (1)

Bishop-Wisecarver Group now offers high-quality AC servo motors

Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG) has expanded its product offering to include DMV Series AC Servo Motors in a variety of frame sizes. The motors are sourced from a high-quality…

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Confession: Technical education is useless without context

Confession: While in college, I slogged all the way through that classic and dreaded engineering “weeder” course, Materials Science, without the slightest idea of why we were studying…

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New Mitsubishi Electric inverter for 600-V regions

Engineering and plant managers in regions where the main power supply is 575 to 600 V can now harness the performance benefits of Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter technology with…

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VACON offers comprehensive range of fieldbus-Compatible AC drives

Vacon offers a wide range of AC Drives that are compatible with numerous fieldbus protocols: VACON 20, VACON 100 and the NX Series. VACON@reg; 20 is compact with…

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New controllers for design of industrial internet of things (IIoT)

National Instruments now sells new embedded systems hardware based on the open, flexible LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture. This hardware includes the high-performance CompactRIO Controller for integrators with rugged, industrial…

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Customizable low-voltage DCH Series Actuator Control resolves common issues for superior flexibility and cost savings

American Control Electronics (ACE) announces the DCH Series Actuator Control, combining an AC to DC switching power supply with a regenerative PWM drive to create an all-in-one solution…

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Industrial distribution trade association members present to business school students

Alliance Partners of Industrial Careers Pathway (ICP) recently me in Denver, CO, to plan for the future and talk with students from the University of Colorado Denver Business…

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Lenze motion control experts present on Innovation Stage at PACK EXPO Las Vegas

Lenze, a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology, announced that it will present on the Innovation Stage at PACK EXPO Las Vegas…

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Linear motor stage with absolute encoder and ironless motor

Physik Instrumente has released a new member of the PIMag family of precision positioning stages with magnetic direct drives. The compact ultra-precise V-551 motorized linear translation stage debuted…

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OMRON Corporation to acquire Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

OMRON Corporation announced its entry into a stock purchase agreement to acquire a 100% stake in Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. of California, which will result in Delta…

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Position sensors brochure features tutorial on LVDT basics

The latest Position Sensing Solutions capabilities brochure from Macro Sensors features a tutorial on LVDT basics and applications of linear position sensors in different markets such as power…

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FAQ: What are lead-lag stepper motor controls?

Lead-lag controls or compensators are pieces of programming in control systems that improve frequency response. A lead control can increase a system’s stability or its response speed. A…

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Quick connectors on stainless motors survive washdown

Stainless steel motors from B&R meet strict hygienic design standards and are now easier than ever to use. Employing quick connectors, users can connect and disconnect the motor…

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FAQ: What is closed-loop control with load-position control?

Load-position control is a form of closed-loop stepper-motor control. It’s true that stepper motors can run open loop—as they don’t need sensor-feedback-based controller corrections. So, stepper-motor circuits are…

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