Parker Hannifin launches mPR Series stage

Parker’s Electromechanical and Drives Div.‒North America is pleased to announce the release of the mPR (miniature precision rotary) stage. The mPR series is a miniature, precision direct-drive rotary stage with integrated high-precision rotary bearing, high-resolution rotary encoder, and 3-phase AC servo motor. It has been engineered to deliver a combination of modularity, flexibility, and performance […]

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Bonfiglioli wheel-traction drives improve precision, efficiency

Bonfiglioli has announced the development of wheel-traction drives of the 600 series specifically designed for Tigon Technology backhoe loaders manufactured by Huddig. Each of the special 4-wheel traction drives is capable of reaching an output torque of 40.000 Nm, and is driven by a liquid cooled 30kW electric motor. The independent control of each wheel […]

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Unique servomotors improve packaging application

High-capacity manufacturing applications are leveraging servomotors and drives in their quest to achieve better efficiency with automation. This is because servomotors are one of the most commonly used motors for precision positioning and load-responsive motion. Servomotors power applications in a wide range of industries, though are most suited for controlling the movement of machines in packaging, […]

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What you missed at MD&M West — and emerging technologies to watch

This year’s MD&M West finished strong with myriad new products for use in medical devices (or medical-device manufacture) announced.  Here are some of the coolest things we saw in our final dash around the floor. Also come back to in the coming weeks for Design World editorial that takes a more in-depth look at some of these most pioneering […]

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US Digital expands its miniature optical encoder line

US Digital introduced the new E8T miniature optical encoder at ATX West 2017. Combining small form factor and resolutions up to 720 CPR, the E8T is well suited for medical and other space sensitive applications that require reliable position and velocity feedback. The E8T’s small package footprint fits motors as small as NEMA size 11 […]

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FAQ: When to pick ac gearmotors, and when to pick dc?

Gearmotors can be built around either an ac or dc electric motor. The choice of motor type depends on a number of factors. In general, dc gearmotors, particularly brushless dc motors, have really good speed regulation properties, so they’re usually preferred in applications requiring tight variable speed control. However, over the years, ac gearmotors have […]

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Global motion control shipments grow 10.3% in 2016

Global shipments for motion control products increased by 10.3% to $3.3 billion in 2016, according to new statistics released by the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA), the industry’s trade group. “New opportunities in automation for motion control and motors help drive this growth,” said Dana Whalls, Vice President of MCMA. “Automation technologies are enabling […]

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MD&M West for Wednesday February 8th — What stands out on tradeshow floor

MD&M West is in full swing in Anaheim, and there were a lot of new products for use in medical devices (or medical-device manufacture) announced and shown today. This is some of what we saw at our second day at the show. Online configurability increasingly common from manufacturers I started the morning at an informative session […]

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FAQ: What are ways to avoid torque ripple in DC motors?

Torque ripple—variations in torque production during shaft revolution—is an undesirable effect that occurs in permanent magnet motors, preventing smooth motor rotation. Torque ripple is generally defined as non-linear torque production of an energized motor. Cogging torque—a phenomenon similar to torque ripple—is torque produced by the attraction between the permanent magnets of the rotor and the […]

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MD&M West for Tuesday February 7th — Innovation for medical applications

At every MD&M event, manufacturers from around the globe announce new products for use in medical devices — or to take them from concept to market. This is what I saw at the first day of this year’s show. First stop: Model Solution at Booth 873 (downstairs at MD&M) The first meet of the day […]

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Fuji Electric expands drives portfolio with full-featured inverter

Fuji Electric Corp. of America now offers an expanded portfolio of Variable Frequency Drives with the addition of FRENIC-Ace, a full-featured, versatile Drive with advanced integration capabilities including applied power ratings, sensorless dynamic torque vector control, PM synchronous motor control, 2-channel on-board RS485 communication port and customer customizable logic. “Flexibility was the main objective with the […]

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Patented ServoTrack technology — driver-controller products for motion

Koco Motion US LLC | DINGS’ now offers its patented ServoTrackTM technology in a new line of products.  ServoTrack technology provides both dynamic closed loop control for your motion control system … … and torque or force control as an integral part of the technology. ServoTrack’s simplified SnapTrack programming software makes it easy to design motion profiles and do it smarter. […]

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Difference between drum motors and gear motors for food conveying

Traditional conveyor setups in food-processing and packaging industries use external gear motors as the belt-drive mechanism. But drum motors are increasingly common as an alternative conveyor drive. Here we review the strengths and weaknesses and potential improvements for both drive options. By Davide Barbanti, Associate Professor • Dr. Giampaolo Betta, Contract Professor in Food Science […]

PC-Based AGVs support warehouse renovation

Relying on PC-based PLC system from Beckhoff, America in Motion’s iBOT Automatic Guidance Vehicles break new ground with path planning system. When one thinks about automated guided vehicles (AGVs), their imagination often stirs up images from science fiction. Tiny robots, scurrying about and completing the menial tasks of their human bosses. Today, we are seeing […]

FAQ: What is CoDeSys software?

CoDeSyS stands for controller development system. It’s a development environment for programming controller applications in line with the IEC 61131-3 standard. It was developed and is still maintained by the 3S (Smart Software Solutions) Company in Germany. The platform-independent development environment is compatible with the PLCs and automation components of over 250 companies. For starters, […]

Video: Our editors check out PCB’s triaxial ICP accelerometers

In this video, Design World’s Editorial Director Paul J. Heney and Senior Editor Miles Budimir discuss PCB Piezotronics’ family of shear accelerometers—which are packaged in 0.4-in. titanium cubes and weigh a mere 015 ounces. They can be used for modal and structural analysis, NVH studies on automotive parts, space restricted installations, drop testing and package […]

Rockwell Automation recognized for women’s inclusion and advancement

Rockwell Automation has been announced as a 2017 Catalyst Award winner and will be recognized on March 8 in New York City for the company’s Culture of Inclusion journey. The Catalyst Award honors innovative organizational approaches that address the recruitment, development and advancement of women and have led to proven, measurable results. “We are thrilled to receive […]

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Conveyors help medical-product manufacturer package (and temporarily store) product

Now, a production line centered around conveyors from QC Industries is helping one medical-device manufacturer boost production of sterile product. CooperSurgical is a maker of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices to women’s healthcare providers. Recently the manufacturer turned to QC Industries to setup a new production line that maintains the cleanliness required for packaging medical products, […]

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Visit Interroll in Atlanta: Food-industry products showing at IPPE 2017

Interroll, supplier of material handling equipment and systems, will present its latest lineup of hygienic, energy-saving solutions for the food industry to meat and poultry processing professionals at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta this month. Interroll will showcase its products at Booth 6274, Hall B, at the Georgia World Congress Center, […]

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Panel-mount brush servo drives work for centralized motion controls

The AxCent (Axes for Centralized control schemes) product platform brings the proven and powerful performance expected of ADVANCED Motion Controls, with improvements to the design architecture that utilize years of experience in the industry and the latest advancements in modern servo system design. As technology continues its shift from analog to digital, there is still strong demand for […]

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ACS Motion Control joins PI: Acquisition to provide OEMs with complete customized motion systems solutions

Motion control and nanopositioning systems global leader PI (Physik Instrumente) is proud to announce the acquisition of 80% of the Israeli-based company, ACS Motion Control, a well-known developer and manufacturer of controllers and drives for multi-axis systems. With this investment, PI is better able to serve industrial customers with complete tailored systems that can be […]

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Now shorter leadtimes for Falk V-Class gear drives from Rexnord

Rexnord has established shorter standard leadtimes for products and accessories within the Falk V-Class Gear Drive portfolio, beginning at four weeks or less. Standard leadtimes for V-Class unit sizes 107-167 begin at four weeks, with additional sizes and accessories at six and eight weeks, with plans to broaden the offering in 2017. “We are proud to […]

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FAQ: What are typical drive-based safety functions?

Functional safety standards EN/IEC 62061 and EN/ISO 13849-1 ensure safety via electronic solutions, unlike traditional safety systems, which used electromechanical components to achieve safety. And while functional safety applies to a machine and its control system (not to individual components), the drive lies at the heart of the safety implementation. In fact, functional safety specifies that monitoring […]

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Encoder Products Co. now sells magnetic encoder with threaded housing

Encoder Products Co. now sells a new Model 30MT — a 30-mm diameter magnetic encoder module. By means of advanced sensing and signal processing technology, the Model 30MT provides accurate incremental feedback, even in harsh operating conditions. With its threaded housing, the Model 30MT is simple to install. See the unboxing video for an overview. Encoder excels in harsh environments […]

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Motion system applications: clever uses for integrated motors

Integrated motors, also called smart motors, include a motor rotor and stator (in a brushless dc, servomotor or stepper motor form) paired with other motion components. About half of all integrated motors incorporate a brushless motor with permanent magnets on the rotors, though other formats exist. The most basic integrated motors consist of just a motor […]

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