G-thread pneumatic fittings

AutomationDirect’s NITRA line of pneumatics products now offers G-thread push-to-connect fittings and flow control valves. G-threaded components are made with strong thermoplastic (PBT) or nickel-plated brass bodies and…

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Stainless Steel Push-Quick Fittings

Constructed of high grade 316 stainless steel, these durable fittings provide a simple push-pull method of connecting pneumatic components to each other and system piping. Push-Quick fittings allow…

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Air preparation products to shipping program

Fabco-Air has added another product line to the Fabco Fast Shipping Program. The company is pleased to announce the addition of the FA-Series Air Preparation product line to…

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Milwaukee-Cylinder (1)

Milwaukee Cylinder announces safety integrity level (SIL 3) certification

Milwaukee Cylinder, an innovator in the hydraulic and pneumatic actuation field, announces its new ability to offer the SIL 3 Capable Certification as an option for all non-rotational…

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Economical compact pneumatic cylinders

Bimba Manufacturing Company and its subsidiary Mead Fluid Dynamics (MFD) has announced the addition of compact pneumatic cylinders to its full line of MFD products. The new cylinders…

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Reduce product droppage and lower scrap rates

To help automotive and white goods manufacturers improve production speed and eliminate bottlenecks, Piab offers its DURAFLEX Friction Cups, a line of suction cups providing the ultimate grip…

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The changing role of fluid power distributors

In the past, traditional distribution was simply that as a provider of a transaction—buying and reselling components. But in recent years, distributors have become an extension of an…

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Compressed air fail: Wet storage

By Ron Marshall for the Compressed Air Challenge A metal products manufacturer was well aware of the benefits of large storage receivers installed on their system of load/unload…

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Fast, high bandwidth pressure control

Enfield’s high bandwidth pneumatic pressure control systems enable and enhance designs and concepts that are otherwise unattainable with slower electronic pressure regulators. With valve response times of less…

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AV valve system

The AV system from AVENTICS is a complete automation solution offering clear advantages for production systems. The AV system continuously adapts to the users’ requirements and maximizes the…

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Bimba announces acquisition of Intek Products

Today Bimba announced the acquisition of Intek Products of Warrendale, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1999, Intek develops mechanical automation products and solutions for both single-axis and multi-axis coordinated electric…

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Bimba Manufacturing’s IntelliSense wins award

Frost & Sullivan has recognized Bimba Manufacturing with the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation for its IntelliSense predictive intelligence system for pneumatic…

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What are air brakes and clutches?

Air brakes serve as the main brake to provide parking and E-stop braking functions in a variety of applications, including draglines, grinding mills and shovels in mining, drawworks…

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Coalescing filters for high-value air preparation products

MFD Pneumatics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bimba, today announced the addition of coalescing filters to its line of high-value air preparation equipment. Coalescing filters protect sensitive pneumatic…

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Compressed air fail: Dryer sensing issue

By Ron Marshall for the Compressed Air Challenge A building products manufacturer installed a completely new compressed air system to increase reliability and reduce compressed air costs. A…

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Fabco-Air, Inc., new Plant Manager

Fabco-Air, Inc. is proud to announce that Kevin Cradduck is now part of the Fabco-Air, Inc., team. Kevin will assume the role of Plant Manager. Kevin has a…

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New suction cup check valve senses part presence

Piab’s new piSAVE sense valve has a new design that work well in any orientation, even upside down. It is dirt tolerant and increases vacuum flow through the…

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Fully pneumatic device with connection for air-driven vacuum pumps

Piab introduces piSAVE optimize, a vacuum controlled proportional pressure regulator. A fully pneumatic device, easy to use and easy to install. piSAVE optimize senses the vacuum level in…

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Compact portable air compressor

Atlas Copco launched its XAS 90 air compressor for utility and pneumatic-tool applications demanding as much as 88 cubic feet per minute of air power. “We took day-to-day…

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Vacuum pump designed for small parts pick and place

Piab offers its patented COAX technology in a new small sized ejector called piPUMP MICRO. COAX is the most energy efficient ejector technology based on a multi-stage concept…

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High flow 3-way electronic valves

The DV Series was designed as the next generation of Clippard’s original EV line of “Mouse” valves. The DV-3 line of Minimatic electronic valves are 3-way control valves, using a…

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Increased uptime with integrated controls ejector

Piab updates its piCOMPACT range, a manifold-mounted and functional ejector system based on the energy-efficient COAX technology. By working at low feed pressure and maximizing the utilization rate…

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New options for integrated controls ejector

Piab has two product options for the piCOMPACT range. The first is an industry-standard M8 6-pin connection option. This threaded connection allows more pull force on the connection. This…

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Membrane technology flexes its muscle – precisely

The method of reinforcing elastic items with fibers made of different materials and thus influencing their properties has been around for a long time. Car tires, for example,…

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CFC Industrial Training celebrates 25 year milestone

Fairfield, OH based CFC Industrial Training, a division of CFC Solar, Inc., has reached a major milestone, celebrating 25 years of providing industrial skills training and consulting for…

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