Meet the first winner of our eGaN quiz!

When the entries began coming in for our eGaN quiz, we got a surprise: The first entry we looked at had a perfect score! That entry came from…

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Programmable power supply series extends to 800W 650V output

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of 800W high voltage models to TDK-Lambda’s Z+ series of programmable DC power supplies. The series is now available with output voltages of…

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GaN quiz hints!

We’ve extended the GaN quiz to Dec. 21, 2014!   And to up the ante, here are a couple of answer hints:   Question 6 and 7 ask…

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Electronic loads handle 1.8 kW

INTEPRO Systems, a market leader in power component and power system automated test equipment (ATE), announces the introduction of its new line of 1800 W modular electronic loads….

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Transformers optimized for Fly-buck converters

Premier Magnetics, global producer of high-quality magnetic components, has introduced a line of transformers specifically designed to complement the Texas Instruments LM5017 family of Fly-Buck converters. The Premier…

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On-line, double conversion UPS system

AMETEK Solidstate Controls, a leader in highly customized uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), has launched the latest addition to its line of industrial UPS systems—DSE Uninterruptible Power Supply System….

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Banner Engineering launches WLB32 LED microsite

Banner Engineering announces the launch of its new lighting microsite, Featuring Banner’s WLB32 Industrial LED light bar, the interactive microsite provides LED technology education, tips and tools…

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Current-sense resistors handle 2 W

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the new TLR2HW metal plate chip current sense resistor in a 2010 size, featuring a 2-watt power rating and ultra low resistance of 1m…

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Solar power site covers inverter tech

Mouser Electronics, Inc. today announced the introduction of their updated Solar Power Technology site. Mouser’s updated technology site provides developers with the resources they need to learn about…

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Rack-mount UPS hits 10 kVA

Falcon Electric, Inc.,an award-winning manufacturer of on-line uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), today announced it has added a new 10kVA model to its FN Series Scalable Rackmount UPS family….

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IGBT Modules hit 1,700 V, 450 A

Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, has expanded its line of IGBT Module Power Semiconductor products designed for motor control and inverter applications. IGBT Power Modules…

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High-power rack delivers 1,500 V, 3,060 A

Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduced a rack system for high-power DC applications. The prewired N8900 Series rack system reduces system complexity and saves time for engineers designing and implementing…

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Shielded power inductors handle high saturation currents

Coilcraft’s XAL15xx Family of rugged, magnetically-shielded power inductors are offered in two versions – one providing saturation current ratings up to 111 Amps and the other offering inductance…

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Converters work with IGBT gate drives

Murata has announced the MGJ3 and MGJ6 series of configurable output voltage, high isolation DC-DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. These 3 Watt and 6 Watt surface mounted…

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SoCs target energy metering apps

Amtel Corporation, a global leader in microcontroller (MCU) and touch solutions, will debut two new Power-line Communication (G3- PLC) solutions compliant with the G3-PLC specification at the European…

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TL70 Modular Tower Lights

Banner Engineering TL70 modular tower light provides enhanced customization and in-the-field modification capabilities

Banner Engineering introduces the EZ-LIGHT TL70 modular tower light. Offering superior flexibility, the TL70 can be customized as needed, and allows for easy position changes in the field. The big, bright 70-mm tower features advanced LED drive technology, providing highly visible operator guidance and equipment status indication. The tower light can display up to five

Top power electronics posts on

Here are some of the topics getting a lot of notice this week among those posting on our sister site, Relay troubles — “MY relay circuit is…

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Power fail videos of the week — Ouch that hurts

For openers this week, we’ll deviate from our usual theme of power electronics to bring you a video dubbed by its creator, “Worst electrical work ever.” We agree….

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Data center power distribution system features precise power monitoring

Power management company Eaton® announced new management capabilities for data centers and colocation facilities with its best-in-class ePDU® third-generation (G3) platform in the Americas, featuring one percent revenue-grade…

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Power supplies handle MCUs in auto systems

ROHM Semiconductor has recently announced the development of system power supplies optimized for high-performance microcontrollers in a variety of automotive systems, from electronic power steering to fuel injection,…

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Pop quiz: Ace our eGaN FET quiz, win a textbook by the eGaN uber guru

So you think you know your power circuits? Prove it! Ace our little quiz on gallium-nitride FET circuit design and you can win your very own signed copy…

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Spice model for SiC MOSFETs

Cree, Inc., has expanded the company’s design-in support for the C2M Series SiC MOSFET power devices with the release of a new SPICE model. Fast and accurate, the…

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BLDC driver for sensorless control

Texas Instruments (TI) TXN, -0.50% introduced the industry’s first 24-V, sinusoidal, sensorless, brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver. The DRV10983 gives customers the ability to quickly tune their motors…

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20-A SiC module targets15-kW 3-phase apps

Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) has expanded the award-winning silicon carbide (SiC) 1.2 kV six-pack power module family with a new 20A all-SiC module ideally suited for 5-15 kW…

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Banner Engineering dual color LED strip lights

Banner Engineering introduces the WLS28-2 Dual Color LED Strip Lights. Featuring the same durable, low-profile design and efficiency as Banner’s work light strip family, the WLS28-2 Dual Color…

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