Carrying the Heat Away from Power Module PCB Designs

ShareBy Jerome Johnston Power system designers are always seeking higher power capability built on smaller footprints. This is especially true for datacenter servers and LTE basestations that support…

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Methode SmartPower Stack

Methode Electronics’ Power Solutions Group, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc.(NYSE: MEI), a global manufacturer of custom designed electro-mechanical devices, announced its SmartPower Stack™ family of power conversion products is now TUV-Rheinland recognized for use per UL508c requirements. These products are capable of power conversion outputs from 30kW up to 100kW in both DC/DC (single

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Two different grounds, one transformer — On switched mode power supplies….I have seen many circuit block diagrams where the ground connections on either side of the transformer have…

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AVX (1)

High-voltage stacked capacitors handle 5 kV

AVX Corporation, a manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced a new RoHS-compliant series of high voltage, DIP-leaded stacked SMPS capacitors. Rated for 1,000–5,000V and capacitance…

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Allegro (1)

Multiple-output regulator handles auto LCDs

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC announces a new AEC-Q100 qualified, multiple-output regulator for powering automotive LCD displays. Allegro’s A8603 operates with fixed switching frequency that can be either programmed or…

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Excelsys (1)

500-W certified for medical, industrial uses

Excelsys Technologies announces the XS500 series of high-efficiency, 500W convection-cooled AC/DC power supplies. With typical efficiency of 92%, and operating from 90-264VAC, the XS500 delivers 500W of output…

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Understanding opamp input stages

Choosing an opamp and getting the best out of it involves some understanding of what is inside the chip, particularly the input stage. Simple bipolar input stage A…

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Littelfuse (1)

ESD diode arrays optimized for USB circuits

Littelfuse, Inc. (NASDAQ:LFUS) introduced its PULSE-GUARD® PGB2 0201 Series Surface Mount Polymeric ESD Suppressors, which are the smallest size polymer composite electrostatic discharge (ESD) suppressors in the market….

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Varistors handle automotive transients

AVX Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, has extended the voltage and energy ratings of its radial leaded TransGuard® Automotive Series with the addition…

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l-com (1)

DIN-mounted surge protector

L-com Global Connectivity, a designer and manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced that they have released a new DIN mountable 3-stage lightning protector to protect RS232…

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Cree (2)

Cree MOSFET, Schottky diode design kit

Cree, Inc. has introduced a new Cree MOSFET design kit that includes all of the components needed to evaluate Cree® MOSFET and Schottky diode performance in a configurable…

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MGAM (1)

Ceramic caps for high voltages

Morgan Advanced Materials (MGAM) announces its extensive range of ceramic capacitors for high voltage DC and AC and high power radio frequency (RF) applications. MGAM’s line of high…

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Linear-Technology (2)

Buck dc/dc converter provides 8 A for four outputs

Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC3371, a highly integrated general-purpose power management solution for systems requiring multiple low voltage power supplies. The device features four synchronous buck converters,…

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Siemens (1)

Scalable automation and drive technology package for tapping centers

Package for tapping centers consisting of compact CNC, frequency converter with triple overload capability and high-speed electric motor For ultra-fast tool changes: spindle start-up from 0 to 24,000…

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Micrel (1)

Load switch delivers 7 A in compact package

Micrel, Inc. (Nasdaq:MCRL) introduced the MIC95410 7A load switch in a compact 1.2mm x 2.0mm package. This device can be used for systems requiring power partitioning and has…

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AVX (1)

Film caps billed as good spark killers

AVX Corporation, a manufacturer of passive components and interconnect solutions, has introduced the new FV Series AC film capacitors. Designed to provide Class X2 interference suppression, FV Series…

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Spectroline (1)

Powerful, multi-LED, broad-beam UV lamp ideal for industrial leak detection

The Spectroline® TRITANTM 365 (Part No. TRI-365HA) is a powerful, multi-LED, broad-beam UV leak detection lamp. When used with Spectroline® fluorescent dyes, it pinpoints fluid leaks in a…

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Exar (2)

Power management chip for FPGAs

Exar Corporation (NYSE: EXAR), a supplier of high performance integrated circuits and system solutions, introduced the XR77129, a quad output programmable Universal PMIC with an input operating voltage…

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Here are some of the most popular power electronic posts on our sister forum this week. Industrial electronics and home appliances – What is the differences between…

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Driving High Power LEDs

High power LEDs, particularly “white” ones are becoming increasingly used in commercial products from cars and domestic lighting to street lighting and with efficiencies which can exceed that…

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Littelfuse (2)

Fuses billed as smallest SMT ever for 120/240VAC inputs

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced two new series of its popular NANO2® Subminiature Fuse, each of which provides surge tolerance and circuit protection against overload conditions for downstream components….

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Littelfuse (1)

High-voltage fuses pop quick

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the 487 Series Fuse, the first fast-acting fuse from its 5x20mm fuse family with both 420V AC and 420V DC ratings. In contrast with…

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Temperature range boost for FMEA-compliant LDO

Linear Technology Corporation announces a new wider temperature range, H grade version of the LT3007, the latest member in a family of high voltage, micropower, robust PNP-based LDOs,…

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Cree (1)

New GaN HEMT power devices work at 50 V

Cree, Inc., a global supplier of silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) wafers and devices, has extended its family of 50V discrete GaN high electron mobility transistor…

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NXP unveils versatile microcontroller family to drive a smarter user experience in next-generation embedded designs

NXP Semiconductors announced the release of the LPC82x family of microcontrollers, dramatically extending the versatility of the ARM Cortex-M0+-based LPC800 Series for use in today’s highly connected, sensor-dense…

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