Sensing at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS2015), May 17-22

As part of IMS2015, RFIC 2015 kicked off its technical activities on Sunday, May 17. Plenary presenter Dr. Peter H. Siegel from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) went…

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Identifying or Sensing a Specific Individual through Biometrics Poised to Grow

Newly established use cases and technology advances signal future growth for biometrics. With fingerprint, voice, eyes, or even an electrocardiogram, biometrics poses a far lower risk than passwords….

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Measure Conductivity with Remote Sensor

The AFI5 version of Baumer’s CombiLyz inductive conductivity transmitters is available with a remote sensor. This new version includes two individual components: the inductive sensing element and the…

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Using Membrane Potentiometers for Sensing in Industrial Applications

Are you up to speed on membrane potentiometers? If not, a new whitepaper from the Hoffmann + Krippner Group provides a quick read of a variety of techniques…

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Thermal Imaging Sensor for the IoT

Using its internet of things (IoT) thermal imaging sensor, Optimet has developed a thermal Wi-Fi camera that the company says is 35% less than the lowest cost comparable…

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How will the IoT Change the Sensing Business?

A new report from Yole Développement addresses how the Internet of Things (IoT) will impact sensing over the next ten years. The “Technologies & Sensors for the Internet…

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Miniature Photoelectric Sensors Offer Greater Sensing Ranges

With its second generation line of 6K miniature sensors, Balluff offers up to 18m range (with through-beam mode). In addition, the 6K sensors offer reverse polarity protection and…

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New Driving Forces for MEMS Sensors

In its new market report, “MEMS Market Update: The New Driving Forces” (MP109-15), Semico Research forecasts strong growth for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) based on growing applications in the…

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MEMS Sensors to Grow to 19.1 Billion in 2019

With sensor prices decreasing, wearable electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) applications for sensors are increasing. IC Insights’ new 2015 O-S-D Report is 360-pages long and covers optoelectronics,…

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Home Monitoring System can See, Hear, Feel and Smell

Withings combined ams AG’s gas sensor with a 5Mpixel video camera, dual microphones, temperature and humidity sensors and Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Smart radios in its Home monitoring system….

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The Newest Product in Alliance Sensors Group’s Line of Industrial LVDTs

H.G. Schaevitz LLC Alliance Sensors Group has expanded its line of industrial LVDTs with the addition of the LA-21-A series. The LA-21-A series AC LVDTs offers robust designs…

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DLV Series Low Voltage Digital Pressure Sensor

All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced a new DLV Series Low Voltage Digital Pressure Sensor. The DLV Series is based on the DLVR Series Pressure…

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Inductive versus capacitive position sensors

by Mark Howard, Co-founder, Zettlex UK When it comes to inductive and capacitive position sensors, each is built quite differently, meaning that each technology is suited to particular…

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Motion Detection Reference Design for Smart Home Applications

Smart Home applications including home monitoring, senior lifestyle, smart HVAC and smart lighting can benefit from a reference design that senses motion. To expedite the development of these…

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Cardinal Components, Inc. announces Electro-Set™

In producing Electro-Set™, Cardinal is addressing a large and somewhat fragmented IOT design- development community with a clear opportunity for growth. Cardinal’s interface Electro-Set™ boards differentiate themselves from…

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Easily Monitor Temperature with USB Kit

USB Temperature Monitoring kits from Monnit use 900 MHz operating frequency and simplify temperature monitoring. The kit includes, coin cell powered sensors, a wireless USB gateway and sensor…

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IO-Link temperature sensor is more flexible, robust, and lower cost

Maxim Integrated’s new MAXREFDES42# IO-Link resistance temperature detector (RTD) is an IO-Link reference design for industrial control and automation. This design’s highly integrated analog front end (AFE) measures…

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Color Sensor For Mobile Devices

The ams AG TCS34901 color sensor for portable devices targets light source detection for operation under a wide range of light sources and enables sophisticated display management and…

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New digital load cells for packaging machines provide high performance of EFC sensors

HBM , Inc. (, introduces its FIT7A digital load cell. The FIT7A load cell not only provides nearly the same speed and accuracy of Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EFR)…

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GreenPeak launches smart PIR sensor for smart home applications

GreenPeak Technologies announced a new addition to its Smart Home portfolio today with the launch of a reference design for a low cost Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor with outstanding performance….

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Flat Angle Encoder Squeezes into Tight Spots

It’s not uncommon to have a motion feedback application where space is limited. This can occur in semiconductor, medical, metrology, automation and other industries.  For these situations, NUMERIK…

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Magnetic Position Sensor Offers Alternative to Optical Encoders

If dirt, dust, grease, humidity and other contaminants that commonly impair the performance of optical encoders are an application concern, magnetic rotary position sensors are possible alternative. With…

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Multi-functional vision sensor

A new generation of vision and barcode sensors offering multiple tools and resolution options in each unit has been introduced by Turck. The iVu Plus Gen2 line, developed…

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Robust miniature sensors

Turck has added the Q4,7 series of rectangular inductive sensors to its range of miniature sensors. The miniature sensors in the new design (16 x 8 x 4.7…

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Encoders Fit into Tight Spaces

Motor manufacturers looking for more design flexibility should appreciate thinner encoders. To satisfy these customers, HEIDENHAIN has two new rotary encoders. The ECI 1118 rotary encoder has a…

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