Dual Hall-effect Sensor Addresses Automotive Applications and More

When automotive engineers need a contactless sensor for measurements such as throttle position, pedal position and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) position, Hall-effect technology is a frequent choice. With…

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MEMS-Based Flow Sensor for Gases and Liquids

Housed in a 3D molded interconnect device (MID) package, 2E mechatronic’s  MID-Thermic Flow Sensor can address several applications with tight space requirements. The injection-molded thermoplastic surface mount package…

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Sense Static Electricity and Avoid Problems

If you have an area or operation that develops static electricity, you probably should be testing to make sure that adequate steps are being taken to avoid damage…

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Fluid Level Sensing Options

Industry trends and environmental goals driving shift in level sensor technology By Alex Vinnage and Dave Jones, Standex-Meder In the past, fluid level sensors provided a simple on/off…

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Remote Tank Level Monitoring Simplified

ShareWith the  SignalFire Remote Sensing System (SFRSS), users can bring their own sensor for measuring the liquid level in upstream pumping, oil and gas, wastewater, agriculture and other…

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Battery-Powered Ultrasonic Flow Sensing

ShareThe time-of-flight measurement involved in ultrasonic flow sensors requires a time-to-digital converter to make time interval measurements in the range of 1 nanosecond down to the picosecond range….

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Inclination Sensor Delivers 360-Degree Measurement Range

ShareAn inclination sensor that provides the angle of an object in relation to the gravitational field of the Earth can be useful in a game console to understand…

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AutomationDirect (1)

AutomationDirect adds more inductive proximity sensors

AutomationDirect’s new APS series inductive proximity sensors are IP67-rated rectangular compact DC sensors available in top or front sensing models with 2.5mm and 4mm sensing ranges. Available in…

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Wearable Development Kit for Integrating Sensors

Want to get into the wearable sensor craze? The PNI SENtrode development kit integrates sensors with its SENtral sensor hub, sensor fusion algorithms, programmable processor and wireless capabilities…

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Wearable Sensor for Reducing Accidents

You have probably heard the incredible cost of driver-fatigue related accidents before but as a refresher, in the U.S., the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSTA) estimates that annually driver…

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Magnetic Absolute Rotary Encoders Achieve Accuracies of up to 0.1°

Targeting tough ambient conditions such as dirt, vibrations, or extreme temperatures,  Pepperl+Fuchs designed its ENA58IL and ENA36IL magnetic absolute rotary encoders to deliver high precision and resolution as…

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Report Projects Total Sensor Market to Exceed 35 Billion Units

In a recent report titled “The Smart Economy:  The Internet of Everything”, Semico Research & Consulting Group projects that the Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting growth across…

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RSF-MS-15-dual-300x181 (1)

Small Profile Linear Encoder Includes Advanced Features

With a size of only 36mm x 13.5mm x 14.8mm, RSF Elektronik’s MS 15 optical kit linear encoder could have the industry’s smallest mechanical profile – it also…

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Lighting Management IC Integrates Sensor

Integration of sensor technology to accomplish or simplify specific tasks is among the innovations that can be expected as Internet of Things (IoT) concepts are exploited. Integration at…

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Painless Sensor Prototyping with USB-based Kits

Need to prototype a design? Phidgets could be the answer to get you started. The company offers a variety of sensors and control kits that can be developed…

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Use Smartphones to Check Pressure Readings

With its Bluetooth® Smart certification, Transducers Direct’s CirrusSense sensor simplifies remote reading of pressure/temperature in a variety of applications. Unlike the barometric pressure that may be in your…

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NFC Sensor Transponder Addresses Internet of Things Applications and More

The close proximity required for the Near Field Communication (NFC) technique makes it an interesting alternative and supplement to Bluetooth wireless technology. With its RF430FRL15xH system-on-chip (SoC) family,…

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farsens (1)

New MEDUSA development platform for battery-free wireless sensors and actuators

The Medusa from Farsens S.L., San Sebastián, Spain is a development platform for UHF RFID battery-free devices. The Medusa includes an ANDY100 chip with EPC C1G2 communication and…

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ASG (1)

LR-19 series LVIT inductive linear position sensor

H. G. Schaevitz LLC Alliance Sensors Group has expanded its sensor product offering by adding a line of LR-19 Series Inductive Linear Position Sensors; contactless devices designed for…

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Development Kits Simplify Industrial Systems IoT Access

Development kits for access to the Intent of Things (IoT) can greatly expedite a company’s involvement. Specifically targeting industrial systems access, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) offers a suite…

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Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Boasts ±1m Accuracy

Applications such as weather forecasting, altitude measurement, indoor navigation with floor level tracking, require accurate barometric pressure measurements. To address these applications within the increasing constraints of less…

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Accelerometers Address Vibration Measurements

The Model 1510 Series of variable capacitive accelerometer from target vibration measurements in aerospace, automotive, energy, industrial, oil & gas, and test & measurement applications. The MEMS sensors…

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Temperature Sensor Responds Quickly in Harsh Environments

Optimized for use in automotive temperature probes, the NTCLE213E3…, a new series of epoxy-coated mini sensors from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. use NTC thermistor technology and are AEC-Q200-qualified. Targeting…

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Directly Digitize Temperature Readings with Digital Temperature Measurement IC

With its LTC2983 digital temperature measurement IC, allows users to directly digitize RTDs, thermocouples, thermistors and external diodes with 0.1°C accuracy and 0.001°C resolution. Provided absolute microvolt level…

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Sensor Provides Choice of Temperature Range

Dynamic programmability in TURCK’s newest TTM sensor line allows the user to set the temperature range required for the application. In addition to more specific temperature control, programmability…

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