CFD for Solid Edge

Mentor Graphics FloEFD is an embedded computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution for Solid Edge software from Siemens. Users can simulate fluid flow in their design process. When used during the design process, it can reduce overall time to a solution by as much a 65%-75%.

FloEFD CFD solution automates many CFD steps, which include transferring model geometry to the CFD application, modeling internal cavities if needed and creating a “mesh.” The CFD technology takes the geometry directly from the CAD application, automatically performs the necessary translations and cavity modeling, and generates an optimized mesh before executing analysis. This approach provides accurate analysis results quickly thus enabling designers to validate designs early and often. It also allows the designer to explore a succession of ideas without risking project deadlines.

Key features include:

–Robust 3D fluid flow and heat transfer analysis software capable of solving complex real-life engineering problems.

–The ability to conduct multiple design studies and evaluate how the modifications influence the design performance immediately.

–An intuitive user interface with built-in intelligent automation including real-time feedback and timely outputs that can be generated quickly in Microsoft Word and Excel.

–Parametric study to compare a range of project variations.

–Fast, automated SmartCell meshing technology to create realistic simulations for complex 3D models including rotating equipment and transient flow behaviors, speeding-up the overall design process.

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