Cicoil celebrates 60 years in business

Cicoil Press Release Photo 60th AnniversaryCicoil, the originator of flexible flat cable solutions, is proud to announce the celebration of its 60th year in business. Cicoil owes its success to its customers, highly dedicated ownership and talented team of employees.

Cicoil was founded in Chatsworth, California on March 5, 1956 as a provider of multi-conductor cables to the mainframe computer industry. Cicoil’s engineers had figured out how to use liquid silicone rubber to mold a flat cable containing multiple conductors of the same size. Since the cable looked like a flat ribbon or a tape, Cicoil named it Ribbon Cable, and the Flexible Flat Cable was born.

The Flat Ribbon Cable allowed companies like IBM, Sperry/Univac, and NCR to replace bulky, stiff round cables with sleek, flexible ribbon cables. This innovative development helped in the advancement of mainframe computers, card readers, keypunch systems and paper tape reader machines.

In the 1960s, Cicoil’s Ribbon Cables also helped America put a man on the moon, as the lightweight cables were integral to the first American Orbit of the Earth (John Glenn), first Space Walk in 1965 (Edward White), and the Lunar Landing in 1969 (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin). In the decades that followed, Cicoil flat cables have performed on every US fighter jet, most commercial airplanes, and many demanding missile and land-based applications.

To meet the needs of its growing, diverse customer base, Cicoil developed a new extrusion process in 1998, which allowed it to manufacture continuous lengths of flat cable with a unique, crystal clear material named Flexx-Sil. Representing a quantum leap from Cicoil’s original molded flat cables, the new Flexx-Sil material and extrusion process created a wide variety of high-performance, cost-effective flat cable solutions for semiconductor, motion control, mil/aero and medical automation industries worldwide.

Howard Lind, Cicoil President & CEO remarks, “I often say that Cicoil is ‘60 Years Young.’ Cicoil’s proud history includes many innovations, including inventing the ribbon cable, and helping to put a man on the moon. Our spirit of exploration and innovation continues today, with new technologies like EZ-Flexx Flat Cables, and patented cables that include power, data, liquids, and pneumatics, all in a compact package. From cutting-edge medical equipment, to satellites, to the Joint Strike Fighter, Cicoil cables continue to excel in the toughest, mission-critical applications. We look forward proudly to another 60 years of excellence and innovation.”


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