Coating For Enhanced Performance In Extreme Temperatures


NuSil Technology LLC presents R-2183, a low-viscosity silicone elastomer dispersed in xylene. R-2183 retains elasticity at extremely low temperatures, as well as resists breakdown at elevated temperatures up to 300ºC.

R-2183 can be sprayed, knife coated, or spin cast to create a versatile, flexible coating with excellent physical properties. For instance, R-2183 exhibits a tear strength of 175 ppi (30.9 kN/m), a tensile strength of 1,550 psi (10.7 MPa), and an elongation of 800%. A tough, optically clear material, it is great for use as an encapsulant and can also be heat cured into a thin elastomeric film.

“R-2183’s broad operating temperature range of -140ºC (-220°F) to 300ºC (572°F) makes it an ideal coating in engineering applications involving extreme heat or cold,” said Brian Burkitt, Product Director – Engineering Materials.

R-2183 is a two-part, addition cure silicone dispersion with a 1:1 mix ratio for ease of use.

Nusil Technology LLC

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