Comsol Users to See Performance Improvements in 2017 Update

When Comsol Multiphysics 5.3a is released by year’s end users can expect to see performance improvements in the handling of bigger models; models that might include hundreds of thousands of boundaries, said Svante Littmarck, Comsol’s president and chief executive operator. He spoke at the company’s Comsol Conference held last week in Boston.

That update also will include the capability to model acoustics and acoustic-structure interactions based on a hybrid boundary element-finite element method, said Mads Jensen, Comsol’s technical product manager of acoustics.

The Comsol Conference, held last week in Boston, included a poster session in which attendees got a look at innovative uses of simulation and custom applications on the poster presentations.

With the acoustics model, an add-on to the Comsol Multiphysics software, users have been able to model acoustics and vibration phenomena. They can simulation both fluid and elastic waves with couplings between pressure acoustics, structural mechanics, and piezoelectricity and the the frequency characteristics of an acoustic system. They have been asking for the capability to model acoustics and acoustic-structure interactions based on a hybrid boundary element-finite element method, Mars added.

It’s a great addition that many of our users have been waiting for,” he said. “By combining boundary element, finite element, and ray acoustics analysis in a multiphysics environment, our users get unprecedented modeling power. Users can now efficiently analyze the full range of acoustic frequencies from the lowest bass notes to ultrasound. Not to mention all the possible multiphysics couplings.”

Also introduced in the new update will be 150 new materials and 1,300 new material properties in the material library. That includes 60 laminate material properties added from Rogers Corporation, greatly improving PCB modeling. Comsol will be adding more materials and other manufacturer’s in the future including Isola. Other RF additions include RF continuous frequency sweeping function and the only commercial software that model RF plasma for semiconductor processing and other etching/deposition applications.

Comsol has concentrated on fixing bugs, with more than 4,000 bug reports reduced to 100 within the update

User’s of the tool’s application builder won’t see extensive changes with the update, said Bernt Nilsson, senior vice president of marketing at Comsol. Instead, the company has been at work on the updates noted in our last post

In Comsol version 5.2, the company focused on making the graphical user interface easier to use, and on adding many new already developed apps to the application library. Analysts can choose from those existing apps for use at their companies or can use an existing app to launch development of their own Comsol applications.

The Boston conference attracted about 300 attendees, with six more Comsol Conferences slated to be held worldwide in: Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Singapore, and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.









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